Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Fragments

Yay me! Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time enjoyed my little tidbit about Sassy's version of Jesus Loves Me, so much that she awarded me with this:

If you would like to read my acceptance speech & her (+ many more) fragments or add your own, go check her Friday Fragments.

Now, here's this week's doozies-

*Bo offered to say the blessing. It went a little like this, "Thank you Spiderman for swinging over the city." Amen! We're thinking he may be headed for a career in the clergy.

* Baby Girl informed me the other night that she was "not in the mood" to get in the bathtub. We're thinking she may be headed for a career in "The Real Housewives of Middle GA." oh. wait. That's me.

* On Monday, I had to take Bo to the ENT for his 6 month check & hearing test (which he failed, but passed after having a small procedure). When I have only 1 child, I sometimes like to do something special. So before his appt. we went to Krispy Kreme & went INSIDE. They have a drive-thur & I have 3 kids, we don't usually "go in" anywhere.

We got to see the doughnuts being glazed & chocolated on the conveyor belt. It was kind of nerdy, so you know he loved it! I let him pick out what kind he wanted, the whole nine yards.

Later when we got home, I offered him half of a chocolate sprinkle donut. He said "No. I'd rather have a candy apple." Huh? Where does he think he is, the fair?

* Brutus, I mean Baby Girl has be thinking she is big enough to ride in the back seat of the golf cart lately, buckled up of course. Well the other day, we were going for a ride & Sassy & Bo got in the back before she could get to the golf cart. Baby Girl looked at them, pointed & said "Sassy. Get in front." And she did. We've learned you don't mess with Baby Girl.

* And my personal favorite of the week- Bo had his friend Andrew over to play after school. I fixed them a nice lunch of microwaved hot dogs, Cool Ranch Doritos & grapes. When they were eating, Andrew told me I was the "best cook ever". He then proceeded to tell his mother after we dropped him off that I was the "coolest mom in the world". I love this kid! Mandy, wanna trade?

*Have your heard this song? Nerves by Terri Hendrix I love it!

*Coming soon: TWO giveaways & a Semi-Slacker Mom trivia contest!!!! Start studying! Not you, Gracie Beth, you've got enough to do!


Gracie Beth said...

Thanks for my shout out!

KK said...

I love your Friday Fragments sooooo much! Also, I am so glad that you too feed your children hot dogs and Cool Ranch D's for lunch--no one in CT does this, except me.Thanks for keeping it real!

Mrs4444 said...

Oooh, giveaways, huh? I look forward to that! Love, love, love the blessing!! Glad you got to spend some one-on-one with the little guy :)

Sandra said...

So love these Friday Fragments. I am almost as impressed with the fact that you can remember these little tidbits for your Friday post! Besides being cool and the best cook ever, you are Super Woman!!

Jessica Ryan said...

Hey Hey Hey KK... we do not do Cool Ranch and Hot dogs in CT but we do Nacho Cheese and Hot dogs... gee wiz... But only when friends come over. Let the friends think we are always cool even though my kids know better!

LOL at not messing with Baby Girl.. I'm telling ya these Third-borns are tough!!!

Bamawhitney said...

Your Friday posts are so great! Love hearing what the kiddos have to say!

SarahHub said...

I knew you seemed like a cool mom!

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