Sunday, March 15, 2009

Move over Barbara Walters

My BF, Helene, sent me these interview questions seriously over 2 weeks ago after her clever interview. Helene has 2 sets of preschool age twins so she's even crazier than me!

From the looks of these questions, I think The View should let her sub while Elizabeth's on maternity leave.

So here's a little deeper look into my Semi-Slacker life...

1) If a friend of yours, who just had a baby, is trying to decide whether she should return to work or stay home with her new baby, what would you tell her the pros/cons are about being a SAHM?
I worked outside the home until Sassy was about 18 months. I had a crappy boss & the only one with a small child. So I should know!

Here's some of the pros:
You don't chance missing any of life's little milestones; first smile, first laugh.
You don't have to feel guilty about leaving a sick baby to work.
You are able to attend all their school functions without missing work.
You can volunteer for all their activities.
You are ALWAYS there for them.

Now some cons:
No "alone" time!
Limited adult communication.
No break to regroup!
You are ALWAYS with them.
You are "on call" 24 hours long, 7 days a week.

Peace Corp, my butt! Being a SAHM is toughest job you'll ever love!

2) You won the lottery and now you are $10,000,000 richer! What would you do with the money?
1. Tithe
2. Build the Antebellum home of mine & Retro's dreams. Complete with professional decorating, landscaping & a pool.
3. Go on a little shopping spree.
4. Put the rest up for the children & maybe a rainy day or two.

3) What's your biggest regret in life? Not taking full advantage of the college experience. That sounds like the makings of a good post!

4) How did you and your hubby meet? I was helping out in the pro shop of our local small town Country Club (my grandfather was one of the founding members) & our mutual friend, Blond John walked in with this good-looking guy that I'd never seen before. Later on, I asked him who his friend was & turns out he was asking about me too. Our first date was to a cocktail party at our local high dollar Country Club. And the rest is history...

5) You have an opportunity to be on any reality tv show you choose... Which one would you choose and why? Well, I don't sing & I don't dance & I don't cook well enough for any kind of competition. Since I wouldn't make a very good contestant, maybe I could be a judge! That's more my forte. Like on Food Network's Iron Chef America! I'm real good at eating. Or maybe I could be on Girls Next Door. (Don't spit out your drink laughing or anything!)

Thanks Helene, this was too fun! Even if it did take me forever to post.
Question: Do ya'll like my new profile picture or the old one? The "new" one is really my engagement picture from 1997!!! I'm trying to find a picture of me that I like.


Sherrie said...

Girls Next Door -- you bad thing. LOL! J/K...I've never sat down to watch that show...must be because I've got a little boy who is always around. :) Since you asked, I much prefer the other pic instead of the new one. JMO (just my opinion).

Kristie R said...

I like the other picture too, the new one doesn't look like you now

Girls Next Door, glad I didn't have anything in my mouth

Bamawhitney said...

I like the other picture! Very serious in this new pic!

Laura said...

I like this post! I noticed your picture change last week and I was like, "Whoa!!" I wasn't sure if that was you!! Only because you're wearing sunglasses in the other pic and it was hard to see your sweet face! I like the sunglasses picture better only because it's more recent and I just have "that" picture of you in my mind!

Unknown said...

I changed back to the sunglass picture. That's kinda my MO anyway. Sunglasses & a ponytail!

Anonymous said...

I like the old one...the new one doesn't look like "Tracy"!

Kathy B! said...

I like them both... I htink you should just swithc 'em up every so often!

And question #1 was a doozy!! Good answers!

wife.mom.nurse said...

oh, I missed the picture!

I didn't realize that Helene was your BF. The two of you are highlights to my days. I love a good laugh!!!

Wow, I did a spit take with the girls next door answer! HA!

Helene said...

This was so much fun to read!!! And I'm honored that you think I could sub for Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the View, though I think I'd have to kick Joy Behar's butt a few times because she just works my nerves.

I think your cons for being a SAHM were spot-on! And it's definitely the hardest job ever...but always well worth it!!

You could be on the Girls Next Door...but then you'd have to kiss Hugh Hefner and maybe even have sex with him.

I like the pic of you with your sunglasses!! That's exactly how I picture you in my mind so the other pic totally threw me off!

eight helping hands said...

Very, very good blog. That is exactly how I feel about being a SAHM, we are the most over worked and under aprreciated people on the planet.
I like your new blog, btw.

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