Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pay-per-View, greatest invention EVER

Why is it that is costs $47 to take 3 children to see a movie?

So that's $28 for tickets, matinee price & $19 for snacks; 1 kid's pack (popcorn, super-small drink & tiny bag of Skittles- 85% landed on the floor) a order of nachos (which I find extremely discussing, but Sass likes them), a small bag of popcorn (1/4 of which was thrown away) & a large Icee (shared by me, Sass & Baby Girl).

And when did they start showing commercials at the movies?  Half of the snacks that were consumed were eaten during this 30-minute time frame.

We saw "Tangled" & I thought it was pretty good. Two thumbs up. It was able to keep the children more calm & quiet, then well, the last time we went to the movies.  Baby Girl was at her best for at least 45 minutes, then Bo decided he wanted to sit in the top row & since I was a shear genius & went to the very first showing & there was only about 3 other families in the theater (God bless them) I let him.

Is it sad that I thought the leading man was hot, even though he was a cartoon?

Since they did so good in the movie, I took them to Target to spend some of the Christmas money that was burning a hole in their pocket my pocketbook. Big mistake. HUGE.  But even after that drama, I maintained my sanity. well at least as much as usual.

So I guess I'm out of my Christmas funk, well obviously since I volunteerly took them to the movie.  Yesterday, Retro brought me home a potted plant (it's my favorite color, lime green) & some Godiva chocolate.  He said it was a "peace offering" so I guess all I needed was an apology.  Plus, I have New Year's Eve to look forward to...

I promise to post Christmas pictures soon, but I haven't figured out how to load them on my laptop.  Which totally rocks by the way. 

I'm thinking about writing for the local newspaper & need one of my best "works" to send to the editor.  Can any of you loyal readers think of any of my posts that really stand out?


Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous what it costs to take the children to the movies...we usually try and wait until the movie goes to the "cheap" theater across town....all movies $1.99! No joke...it's nice, clean and cheap...once the movies leave the Galleria...they go to the theater on Russell Pkwy. Of course popcorn and other treats are regular priced.

Dawn M. said...

Sounds like Retro read your post and is learning more about you all the time, or, he saw what all the other wives posted and thought he's not that bad afterall, it could be way worse. The fact he brought home your favorite colored plant and chocolates scores huge brownie points in my book and shows he truly does care and tries to get it right. I agree the movies have gotten way to expensive but we it's something we love to do as a family and yes, we've already learned that it's either a movie 'or' a trip to a store but not both! Interesting about you writing for the local paper. Not knowing what type of column you'd be writing, i spent a few minutes looking at some of your older posts and thank goodness you have hyper links to some of the older ones. If you can only choose one(just give them the link to your blog)I think this is a good piece to submit: Wednesday, January 6, 2010
What I Meant to Say and Probably will at some point. This post was hilarious, written from the heart on your feelings about Barbara and I loved it. Looked like a lot of your followers did too from reading their comments the post that followed on your next post after if that makes sense to you. Plus it doesn't have the 'ugly' words that probably aren't suited for newspaper viewing. Glad you liked the movie and made it through that part of your day good with three kids. Does your new laptop have the SD card spot you can pop your camera picture card into or do you usually hook up your camera to your PC to download the pictures?

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