Monday, July 26, 2010

Look what my Bestie can do!

My Bestie has started making these CUTE signs!  She can be all crafty like that because she only has 1 little boy & he's as sweet as can be!  Isn't that right, APB?

How cute is this one she made for me?

Here are some of the other ones she's made. 
They're all so cute, I had I hard time picking ones to post!

Wouldn't one of these look so festive on your front door?
Click on the picture to make them bigger!

And for your sweet baby's room
(Sassy has already placed her order for
 her birthday present! Imagine that.)

During football season

Y'all know we're partial, but she does have
orange & crimson & blue paints too!

And we mustn't forget the holidays!!!

She made that Christmas one during the middle of the night last night per my request!

She's also working on some for my Back-to-School teacher gifts this year! 
In school colors, of course! (Mrs. Gray, if you're reading this, act surprised!)

I think they will look so cute hanging on their classroom doors

And since she's my bestie & all, I'm taking orders for her.

So if you would like to order one of these cute signs, just leave me a comment & I'll get back with you!

The prices are $40 for the 16x24 size & $30 for the 11x14 size.  Shipping costs not included.  My teacher gift ones are going to be smaller & she doesn't have a price for those yet!  She's also thinking about doing little ones for Christmas ornaments.  She's very easy to work with so if you're interested, just leave a comment & I'll pass along your contact info to her & y'all can chat.

*Back-to-School teacher gift signs
are $15 + shipping!*


Joy said...

oh those are cute I would love to know the teacher gift price, I am known for my great teacher baskets for xmas so I can't disappoint this year, well that is if I like his teacher as much as I have in the past we'll see in a few days once I find out who it is.

LuLu said...

I need one pronto!! This will be perfect for the hospital door once baby arrives:) I think the 11x14 would be best. Should I give you specifics over email or what? Or you email me, either way I'm gonna have to have one!


Babes Mami said...

These are too cute! Saving this for future purchases.

Kim of Mo Betta said...

These are TOO cute! Are they made of wood? wondering how heavy they are...

Tracie said...

Very cute! You buy Back-To-School presents??? I always assumed allowing the teachers to spend time with my fabulous kids was the present!

Anonymous said...

how cute r these...adorable;)

Chelsea said...

So adorable! I want one for both of my girls and our little one on the way! My email is: chelsvandy@yahoo.com.


Lourie said...

Those are really sweet!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Def. interested in a price on the "teacher gift' ones!

Adrienne said...

these are simply adorable !

Alexandra said...

ack! I can't believe my comment just disappeared!

wanted to tell you how adorable these are, and how adorable you are to have this up for her...they are very cute.

Alexandra said...

these are wonderful, and how wonderful that you do this shout out for your friend.....these are very very cute.

mFw said...

Those are just too cute! What a lucky friend you are!!

KT said...

Ooooh! Put me on the teacher gift price list!

Susan said...

Sooooo cute! I love how you put "crimson" between my beloved "orange" and "blue".... ha! ;)

fleming Fab 5 said...

I love these. Please let me know how to get one!!!

Joy said...

does she have a website or r u taking her orders. I don't know what i will need just yet gotta find out his teacher's name first. But this is definitely on the toget list

Shannon said...

These are adorable! Not that she needs any extra PR but please let her know that I'd love to host a giveaway for her sometime soon!



Jill said...


I would like more information on how to place an order for a sign. They are super cute! Thanks!


Jill said...

Is it possible to still get one in time for Christmas? Please let me know. Thanks!

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