Friday, December 31, 2010

The Christmas that would never end...

What better time than New Year's Eve to do a recap of Christmas of 2010.  I'm gonna miss saying that, 2010. It sounds so much better than 2011.

Remember this is my scrapbook too (along with all the other 20,000 pictures saved on my massive hard drive), so spoiler alert *tons of pictures*

I was rather pleased with my teacher's gifts this year.  For Bo's teachers, I made vegetable beef soup & put in these cute glass containers with silver tops & our preacher's wife makes this awesome homemade bread, so I put a loaf of bread (in Christmasy bakery bags) with the soup in cute Christmasy baskets.  I hate I didn't take pictures, but I was kind of rushing around getting the bread & all.

I Sassy made monkey bread for her teachers (Paula Deen's kid's cookbook recipe) & my bestie did these cute cake carriers.  It was a hit!  Both teacher's initials were G.

The same day as the big's last day of school was also Baby Girl's playschool Christmas party.  Imagine that. That's par for the course in my chaotic life.  I was kind of worried she wouldn't have anything to do with Santa, but I guess when he's holding a present for her he's cool.  This is her buddy, AC (it was at her birthday party that we made the gingerbread houses).
And Bo's Christmas party...
and Baby Girl's ballet Christmas program.  Don't you love her tutu that my momma made?  Remember this for later.
This was the Sunday before Christmas. I got 2 out of 3, eyes on me, so I guess that's the best I could get.  Don't you love how the 2 little ones are all Christmasied (you like that word) up & Miss Thang is too cool for Christmas?  Thank goodness none of the presents were breakable, since they were sitting all over them, but whatever it takes for a decent picture.
This how the photo session started out.  Remind me of this for next year's Christmas card.  And for those who don't know her, this is sooo typical.
Then we had this wild evening with my 3 besties & all our children.  Off the chain, would be an understatement.  It took about 6 shots to get this one.
How cute are these matchy-matchy pjs, my bestie made for the girls!
Then I hosted the Bunko Babes Christmas party & since they all have a fit when I post their pictures, I show you the table setting I did for my dining room table. Remember that tutu? I have since replaced the silver chargers with red. Target-1/2 off.
and of course the signature cocktail.  It's called Christmas Cheer; apple vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec & grenadine.  I added some Sprite too. Just in case you still need some.
Apparently my momma had a little too much Christmas Cheer, when she decided to make gingerbread houses with all 5 grandchildren. 
All in all they turned out pretty cute.  from a distance...
Then I made this giant gingerbread sugar cookie house.  It's from a cute Wilton kit & came with the house-shaped cake pan.
and somebody lost his first tooth.  I was hoping it would wait till Christmas Eve, so the Tooth Fairy could catch a ride with Santa Claus, but it came out on the 23rd.
and somebody stole the show, as usual.  I hate I didn't get a good picture of her in her leopard print fur vest with matching leg warmers.  Baby Girl got pink.
This is the closest thing I could get to a good family picture.  At least Retro's not wearing shorts.  And I got my hair cut yesterday.  Oh how I wish I had gotten it cut before Christmas.
Isn't this the cutest picture?  I love that they are so close.  I wish Sassy was closer in age, but that's another story for another day.
Another fabulous photo op!  Gammi gave the children matching pjs & me these cute snowflake ones.  Sassy was crying because my FIL gave each of them $100 & Retro promptly retrieved it to put in the bank.  He is such a miser.
Gifts from Santa. This was "the year of the tent" & we got to Wii too, which has lead to many fights since.
Baby Girl's...
Christmas morning.  I remember when my brother & I used to get up at the crack of dawn, you've thought they were going to school or something.  I got up, made breakfast, finished the cookies...
This was genius on my part.  Feel free to steal it for next year.  Santa put a "lump of coal" or rather charcoal in a cellophane bag & put it in everyone's stocking.
My daddy does not usually do things like this & if you know him for real, you would really appreciate this.  I made him put the hat on, I promise he didn't come that way, the shirt was enough.
Mass chaos at my parent's house for Christmas lunch!

I am very blessed to have both my grandmothers! And both well enough to still enjoy Christmas. 
They are so hard to buy for, so this year & decided to think out of the box.  I gave Emma Ruth this huge pearl ring.  Her friend at the home always wears fancy jewelry, so when I saw this I couldn't resist & if she didn't like it, I could always wear it.  She LOVED it!  I got my other grandmother a "Blind Side" watch & she thought she was too cool too! 
My brother & I pose in front of the tree.  We were notorious for not getting along when we were young. Okay, when until we no longer lived in the same house. Okay, last year.
Retro & I, even after the 3 pairs of shoes incident.
And finally the Christmas night camp out.  I don't think anybody woke up in their own tent. or any tent for that matter.

Now...I hope y'all have the Happiest of New Year's! 

See you in 2011!


Babes Mami said...

You are in for sooo much trouble with those girls! Attitude!

Foursons said...

That does indeed sound like the Christmas that wouldn't end! Whew! I take it since you have written this post that you survived. You may need several months to recuperate from the busyness.

Susan said...

Happy New Year!

nomo wino daph said...

I pray that 2011 brings you many blessings!! Happy New Year, Friend! Much Love, Daphne

Kim of Mo Betta said...

I'm totally stealing the teacher gift ideas, they're awesome. and maybe the tent thing too, my kids would love that! Happy New Year!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Wow you made great presents for the teachers
Happy New Year

Henley on the Horn said...

I love your crazy Christmas! Happy New Year to you, Semi Slacker!

Sandra said...

First, off the chart teacher gifts. I know you must be the most popular mom ;-). Great post and pics. Such a darling family!! You seriously look like their older sister. XOXO

Suburban Princess said...

Happy New Year!!
Those jammies your kids are wearing...I have the same ones! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the tents...we like to put up tents when school gets out for the summer. They stay up until school begins....boys love their tents and it is sort of a tradition at our house. It's also a great place to hide things when you have unexpected company...

Love the pictures...thanks for sharing. The multi-use of the tutu is a fantastic idea!! YOU ROCK, GIRLIE!

Mitzi Mc

Mrs4444 said...

One great pic after another! Glad you had such a great holiday :) Happy New Year!

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