Friday, October 16, 2009

Lots of Friday Fragments

I'm trying to get back on schedule with my blogging, so I'm joining back up with Mrs. 4444 & Sara to share with ya'll my random thoughts & events of the week.

Hold on to your seats...

Okay, so our fair is this week. And I love me some fair food!!! My muffin top however, does not. Try as I might, my willpower is not strong enough to resist with these contributing factors; we have VIP passes & the fair is across the street from school! I may have gained 5 lbs. just this week!
This is the healthiest thing I've eaten & it's drenched in butter! My newest favorite fair food are the cinnamon rolls (with gooey pecans & icing). The guy from the newspaper took a picture of me eating one of these little pieces of heaven yesterday, so I'm sure everyone I see will be checking out the size of my arse.

And when we're not at the fair, this is filling up our time!
Bo is now referring to him as his little brother. And he & Baby Girl shared a Milkbone on Tuesday. I broke it in half for him & she helped herself to the other half. And she liked it! Grossssss. I knew she wasn't a very picky eater, but really, have some control!

Is it sad that I really want a Snugglie for Christmas? And there's only 69 days left.

My BF, Tammy at Milk & Cookeez sent these fabulous bath goodies to me & the Semi-Slacker children.

There was a purple (grape) popsicle, but it went missing before this picture was taken & now the brown (hot chocolate) one is missing too. I can't imagine who took them. Sassy. But I threatened them to keep their grubby little hands off my cupcake.

In case you aren't familiar with Milk & Cookeez, all of these goodies are soap & the cupcake is a bath fizzy too! Baby Girl will eat a dog biscuit, but didn't even taste this yummy smelling soap. She's weird.

Speaking of Baby Girl, I am the worst mommy ever. Thanks to several of your suggestions, I took her to our 2nd home, Primary Peds & sure enough she has a UTI. And that was the cause of the accidents. I know I'm a bad momma, but don't call DFACS because they might see how good these kids have it & sent some more!

The Pumpkin Spice coffee from Keurig is fabulous. I dare say as good as Starbucks! And I don't have to drive 20 minutes out of my way in the rain.

Sass's class took a field trip to the fair. Along with every other child in GA. Some of these children (mine included) could be a tour guide for the fair, but whatever. It's a 20 year tradition & who am I to complain about another trip to the fair. Anyway. We were walking by one of the animal barns & I asked a group of girls (Sass's BFFs) what swine was. And y'all know what they said. THE FLU!

Oh & I think I saw the Duggar's at the fair. If it wasn't them, it was somebody just as crazy! Seriously. The media needs to forget about Jon & Kate & find out what kind of happy pills Michelle takes.

Y'all know I think I have misspelled y'all several times on my blog. Sometimes often my mind & my fingers don't work together & obviously y'all ain't on spellcheck. That & my brian (brain) is pretty fired. or fried. whatever. Man, I really should take the time to edit.

Back to what I was going to write before the y'all tangent-

Y'all know I'm not very domestic, I found a new housekeeper BTW, but when the weather starts getting cooler I like to cook! I like to cook, but my attention span is not very long & my kids are picky eaters (well 2 of them), so I need some new EASY recipes to try out. Y'all got any? Feel free to email me barbourfamily@bellsouth.net. I might just sent the best recipe some GA pecans!!!

Okay. I'm off to the pick-up line, then over to the fair for dinner.


MrsSki said...

What an absolutely adorable puppy! I just want to squeeze him (but not hard).

I agree we do need to find out what happy pills Michelle is taking. As ridiculous as this sounds...I can't believe they have that many kids and it's sort of disturbing but I CAN'T. STOP. WATCHING. I've tried and it was an unsuccessful attempt! haha!

Is baby girl a human or a dog. I'm guessing a human since you said you couldn't believe she ate half a milk bone...because I don't think it would be odd for a dog to eat a dog bone! :)

Have a great weekend!

Sandra said...

I need some pecans for Christmas. Do y'all sell them? Serious here darlin'. xoxo

won said...

Happy pills? Seriously?

If you run into her again, will you please find out the name of them and let me know?

Dog is precious.

Susan said...

Dog is adorable!

Fair food is awesome and my muffin top hates it, too.

I'm going to have to get some of that Pumpkin Spice for work (we have a Keurig there) because that's my favorite at Starbucks during fall!

Susan said...

Oh and here's an easy recipe for taco soup! Hope you can use it! http://skinnysusan.blogspot.com/2009/10/finding-good-things.html

Sarah Wyland said...

This post just made me happy. Dog biscuits? Eew!

I love the fair too - fair food is some sort of magic that I pretend doesn't have calories!

Caution/Lisa said...

We surely have picky eaters here and I hate cooking. Wonder if those two factors are related. Love that puppy! Don't love Michelle Duggar BUT I do admire her...a bit.

mes petit choux said...

My old work used to have a K-rig and I LOVED the PS coffee they had for it... but you forgot a key part... they don't cost 4 dollars a pop!

We have one picky eater here chez P... I'll send you some of our steady stand bys but you have to promise to post all the good ones you get :) (not the bad ones, just the good one, k!?)

KK said...

You need a snuggie--I totally love mine!

Laura said...

Lurve me some fair food, but I swear you guys just had a fair about a month ago! Is this the same one?

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Our fair is coming, and OMG the food...horribly wonderful.
I really want to steal your dog. He is TOO stinkin cute!
As far as y'all, I'm just glad I'm not the only one who uses it on her blog! It's such a functional word. And so much a part of my everyday vocabulary!

Sara Elizabeth said...

I am sorry to stop by so late. I am catching up on FF post today. Busy week and my birthday kept me a little busy. :(

Fair food is awesome!!

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