Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's not fair!

Did y'all think I'd stopped blogging?  Well I haven't, but life has been getting in the way a lot here lately.

I'm pouring my heart out today.

This post has been in my head since Saturday, but like I said, life has been getting in the way.

Do you ever feel like you just need to get away from your children?

This weekend, I was in that state of mind.

Retro has finished with peach season & while he waits for pecan season to start, it's GOLF season.  He is a very good golfer, he even played in college. 

I know he works very hard & provides very well for us & he deserves a break, but hell, what do I do!

Wednesday evening, he played.  I took Bo & Sass to church & Baby Girl to dance.
Thursday afternoon/evening, he played.  I did homework & refereed children.

By Friday night I was really needed a break & knew he was going out of town on Monday.  Retro was going to take me out.  At this point, I didn't care where as long as I could get a drink.  Nobody was available to watch the children. Can't say that I blame them.

So surely on Saturday, one of the grandparents or SIL would be available. And they were. All of them.  But guess who went to the GA game.  Retro. It was a 12:30 game & they could have left in the 3rd quarter.  But conveniently, he didn't get home till 8 o'clock.  Because he & his dad had to work on something, because they had decided to go on their annual golf trip a day early.

Sunday morning, he's rushing around to pack his clothes & wanted me to iron 10 pairs of shorts & several shirts.  You think I did it?  Hell no.  I did however, refuse to let him pack a pair of white linen Polo shorts.  He would wear them after Labor Day if I did.  So along with my MIL & SIL, I took the children plus Sassy's friend to a family get-together for his side of the family!  The same family who hosted the wedding he didn't attend.

The place they are staying is a golf resort (near where Carrie Underwood got married) two hours away.  Even his BFF from college thinks this is dumb.  But it's his "vacation".  You know I had my "vacation" when I took the children to the beach.  How fair is that?

Plus Baby Girl has a fever & a smoker's cough, so she hasn't gone to playschool the past 2 days.

I would love to go on a girls weekend with my friends, but we are all so busy raising children we are even having a hard time fitting in our monthly Bunko game. I do have several upcoming events (we have something on the calendar every weekend in September & October) that require a babysitter & feature booze, so I'm pretty much good to go.

But if anyone's interested, I'm free in November.  I may have to throw myself a birthday party.

*please don't dog on Retro, it hurts his feelings, then I have to listen to it*

*I failed to mention that he made his 1st hole in one on his trip.* he asked for some "air time"


Babes Mami said...

I won't dog him but I do agree it would be nice for you to get away without the kids. My hubs gives me 'days off' and he does the feeding/changing/most of the playing but I'm still at home so the baby is still all over me and the only way I can get work done is too lock myself in my room and then I feel bad.

I think your birthday present needs to be a girls getaway, I know that there are flights to Florida from here for $40 and we are state neighbors.

highheeledlife said...

Well I certainly have been waiting to get away... and what a wonderful reason ... but to go help a friend celebrate a birthday!! Have passport will travel!!!! ~ seriously...XO HHL

Retro; if you are reading this ... don't worry, we'll take good care of her.

Kenna said...

I have definitely had those days where I need a break from my kids!!! I feel your pain!

Kim of Mo Betta said...

Golf is dumb. So are men. However, I see the perfect opportunity for Retro and my hubs to "vacation" together while we have large adult beverages on the beach. We'll go in together and hire a nanny to watch the kids :)

Shell said...

I am usually a golfing widow. I get resentful, even though I know he works hard for us and deserves some time off.

My problem is not really with him getting breaks, but with me not getting any.

We should get our turn, too. Can we go on vacation together? :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I feel your pain. Hope you can escape soon. I need a girls night out too.

BigD said...

Why does this river flow only one direction? This happens a lot!
I think you better get a weekend off before the holiday season starts up!!

Jennifer said...

No dogging.

Retro - Give her a turn. Do something nice for her. Stay home from golf at least a couple of days a week. Help out with the kids... without her asking. Take her out to dinner. Book her a massage. Something.

JustPeachy said...

My husband works long hours at his job so I do feel like a single mother alot of the time. I also homeschool so I am around my children all day and it can try my patience. I have a single girlfriend who is always after me to come out to dinner, shopping, etc.. and she just doesn't get it when I say no. My children are pretty much the driving force behind my time. It sounds like yours are too. Hang in there and make Retro a calendar with the dates you are planning on "getting out" so he can plan to be home to "kidsit". :)

Home of a Magnolia said...

You definitely deserve some time for yourself. Hope you get to celebrate the next few weekends, but most definitely make time for your Bunko group.

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

So... if no one is available to keep the kids when you want a day off... then call a sitter!
I am readily available on most weekends. You can drop them by the PP if i'm working on a saturday. haha!
I'm not kidding... I like babysitting. You know my me, my mom my sister my other sister... if you want a reference you can call Stacy A. or her sister in law! :)

Joy said...

he has his gold mine has his hunting and his seasons are just about to get up and going, i am lucky to see him in the winter months! this winter is gonna be worse since he has a hunting lease in Arkansas (maybe I can sneak a kid or 2 in his bag before he leaves) I hear ya on the men seeming to get away more easily than us mommas. Hubs has seemed to be able to get away alot and fyi it pisses me off a bit. he is going to Colorado if a few week and even though it is a work thing and he has to be in a class every day it is still no kids in beautiful Colorado!! I am trying my damndest to get someone to feel sorry enough for me to take my kids for a couple of days and buy me a plane ticket to fly out there:)

Joy said...

*oops I mean Golf

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I wish I lived closer and I would love to sit. You know I am a Nanny! Really!!! When my children were younger, I always had getaway weekends or I would have lost my sanity. We all love our children, but you just need time for yourself to get rested and re-group. I hope you can plan a time to be away in November. That would do you a world of good. Wow, to have a pecan orchard would be awesome! I use so many pecans doing my baking. Hang in there. Hopefully you will get a much needed getaway soon. Love & blessings from NC!

clare said...

I agree with Shell. I have no problem with my husband having golf time. I even bought him a ticket to Vegas when a bunch of his buddies got together for March madness. I go on scrapbook weekend twice a year with friends, play Bunco and have book club once a month and I don't hear a word of complaint. Believe me Retro your life will be so much happier with your wife if you really listen to what she is saying. God bless you both.

Laura said...

I was just thinking about our Beau Rivage trip today! When are we leaving?

nomo wino daph said...

I am sorry. :( (((HUGS))) sweetie.

Tit for tat baby!! lol

I hope you get "your" time soon. GIRLS TRIP!!! I'm up!

Laura mentioned the Beau...if it's the on in MS I can be there in a few hours!!


Roux In A Wok said...

Yes, I have felt that way!! That is when I go into the bathroom and lock the door.

Sandra said...

You stayed at home with kids AND you sung Retro's praises...whose the best wife! Whose the best wife!!!!

Lourie said...

Oh CALGON...take me AWAY! What hard working mom has not uttered this phrase. And our husbands do not get it. If they had to do what we did...they would end up in the fetal position before the end of day one. I have wanted to leave many times...not forever...just a for the length of a movie perhaps. hahaha.

Di said...

I have gone on strike before and made the hubby do things for himself or me. Its not pretty and reaffirms why we are the superior sex. I really, really hope you get a break - even if its just a one day thing!

brainella said...

I'd say Di is right -- strike. Getting alone time is REALLY important...just as important for you as it is for Retro. In some ways, it is more important. I'm always available! ;)

MommaKiss said...

I'm alllllll about little getaway weekends. Even just a night at a neighbor's house with laughs and wine. Both the Mr. and I make it work. It's part of reclaiming your sense of self...

Jessica said...

Non-mommy girl time is sooo important. Thankfully my hubs and I have started to realize that I don't need long stretches... sometimes just a few hours is enough b/c then I start to miss the kiddo's. But yes, you have to plan for alone time... like put it on the schedule and DO NOT omit it!

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