Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Did yours make the top 10?

New Year's Eve has come & gone & I'm still thinking about resolutions.  I used to never make resolutions, but in the past 2 years I have.  Granted these have been relatively attainable goals.  And I've still managed to screw them up.

Anyway, so I googled top 10 New Year's resolutions & this is what I got.  So I decided to go with these, with a few modifications, of course.

1. Spend More Time with Family & Friends.  Since I already spend way too much time with my children, I'm going to take family as to mean my husband, so that means more date nights & friends, which means more grown-up parties.  Sounds like a great resolution to me.  Now what about a babysitter...

2. Fit in Fitness.  Yeah, no.  We all know I'm not into any sort of exercise.  However, I do dress as if I'm going to the gym most everyday.  We just got a new Publix in town, so I resolve to walk around shop there rather than the little one I usually frequent.  In fact, I could go when I'm running late for pick-up.  That would be some major cardio.

3. Tame the Bulge.  Read tummy tuck.  Sign me up.  I could also go for a boob lift.  and some Botox.  Just sayin'.

4. Quit Smoking.  I don't smoke, maybe I should, could calm my nerves.  But I'm not a big fan of the smell, plus I have bit of a lung condition.  I could resolve to count to 10, stop yelling at the children, have more patience.  I think I'll just resolve to get a refill on my Xanax.  
5. Enjoy Life More.  I am all for this one!  I pretty much enjoy life as it is, but if you factor in my 1st resolution to have more grown-up fun & the Xanax refill, this one could be met.  If only Dr. K could prescribe something for Sass (like a sedative as soon as she gets home from school) & Dish Network could hurry up & cut a deal with my local ABC/Fox channel so I don't miss any of my shows, everything would be all good.

6. Quit Drinking. I don't think so.  Drink more.  See #5.  Retro says I'm turning into a lust, but they say drinking a glass of wine a night is good for you.  I just prefer one of my signature cocktails & instead of once a day, I save up.  Plus, it makes my mood sooo much better.  The children would like it if I put "beard" in everything.  Then maybe I wouldn't need that sedative for Sass.

7. Get Out of Debt.  I'm not in debt.  Unless you count my little bill at my favorite little shop, Two Friends.  It's so convenient to have a charge account.  Between there & the school I could eat a meal & buy several outfits & just charge it all to Retro.  Which is pretty good since he wards over our 1 & only credit card like mad!

8. Learn Something New.  Maybe some new recipes.  I could resolve again this year to stop eating out & start cooking more. Retro is threatening to go back on that Atkins diet.  Curse you, Mr. Atkins.  That & the fact that my children are the pickiest eaters EVER, really put a damper on my cooking skills.

9. Help Others.  I know this sounds bad, but I'm over foreign ad.  And aside from what we already do; clothes, toys & food to the needy, this year I plan to focus all our charitable efforts toward sick children & the elderly.  These are things that directly effect our lives.  And if anyone is interested in helping me, I could use a babysitter. 

10. Get Organized.  This is my resolution every year.  It didn't happen in 2009. or 2010 & I very serious doubt it's going to happen in 2011.

So, did your resolutions make the top 10?


Susan said...

I'm organizing my house, I'm eating less and moving more.... so yes, they did make it. So far, I have organized quite a bit and I've been good for the eating less.. the moving more would happen if someone would get rid of that magnet that keeps me in bed in the morning. And, Hubs has gone Atkins this week.... and it's helped me quite a bit as I've gone off sugar and white flour for a while. Oh, and I'd love a boob lift.

Ashlee said...

This is funny. And I'm so with you on the Dish. We pay too much money to not have channels.

KT said...

I've decided to under-achieve and set a resolution for myself that I can actually accomplish- Get rid of Time Warner. And be happy. Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

No. 10. I seriously need to get organized. My house is chaos and it makes me kind of nuts.

highheeledlife said...

oh my sweet friend how I have missed your witty (truthful ..) posts. I´´m sitting in the business centre at the hotel , catching up on some blog reading, while Mr. G. enjoys a massage... and since there is no one else hovering/waiting for the four computers with great WIFI .. I can take the time to leave some comments too!! read and comment on some of my fav blogs, I´´m in heaven,... Buenos Aires has been great ..but I´´m ready to come home. Loved your list ... I´´m still kinda working on my own list...but one thing I know I´´m adding is to never travel without my voltage converter for my notebook!!! LOL... Hugs to all.. especially Baby Girl , may 2011 be her year of answers and little girl fun --- no worries allowed!!! hugs my friend...HHL

nomo wino daph said...

Girl NO...can't write out a list cause then when I fail, I'll look like a looser, LOL!

I am starting an organizing section on my blog, first post is tomorrow:)

DRINKING....lawdy, I love my wine. I enjoy a glass{s} a few nights a week. I'd love to only have it on special occasions. {everyday is a special occasion, right?)


Dawn M. said...

I have given up on dieting and just decided to TRY to eat healthier this year. I've given up red meat, chips for the month of January and will do the 3 day heart patient diet the end of the week. Already bought tuna fish which i don't enjoy but know the chemical combination does work and I'll lose some quick weight to jumpstart getting back to the old me. Plus I'll have one heck of a great time shopping my closet and actually wearing some of those cool clothes that still have the price tags hanging on them for when i lost the last 10 pounds before i gained another 40, oops! I hope to be more patient with my children. I find myself getting ticked off quite easily and go into what i call Momma rage. Basically i can go from 0-60 in 2 seconds flat. My wish is for them to stop fighting so much and dragging me into it wanting me to get onto the other one. Never been a smoker, drinking has never been a problem, especially after working in a bar to pay my way through college and seeing varying degrees of drunk. We've had a gym membership for 2 years and i've stepped foot inside once in that time. So for learning something new, I may have to learn to drive my car to the gym more often to visit where my money goes, lol. With all the expenses at the end of last year, i hope to rebuild our little mad money nest egg before hubs realizes we are back in debt from the all the appliance purchases. He and the kids are similar thinking there's a money tree out there and I hate to disappoint. My main resolutions are to just spend more time with family at home rather than running them all over town. More family game nights, more cooking dinner at home, just more at home time for the family and more dates for the hubs and I. We didn't go out on a date last year till the end of the year and it felt great. May need to check into child sit swapping so the date can be thoroughly enjoyed w/o added expenses when we get home. As always, I want to organize but basically i'm not good at the follow through on this one. It's just so discouraging to get all the clothes folded, into the bedrooms where they belong, toys picked up and the family room clean just to see it get messed up all over again with NO help. Seems like a vicious cycle.... Had a great start getting that storage bldg when we had the kids side of the house hardwood floored. Now to get their rooms completed/done and then move onto the other rooms in the house and throw out/give away/sell more than we keep and 2011 will be a success. I also plan to do a few little things for me this year. I have started reading books again that I want to read and aren't assigned from the kids school plus i'm going to take more bubble baths(might help on the momma rage) with the door locked, music turned up, candles going and NO KIDS in ear shot!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Wow! Great list and yes I have a few on their, One of my main resolutions though is to make more time to just sit and be with my son instead of running around from one place to another and cooking all day. I need to make tim for just the two of us! XO
Thanks for your sweet comment the other day! Your the bestest!

Laura said...

No resolutions for me this year, but yours are great!

Sandra said...

No concrete list; only abstract. You know the drill - be a better Christian, exercise, lose weight, lose weight, lose weight, ad infinitum. xoxo

Not a Perfect Mom said...

I usually resolve to be nicer to people...I'm pretty um, snarky and sarcastic...but this year I decided to say screw it...
I'm never going to change

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