Saturday, March 14, 2009

Partner Picks for Semi-Slacker's Spring Swap

Here's the list of partners for Semi-Slacker's Spring Swap.

If you have trouble contacting your partner, please let me know, I should have everyone's email.

*Please leave me a comment after finding your partner!*

Corrine & Tickled Pink Talk

eight helping hands & Sherrie

Three under Three & Bama Girl in AZ

Kristie R. & Spanish Princess

Mags & Lori

Tammy & Emma Loves Stitching

Amy (Quiet Time) & Carie

Preppy 101 & KAG

Amy (King's Table) & Katie Lake

Semi-Slacker Mom & Pretty Personal Gifts

Tiffany Danielle & Preppy Bumpkin

Pink Bliss & Rice Rice Baby

Good Gals Inc & Sweet Tea Diaries

Soon to be Mrs. M & Suzeeez

Sweet Tea in a Pink Glass & Pink, Green & Southern

Laura & Misty

Jen & loveaphid

Melissa & USC Emily

Danielle & Maria (mariahudson@live.com)

Fruity Mama & Janna

a HIT & Undomesticated Newlywed

Noelle & Lauren Nicole, LLC

Imjustagirl & Adrianne

Reminisce Heirlooms & Melly Lil

Pamibelle & Wacie's Way

Here's a refresher of the rest of the swap guidelines:

  • You should be prepared to spend between $20-$25, not to including shipping. Feel free to bargain shop or "overspend" as much as your heart desires.
  • Your packages should be mailed by Saturday, April 4th!
  • I'm leaving what you include in your package up to you & your imagination! I just ask that everything be "SPRINGY"! This could include anything Easter, decorating items, monograms are always a favorite, pink, green & pastel goodies, outdoor items, garden stuff, yummies - anything that represents "Springtime" & FUN! Email your partner & find out her style, likes & dislikes, favorite things & don't forget her shipping info.

I'm looking forward to reading all your posts about your swap goodies!

Please feel free to email me with any questions!


katie lake said...

I am so excited! Thanks for hosting!

Sherrie said...

I have just emailed my partner. Thanks for organizing!

Sandra said...

I found my partner! Thanks for hosting this! I am so excited!! xoxo

Missy said...

I found my partner, but no email available. I will try to contact her through her blog. Thanks again for hosting.

KK said...

Thanks for hosting--this is going to be a blast!

Bamawhitney said...

So fun! I have emailed my partner!

Laura said...

So kewl!!

Emma Loves Stitching said...

Wooppee, my first international swap!! I've e-mailed my partner :)

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

Found my parter! So excited, this is my first swap.

capperson said...

Found my partner!! So excited!! I love swaps!!

Anonymous said...

I emailed my partner this morning. Thanks so much for organizing this!

i. me. mine said...

I just received an email from my partner. Great pairing!

Kathy B! said...

I totally blew it! Next time I am IN!

DietCokeStraightUp said...

Looking forward to this!! thank you so much for hosting!!!

USCEmily said...

Yay! I had forgotten about this, so this was a nice surprise for a Monday! I found my partner and sent her a message on her blog!

Pink Bliss said...

I found my partner and left her a message!!

Mom of Three said...

My partner and I have made contact! I'm excited!!!

Mags said...

Soccer Mom and I have made contact. I am looking forward to the swap. Thanks for organizing!!!

TiffanyDanielle said...

Im soo excited about this..i love spring stuff..
Have A Blessed Day.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I emailed my partner and have not heard anything from her. My partner is Maria - the email address I used is mariahudson@live.com.

Do you have any other contact information for her?

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Great job pairing! My partner and I have made contact, exchanged addresses and have begun to shop! Thank you for hosting!

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