Monday, July 5, 2010

I Don't Look That Fat!

I hope y'all had a great 4th of July, cause the Semi-Slackers did!

Saturday, we attended an annual BBQ/ Pool Party hosted by my parent's friends (part of the Beach Week 2010 crew).  Ribs, chicken, all kinds of salads, baked beans, deviled eggs, desserts galore! I was in HOG Heaven, literally!  I made Redneck Caviar & Blueberry Salsa (recipe in this month's Southern Living).  One of the ladies made Artichoke Cheesecake & I'm on a mission to find the recipe!

The same lady's (Hey Ms. Candi!) grandson asked how old I was, so I told him 35. He said, "You don't look that fat!" What?? I 'bout peed in the pool!  I think he was a boob man because when I first got in, he told me I was pretty.  He's 6.

After the BBQ, we went to a 300 ft. Slip & Slide! If we're FB friends, it's on my profile.  I thought it was on YouTube, but I couldn't find it.  Preppy Redneck to the extreme!

Yesterday, we went to a Fish Fry/ Pool party!  Lots of swimming & eating for the Semi-Slackers this weekend.  And I didn't take a camera to the first event!

But here's some from last night as we waited to do fireworks!

Monday Minute

Who of all your blog friends would you like to meet and/or who have you met?
I've only met those that I knew before IRL, but Laura & I are totally planning a blogger meet-up at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS.  Because Retro & the Bunko crew likes to go there & he won't think I crazy going somewhere by myself!  Who's in?

What kind of vehicle(s) do you drive? white Yukon XL & a lime green golf cart

What kind of cell phone do you have? Southern Linc. I don't even want to discuss it.

What's the most annoying thing you wish bloggers would stop doing? Replying back on their blogs & no reply comments

What's the one thing that you still have on your bucket list to do before the year is out?  Beau Rivage with Retro (see above for motive)
Aren't there child labor laws in this state?
or Semi-Slacker Mom lost the charger for the jeep!

Bo's nose job or why he wanted a band-aid this big?
 He's still wearing the band-aid today!

You REALLY might be a Preppy Redneck if...
your lime green blow-up pool has to be repaired with duct tape.


Unknown said...

lmbo loving the redneck fix on the pool so somethign my hubs would do.. your kids are too cute..

Sarah Wyland said...

We must be cut from the same mold. I got a phone call from my little brother gushing about their 'home made' slip and slide - 3 tarps tacked together and dish detergent covering it for added 'slippage.'

Glad you had a good 4th with your family!

Jennifer said...

My neighbor did the same thing with her backyard pool. I thought it was genius.

Babes Mami said...

Duck it or buy a new one...that's thrifty not rednect!

Shell said...

I so wish I could meet up with you and Laura!

LOL @ the duct tape! That's genius!

Lisa said...

LOL! duct tape ROCKS!

Sandee said...

Okay I can't get past the pool and the duct tape. Bwahahahahaha. Thanks for the laughs.

Have a terrific day. :)

Laura said...

OMG! That's it!! Anyone that tapes up their blow up pool with duct tape could not POSSIBLY meet me in Beau Rivage!! LOL!! That was hilarious!!

P.S. We have the same pool except ours is blue. And minus the duct tape, too. But ask me about it on September 1st. I'm sure we'll have to do some "patching" by then!

Taryn said...

Lol, love the duct tape pool ;)

BNM said...

haha the duct tape pool is awesome thats something we would do :)

300 ft slip n slide sounds super fun!!

Sandra said...

Great post! Such a cute pic of the girls. They are you made over! Glad you had a great holiday! I did, too. :-) I want us to meet . . . suggestions? xoxo

Kylie said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. A duct tape pool is environmentally friendly coz you fixed instead of replaced! lol.

Love your blog, especially the letter to walmart further down!

Happy FMBT

Helene said...

LMAO...we got duct tape all over our blow-up pool because I refuse to pay another $30 just so the kids can ruin another pool!!

The 6-yr old cracks me up!

I'm jealous you get to hang out with Laura...you better post pics!!!

Jaime said...

Hysterical!! Love the duct tape pool. Glad you had a nice 4th!

Come by my blog if you get a chance! I am hosting some great giveaways this week!


Average Girl said...

That little dude sure sounds the charmer...So funny!

Tracie said...

Last year we went to a hog roast that had a ginormous slip n slide like that. My kids were in heaven.

Messy Mommy said...

I love the 4th. It's my fave!

KK said...

I would LOVE to meet you and Laura at the BRivage--sometime when I am in Baton Rouge visiting I could just drive over! Oh, what fun we would have!!!

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