Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cakes, Plates & Frown Lines

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The Semi-Slackers had a pretty busy weekend! Luckily, Sassy spent Friday night with Sweetie so we had 1 less kid to deal with for half the weekend. Well, really 2 because she thinks she has to bring a friend home every Friday! Which really gets her out of my hair, but that's another story.

Anyreallydolikemykids, Saturday started off with a missing shoe! FYI: You can't play basketball in furry Crocs! Then a little b-ball! (Thanks Mandy for the extra pair of shoes!) Bo had a great game, aside from that pass he took to the forehead! (little goosebump, little bruise, no tears!)

Then to Wal-Mart for a gift bow & a spare pair of tennis shoes for the car!(they're actually kind of cute for $10) Oh & a toy to keep a little boy occupied at a wedding shower luncheon (necessity, promise!)

Luncheon! (I'm so excited for you, Katey!) She's like my little sister. And a Bunko Babe! The brownies we had for dessert were to die for. Actually, anything chocolate is right now, but again another story. Then straight to the school for Family Fun Day! Bo's class was in charge of Go Fish. And guess who's the room mother...

Did I mention that Baby Girl was sick, so Retro was forced to stay home with her. However, Gammi kept her during the b-ball game & when I got home 6.5 hours later they were still there! Huuummm...

I wish I had taken my camera because we always have the grossest booth at this event, First Aid. These children get bloody bandages, crutches, slings & what-nots. Sass has never been interested, but what do you think the first thing Bo did. That's right. He got his head injury taken care of with a lovely bloody bandage. Those Pre-K mommas were freakin' out! (it's their 1st year!) He also got a basketball ball painted on his face, a lizard tat, 20 pieces of Oriental Trading junk from the b-ball throw & potty toss, 5 bags of Goldfish from Go Fish, a sticky, dirty face from the popcorn & cotton candy, a Thomas plate from the dish toss & probably pneumonia from running around outside on the inflatables in his uniform. Call DFACS now. He looked like the poster child for some family fun. And a well-medicated momma!

Now, let me explain the Dish Toss. Unfortunately, you don't toss the dishes. You throw a token at a nice display of yard sale lovely random dishes. The unfortunate part is that this is Sass's favorite activity! I now have a plethora of coffee cups, plastic plates, a wine glass & even a serving piece with a carousal horse on it. And the 3rd grade just happens to have this booth next year. I can't wait.

She also scored big on the cake walk! Last year I must have walked 2 miles on that cake walk with nothing to show, but this year Sass won a plate of cookies on her 1st go-around!!! Then after being strongly encouraged she took about 3 more turns & won again! A chocolate pound cake! So we had the cake & some plates, all we needed was a knife & some forks.

Today, after much discussion (read: fight) about what she would wear to church we were there & she served communion for the first time & did great! She acts shy, but really eats it up because after church everybody tells her how good she did & how cute she is. Then Gammi took her shopping. PTL!

Thanks for your concerns & prayers for Emma Ruth. She's feeling fine, I think. Pretty much back to normal. I took her some cookies & cake today & she was much more concerned about my frown lines than her illness. I tried to tell her I got them from her, but she proceeded to tell me hers were not that bad when she was my age. Gee, thanks. She did tell me what dress she was going to be buried in, the one she wore at my wedding, but certainly wasn't ready to part with any of her jewelry or furs. "You'll just have to wait to I'm gone!" That'll be forever. I hope.

This is what's on tap for this week...

Making more of these. I can't find the right barrettes that I want, so kinda ill about that. But the girls like them.

And these for the children's class Valentines. What happened to the cheap box kind? Oh we have those too!

I'm really a semi-slacking over-achiever.

Well...I wouldn't go that far.


Anonymous said...

I love cake walks, well anything with cake... ;)

RN Mama said...

Whew! What a busy weekend. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a kids who loses a shoe!

As far as the Valentine's...I just want to know what the hell happened to the envelopes that used to come with the boxed Valentine's?!

Sandra said...

Wow honey! You had a heck of a weekend! Probably pretty normal for you, right? Those barrettes are darling!! I didn't enter the Valentine's Day giveaway because this is one holiday that I would love to skip. So there you have it. Have a great week! If I see any of those barrettes when I'm out and about, I'll get you some!! xoxo

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

OMGosh, I remember those barrettes, I LOVED them!
Sounds like a good weekend. You should link up with my Weekend WrapUp!

Liz Mays said...

I've never won a cake on a cake walk either, but then I'm kinda skittish about eating them anyhow so maybe it's best! First communion...that's actually quite sweet and a special moment!!! So glad Emma Ruth is better!

Tracie said...

I need a nap after reading all that! I hope you have a nice, relaxing week.

christy rose said...

I always loved cake walks as a kid. I never ever won one though. :)
Those barrettes are adorable and cute valentine too!

KK said...

Love cake walks, those barrettes, AND Emma Ruth!

Jessica Jones said...

its ok to overachieve some of the time!
sounds like a blast...i love being the room mom and all of that

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