Saturday, August 13, 2011

Semi-Slacker Summer Summary

Due to my lack of blogging, I'm sure those of y'all still reading this think the Semi-Slacker's have had a jam-packed summer.  Right?

Wrong.  I've just been lazy & the fact that every time I get on the computer I either get sucked in by FB (I'm such a Nosey Nellie. I can't help it.) or one of my children (mostly Baby Girl) will insist on using it.

So now the Semi-Slacker children are all in school.  The same school, finally.  Baby Girl is loving "big school".  She was already "known" throughout the Lower School, so she's right at home. And I can get back to my regular blogging schedule. maybe. *click the pictures to see better*
Can't you tell she's going to be trouble?
He looks totally thrilled.
 Thanks to everybody for the great teacher gift ideas.  Here's what I did the day before:  I got some of these from the Dollar General,
filled them with jumbo paper clips, magnetic clips,  magnetic push pins (how smart!) & post-it style notepads & some decorative shred.  My bestie made (in like 10 minutes) vinyl monograms for each teacher.  Wa-la, Semi-Slacker teacher gifts! 

Since y'all missed out on all the Semi-Slacker shenanigans this summer, I've decided to give y'all a brief (it's not going be brief) summary.

We celebrated Emma Ruth's 92nd birthday with a party at her assisted living center i.e. "the old folks' home".  She loves it there.  It's like a sorority house for senior citizens, except they take pills instead of drink.
In case you missed it, we acquired a new pet.  Meet Sophie Mae the Bunny.  She's actually a pretty good pet, quiet & basically house-broke herself.  And she eats people food.  (before anyone gets all PETA on me, that's in addition to the healthy rabbit food & treats we give her.) She, like every other animal we own, is a little chunky. 
We swam all summer!!!  And I am pleased to say that all the children are jumping off the diving board & swimming in the deep end.  So I've been able to get a real good tan this summer. (except now it's fading)  Every year I feel the need to display my awesome diving skills with both front & back flips.  For the children of course, but I have decided to share my skillz with y'all as well.

This was taken by Sass at the beginning of the summer & doesn't show off my tan, just my awesome bod.  Please try to control your laughter. 

I read 2 books this summer & all I usually read is People magazine!  The Help & Water for Elephants.  Both great books, The Help was the best, I have to admit.  I guess I could relate better.  I had a lady that kept me when I was little named Nina Mae & she was "old school" like the ladies in the book with the uniforms & all.  I can't wait to see the movie, I'm about to go by myself! And Water for Elephants comes on PPV next month!

I took the children to see Judy Moody & Zookeeper.  Guess which one I preferred.  Here's a clue, it ain't Judy Moody. My besties & I saw Bridesmaids & Changing Up & Retro & I saw Crazy, Stupid, Love.  That may be my favorite movie of the summer, but remember I haven't seen The Help yet.  Retro & I had several of our version of "date night", where we lay in the bed & watch movies on Pay-Per-View.  We saw Take Me Home Tonight (R's fave), Just Go With It, Limitless (I need some of that!), Lincoln Lawyer, Hall Pass & Arthur & something I've probably forgotten.

Retro turned the big 4-0.  Of course I threw him a little party the night before we left vacation/relocation.

Here's me & the girls, just because they LOVE it when I post their pictures! ;)

This year's relocation to the beach was the best one we've had, child behavior-wise.  We got there on Saturday, the other family that went with us (same time, different house) got there on Sunday. Monday night we took the children to the bar (they had food too, plus that's how we roll) to do karaoke, one song in & up came a storm.  By the time it was over, the electricity was out. for the next THREE days...

I'll leave y'all with that for now. Stay tuned & I promise it won't be a month this time. 


Kate Lewis said...

I'm glad you're back!

Sandra said...

Soooo good to see you back on here!! The kids look darling and you and Retro are presh as usual. I loved The Help, too. XOXO

highheeledlife said...

Glad you are back!!Your wit and wonderful writing has been missed. The little one's look great.. Mr. G turned the 4-0 this summer too!! Great photo of you and Retro.... xo HHL

Suburban Princess said...

Wow what a busy summer!

If I had known about your teacher gifts I could've done up some personalized ribbon to tie around them!

Miss Janice said...

Y'all are all so cute. Always fun to read your posts!!!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

ohhh i like the vinyl monogram thing idea. hello...my cricut is my 2nd friend.

Tom Coburn said...

Hi just wanted you to know I enjoyed reading your blog very much. Mines down for the moment because I'm working on a new design, but should be back up soon. I am on facebook too as Tom Coburn from fort wayne Indiana. should be able to find me easy enough on facebook. take care, nice blog

Anonymous said...

YAY! Welcome back!

Nice dive/flip/forward roll! :)

Princess Freckles said...

I missed you!!! You just always entertain me with your posts, and i felt lonely all Summer. :)

Joy said...

I was thinking about you guys over there on SGI, I heard about the no electricity thing while we were at CSB, glad it didn't ruin the trip!

Anonymous said...

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