Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Help! Potty Problems!

Baby Girl is having some major issues.

I thought we had this potty training thing licked, but lately she's been having more & more accidents. Especially at home. Now that's just lazy. She rarely wets in public & has only wet once at school.

Her favorite thing to say is "I trying not to TT in my pants." Well, by that time it's too late!

Luckily it's only tt. When I see her looking like she needs to go, I take her to the potty & half the time she refuses but ends up tting after I force her to sit down.

And she always wets at night. She wears a pull-up. Good Lord if she didn't. I've got enough laundry as it is.

The other 2 quit "cold turkey". Even at night. Sass rarely had an accident & Bo had maybe one. Sometimes his aim was (still is) a little off, but he made the effort.

I started spanking or putting her in time-out. I've always hear this was bad, but these really aren't accidents, I think she's just doesn't want to go. Weird.

Please any suggestions?

Now I'm trying to potty train two babies. (the puppy)


Sam said...

It's gross but I made my girls wear real panties under plastic training pants. That way they suffered the whole cold icky panty thing. It really helped. And I made them wash out their panties in the sink. (I really threw alot of them away after training was over, but I wanted to make it alot of work for them, when they peed.) They are probably scarred for life and will never do laundry but, they are potty trained now. (Well it was about 9 years ago!)

Suburban Princess said...

I wouldnt spank - then she will have major issues about the toilet later on in life. I know I wouldnt want to be hit if I had an accident :O(

Have you asked her what is going on and why she has stopped using the potty?

Anonymous said...

Macy did the exact same thing! Don't know why exactly. I just kept putting the panties back on and eventually she got tired of the wetness and started using the potty again...hope it all works out! good luck! = )

Mommyfried said...

My daughter pulled something like this and I was fit to be tied. I finally took her to the Dr. and it turned out she had a U.T.I. I know that sounds bad but at least it was caught and treated before it got bad. The good news for us is through the testing we also discovered she had a more serious problem that was unrelated but we were able to address because of it. Good luck and sending you best wishes for dry pants!

KK said...

Don't ask me--i still can't believe I potty trained two real live humans.

GeckoGirl said...

I agree with Mommyfried; it could be that she has a U.T.I. and maybe it hurts too much to sit and tinkle? Or it could be something traumatic that happened at school: maybe she had to go and the teacher didn't recognize her need and ignored her or she might be too shy to ask or raise her hand. I'd talk to the teacher and see if maybe something happened @ school and she was scared. If not then talk to her pediatrician it could be school anxiety and can be worked thru. Either way...good luck to you!

Sandra said...

Well, Miss Semi, my comment is going to be pretty simple compared to all the others. I think she is just too "BUSY" playing to take a bathroom break. As far as how to stop it, I wish I had a solution. I always found M&Ms worked well with mine as rewards. Yes, wrong I know, but I only gave them one or two pieces of candy. Not the whole bag ;-) haha xoxo

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

My friend Preppy 101 and I are on the same page. My daughter was very BUSY and couldn't stop to go potty. She was prioritizing and unfortunately she had trouble with wetting. I did reward her and finally it stopped. My friend had the same problem and the reward worked as well. At that age they tend to think that a party is going to break out when they leave the room and disband before they come back. They don't want to miss a thing. I could be wrong but I would try throwing the party on the potty if you know what I mean. Rewards!

Jill said...

She is probably a little lazy and also probably just gets too busy. Kids that age don't have the ability to rationalize "I'll just play 5 more minutes" compared to how bad they have to go. Sounds like she kinda likes the attention she gets when she has an accident. I'm not really one to give advice, especially about kids, but I'd probably just brush it off when she has an accident and not even say anything. Just get her redressed and move on. Eventually she'll see she's not getting any attention (negative or positive) and get with the program. Good luck!

Helene said...

Here's what I would do...whenever she has an accident, don't react to it. Don't say anything to her other than "I'm really disappointed that you didn't get to the potty in time". What kid wants her parent to be disappointed?

Also she may be getting so caught up in activities that she tries to hold her pee and then finally when she can't hold it anymore, she goes in her pants. Sometimes Bella does that. Next thing I know she's holding herself in between her legs saying "I can't hold it anymore".

When she's involved in activities, just check in with her every once in awhile to see if she has to go. If it's been more than 2-3 hours, chances are she has to go and she's trying to put it off.

This whole potty training sucks big time!

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