Thursday, September 23, 2010

THE Little Black Dress?

We all have heard that every woman should have a little black dress in her closet, right? 

A little black dress?

Well... while putting away my summer clothes, I realized I have quite a few more than one.  More like 8 & that's just the ones hanging on my bathroom door in my closet.  But you know I'm going to validate this by saying that each of them are different in their own way.  And really, I don't want to part with any of them.  Do I sound like a hoarder?

Let's take a look...
A summertime, casual look; usually paired with a bright colored tank.
Old Navy

More dressy, fabric has a kind of shimmer to it.
Poppy Garden from Two Friends

One of my favorites. Fitted with pockets.
I actually bought this dress for Emma Ruth's funeral when she was so sick.
Merona by Target

Dressy. Great for a evening wedding.
I.C.U from Two Friends

This one is good for winter, paired with a turtle & tights.
Vintage GAP
(sorry for the picture quality)

I wore this dress on my first date with Retro to a cocktail party. 
With the help of some Spanx & "boob magic" it still looks just as good.

Plain cotton Old Navy shift.
Fine for church or out to dinner.
Can be dressed up or down.

The dress I wore last Saturday night.
It has pockets too, which I love.
Daisy Feuntes from Kohl's

So see, you can never have enough "little black dresses". 

How many do you have?


Jenn said...

Ask me how many LBD's I have.

Go ahead, ask me!

Shit, I'm too impatient. I'll just tell you.

ZERO. I don't own even ONE LBD. Can you believe that (GASPTHEHUMANITY).

Burnt orange - Check
Olive - Check
Polka dots - check and check (those probably need to go to goodwill)
Black - *crickets*

I'm a sad, poor, poor, lame excuse for a woman.

Di said...

I don't have a LBD either. Of course preggo it wouldn't be so little anyway. More like a little black tent...

P*P*P said...

It's true -- I completely agree with you -- I love a great black dress! :)

highheeledlife said...

It is wonderful how LBD fit so many occasions... I have 4 - one is casual ~ the other 3 I can dress up or down... I agree one can never have too many LBD. XO HHL

Babes Mami said...

I have one dress, it's yellow/black/white...not one LBD. Maybe I need to find a couple. I have lots of black shirts!

Gracie Beth said...

I have two, one for formal night of Rush, and the other for initiation!

Suburban Princess said...

I dont actually own any. I know. Shocking. But I have black suits...I always find it hard to find dresses that fit me properly all over and it was only recently I found a good seamstress...so maybe now I can get dresses tailored. I bought the black cord shirtdress from ON last year but it's too small *sigh* even tho I was sposed to lose 15lbs by now.

Jessica said...

None for me! I actually had one when I was pregnant though... when it's "okay" to have that pudge in the tummy.

Hubs would probably like me to have one though. ::sigh:: Can't win 'um all.

Christy (CIL) said...

I know I am suppose to cmment on how many LBDs we have BUT where in the hell do you have the time to hang up and take a picture of yours???? I love you but I hope you hung them in the closet after you took their picture and did not throw them on the bed ( hanger and all)!! ;)
i know, i know...............smartass! LOL

Joy Taylor said...

I wish I had that many black dresses

Lourie said...

That's easy. None. I know. I am the anti-female. haha. But the ones you have are all different indeed. ;)

Tracie Nall said...

They all look completely different to me!!

I have four LBDs. Each one is right for a different occasion. You really can't have too many of them.

Jennifer said...

None. Zero. Zip.

Shell said...

Wow, girl! I only have one!

An Imperfect Momma said...

So I have two...but girl you can never have enough. Already you make me wanna look for more. :o)

Sandra said...

You need them - all of them! xoxo

Sarah Wyland said...

You really can't have enough - I'm up to 3! I actually have that same Old Navy dress and trust me - it really can be dressed up or down!

Amber D said...

Ha! I remember going with you to buy the first date dress! Oh yeah, the bug catcher...total hit! He played with it all night and he's sleeping with it now. pinky swear!

Joy said...

I love me a cute dress just started really getting into wearing them more than just when I had to last summer and have massed quite a collection since then:)

Also love that your grandmother's name was Ruth, that was my grans name and I named Abby that after her. in fact Emma Ruth was almost her full name

RN Mama said...

All your dresses are fabulous! I honestly only have one black dress, and it's not even that great:( Love those boots with your dress too!

BigD said...

You made me count... I have four.
But! You made me feel like less of a hoarder with 8! haha! I just eyed another one this morning, and didn't buy it because "how many does a girl need???"
Well, obviously, I don't have enough.
Perhaps I should go back and get it...

life in a pink fibro said...

I'm in awe of your LBD collection. I have one, for winter. But I'm seriously going out there to expand my horizons. I never have anything to wear and now I know why.

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