Friday, July 2, 2010

My Children Double Dip

but I triple dip!!

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*If you Google ménage à trois, don't click on anything except Wikipedia. Just sayin'.  That was the name of this post, but it didn't work with my font so I changed it.

*I did a little retail therapy this week & wanted to share with you 2 of my most favorite buys.

Mini market totes for Sass & her BFF's birthday (now Baby Girl wants one), similar to this-
by Reisenthel (but I couldn't borrow the picture), purchased at my favorite local boutique Two Friends

and these cute "boxer" shorts from Malabar Bayexcept mine are a different pink & green print. (They wouldn't let me find the actual print either. Apparently these people don't know I'm giving them free advertisement!)

*If we're friends on FB, then you know that me & my friend, Amy C. took our children (her 2 boys & my 3+ Sass's friend) to see Toy Story 3.  $70 later, that's right SEVENTY dollars for 5 people to see a matinee movie & not even the 3D version, as the boy employee was helping me to our seats with my $35 worth of popcorn & drinks (not a steak dinner) I discovered I didn't get straws for the littles & he offered to go get them.  When he returned, he handed them to me & just stood there as if waiting for a tip.  Really? Dude, I've just paid $70 for a mere 2 hours of entertainment for these children. You're NOT getting a tip.  Can you believe that?

*And some of you may remember the story of Bo's pillow, if not here's a recap.  So during the part *SPOILER ALERT* where the toys are about to get "fired" or rather burnt up, Bo freaked out & hollered, "Is that what happened to my pillow?"  I about peed in my pants.  Then he informed me it wasn't funny.  I thought it was.

*I'm having some major issues with the fact that my children are physically fighting over which song to listen to on the Vacation Bible School CD.  They are total hypocrites!

*Tomorrow this the annual 4th of July BBQ/ Pool Party.  At this event will be most of the people from Beach Week 2010 plus some, so I can assure you I will be totally Preppy Redneck all the way!

*Now for the Letter of Intent that I have been meaning to write for quite some time & really do need to send to Sam Walton (but isn't he dead).

Dear Local Wal-Mart,

Why is it that every time I shop at your store I have to ring up my own purchases?  I mean, really, you have 20 registers & only open 2 of them.  I have been to your store when only 1 register was open.  Just because you installed those self check-out things, doesn't mine everybody wants to use them.  It's okay when I only have 3 items & the other 2 registers are backed up into the clothing aisle, but when I'm fixing to drop $100 I expect a little more customer service.  Do y'all "rollback prices" every time I use the self check-out? Because if that's the case, those 4th of July bowls should have been 10 cents instead of a dollar. Besides think of all that wasted space. 

Not a very satisfied customer


Jennifer said...

I actually laughed out loud about the VBS cd. You know you are a Southern child when you get in a knock down drag out with your brother and sister over a CD full of Christian songs like Deep and Wide and This Little Light O' Mine.

Foursons said...

There are so MANY letters that need to be written to the heirs of Sam Walton. Seriously- that place is bad.

Thanks for linking up, enjoy the long weekend!

I am Harriet said...

Stopping by from Friday-Follow to thank you for participating this week.
Have a great weekend!

Suburban Princess said...

I so need a pink market tote! I looked for one in Target last week but they only had one red one left in the entire store *sigh*

I hope you have a great time at your pool party!

Shell said...

Movies are so freaking expensive any more. We rarely go b/c of it.

Walmart- I hate it. They had the self-check ones all closed the other day and only like 3 registers open. Enormously long lines.

RN Mama said...

I have that same exact picnic basket and I LOVE it!

Have a great preppy redneck weekend!!

Brittany said...

70 Dollars?!?! And since when does anyone working at a movie theater get a tip?! How weird!

Also, I've had to start shopping at walmart since I moved to a really small town. I HATE self check out no matter where I am. There has been one time that I didn't have to check myself out and I still waited in line behind ONE person for about 7 minutes while the cashier figured out some problem. I was a cashier for years, the last thing I want to do now is ring myself up!

Leiah said...

They removed the self-check outs at one of the Walmarts here. Seems the hoodlums were robbing them blind.

Jennifer said...

Haha! I hate those self-checkouts too! Why would I want to go to a store, pay for services, and have to do my own work?!?

'Course, I don't want anyone to bag my groceries for me... they put all the cans & heavy stuff in one bag and the light stuff in another. OCD maybe?

Thanks for a great post - Happy 4th of July!

michelle said...

I WISH our Walmart had self check out. I always choose the wrong line.

I love that mini market tote

Have a great 4th!

Rachel said...

Totally cracking up about the VBS songs fights!

Oh girlie... don't you see - Wal-Mart had to cut costs somewhere because they were offering FREE ENTERTAINMENT.

I mean, you could have taken the kids there and people-watched and saved yourself $70, right? :)

Sorry, I snorted at the part where Bo asked about the pillow... because we just saw that movie and that would have left me rolling in the aisles to have witnessed that in person!!

NorCalMom said...

Stopping by from Friday Follow and am now following you.


Everyday Kathy said...

What a great Fragment post! I hate WalMart. Thanks for speaking on my behalf!

Have fun at your pool party!
Everyday Mommy'

Sandra said...

Hello my favourite semi-slacker mom! Love the recount of the movie afternoon...I was going to take the fam to see "Eclipse" tonight, but now I'm second guessing my decision....oh who am I kidding, Edward Cullen is my boyfriend, I need a fix!
Love your post and laughed the whole way through!

Mom of Three said...

haha I just wrote a blog too about taking our oldest to the movies... we spent about 60 on 4 of us, crazyness....hopefully they don't want to go again for a while.

Mrs4444 said...

Oh, jeez. Now you have me rethinking that movie tomorrow. We'll probably suck it up (and buy our candy at Target.)

I laughed out loud over Bo's pillow fragment--That's hilarious! Poor little guy! Too funny. (I know--I'm mean.)

I hate that about Walmart, too. It's the same at all of them, too. Annoying...

Saving said...

Love this post!! Walmart is a pain :-P

I am your newest follower. :o) Hope to see you soon @ www.wishnonstars.com

mFw said...

You are too funny! That is one pricey movie - hope the kids liked it! I can't believe that kid wanted a tip for going to fetch straws. He's lucky he has a job and should actually being doing something. Our walmarts rarely have many lines open either. happy Fourth!!!

Laura said...

OMG!! The pillow story nearly made me pee my pants, too!! I'm taking Alise (again) and a little friend of hers to see it again this afternoon! Have a Happy 4th!

L Simonson said...

Couldn't agree more about the Wally World letter!!! I found you from Friday Follow Me. I am now following :)

~Lori S.

Sandra said...

Hi again! I am giving you an award! I hope you aren't too busy to accept it, but if so, I understand, just wanted you to know that I enjoy your blog!

KK said...

Oh, it BURNS ME UP when I go to Wally World and there are 39 closed registers and 2 open ones!

Messy Mommy said...

I totally love self check-out! It lets me live my dream of being a cashier. :)

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