Monday, September 20, 2010

Good times & great friends sometimes causes a bad head!

This weekend, the grown-up Semi-Slackers hosted a party in honor of our friend Darrell who is leaving for Iraq on Friday.
Darrell (khaki shorts) & his BIL
So on Friday, SSM supervised the pressure washing on the house, reorganized the carport & redecorated the porch.  I also, with the "help" of the children, painted my 4 Cracker Barrel rocking chairs; 2 regular sized, 2 child-sized, jungle green (better known as hunter green). 

Why is it that my 9yo managed to make a bigger mess "helping" after school than my almost 4yo did all day prior to her sister's assistance?  By the time they were finished quit, all three children were covered in paint. oil-based paint.  The girls more so than Bo.  But if you've been reading for awhile, this should not surprise you in the least.

Somehow with Sassy's help, Baby Girl ended up with paint in her hair. Not just a little paint, a green ponytail. FYI: a olive oil soak removes oil-based paint from hair.  And baking soda removes it from 3 sinks, a bathtub, soap dispenser, cabinets, door knobs...  

Saturday morning Bo had soccer practice & Sass had to cheer & in a brief stroke of genius decided to have the housekeeper come the day of the party.  Retro stayed with Baby Girl because he's not a big soccer fan, you would have thought I signed the boy up for ballet, & finished up the yard.  Even with the crazy morning I had, I was dressed & ready to party well before the 1st guests arrived.  A first for me, but it's usually okay because the 1st to arrive is almost always family or a bestie. 

We decided since we usually have tons of leftovers when we do a meal because everybody fills up on alcohol appetizers, that everyone could just bring their favorite finger-food.  We still had 3 tables & my bar full of food.

I made that dessert (brownies, pudding & cool whip); cheese dip (Velveeta, ground beef & rotel); cocktail smokies (in chili sauce & grape jelly); cream cheese w/ pepper jelly & my momma made Rosalyn Carter's cheese ring for me, but I served it with peach preserves instead of strawberry.

Even though the Dawgs decided not to show up against South Carolina, I still wore my game day attire; black dress, black cowboy boots, red beads & red & black jewelry.  Redneck chic.

He should have worn his GA shirt to match.  Now wouldn't that have been cute?

And for your viewing pleasure, here's some more of the pictures I took until my friends hid my camera from me because they don't like it when I take their picture & post it, even though I try to only post flattering ones.  Then they started taking bad ones of me.

At least some people don't mind having their picture made.
But some you have to sneak up on...
As the evening progressed, being the rednecks that we are, moved the party outside for some corn hole (google it) & to ride the golf cart & 4-wheelers.

Wife of the guest of honor.  She deserved to have a good time too.

If that's not the face of somebody that's up to something, I don't know what is.

Guess who else had a good time...

In other news, my baby will be 4 tomorrow.  My Baby!  We might have to have a repeat of this after her birthday bash next Saturday. Who's in?


Jennifer said...

I think the wife of the guy leaving deserved to have the best time of everyone. My prayers with her while he is gone.

Suburban Princess said...

Looks like a great group of friends! Glad you all had a good time!

highheeledlife said...

What a wonderful hostess you are.. everyone looks like they were having alot of fun!!!

Interesting the men all are camera ready!!! lol..

Aren't ATVs and golf carts ( Hubby always corrects me his is a Kabota - but to me its still looks like a golf cart) ... so much fun...

I have added Darrell and his wife in my prayer book and will keep them in my thoughts in pryaers to stay strong .. and for his safe return.

Thank you for your email ...and thinking of me. XO HHL

Deb said...

-->Looks like you guys had a great time. I have the same issue with sneaking up on friends to get their picture. I always WIN!

Laura said...

Fun times!! And all that food looks incredible!!

Kim of Mo Betta said...

Looks like fun. Happy bday to the baby! And corn hole is pretty fun after a few (or several) "beverages"!

Helene said...

You all sure know how to party!!!! That pudding dessert looks yummy....I'm craving brownies big time but can't have any because my ass is freaking huge and I can't fit into any of my jeans from last winter.

Thanks for sharing the tip on how to get oil-based paint out of hair. Can you believe I haven't had to deal with that yet but it's only a matter of time.

Screen Door Prep said...

Oh, what fun you are! I don't know what made me laugh harder, the bit about "you'd have thought I signed him up for ballet" or the part about "filling up on alcohol, I mean, appetizers." Y'all definitely look like our kind of crowd! & I *love* those colorful chairs!!!

MommaKiss said...

Oh, i love the pictures. And happy birthday to your baby today. Four. I loved four.

nomo wino daph said...

FUN FUN FUN!!! You need to start inviting me over to all these get togethers:)
You look too cute and LOVE the green golf cart!

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

Looks like you had mega fun!

I have so much Georgia apparel it's not funny! I have the logo for my machines because my kid's school uses the same colors and logo. Of course we have it plastered all over the place because they are cheerleaders.

People always ask me if I'm a Georgia fan. I recently decided I am... so I started saying yes because...why not be a fan if I'm already wearing the team colors and logo?

See we could match if I came to town during football season!

Happy birthday baby girl!

wife.mom.nurse said...

Looks like fun! The pix of you are adorable :)

I have missed you :)

Happy B-day to your baby girl :)

Sandra said...

You're as pretty as ever in those pics.
Sounds like a blast! Loved the looks of that chocolate pudding thingy...you need to tell us what that is and post the recipe!

Lourie said...

Tell him thank you for his service! Looks like a grand time.

PS.... eldest is 13 today. *sigh*

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