Monday, April 27, 2009

Semi-Slacker Fun & then some

Lordy, you have a couple of busy days & it takes you a week to catch up in the bloggy world!!

With that being said, here's a little recap of what the Semi-Slacker's did to keep ourselves occupied this weekend-

And busy days do = NAPS!!!

Friday morning, Bo, Baby Girl & I joined our preschool play group at the strawberry patch for some strawberry pickin', playground time & lunch. We go several times each year, but this was Baby Girl's first time actually picking & I have to say, she did a pretty good job! I showed her what to pick & she went at it!! It probably helped that there was plenty for her to choose from!
However, her BFF, Hunter Marie was more into eating the strawberries
than picking the strawberries!
There was a smug on my camera lens, thus the lovely blurry spot on my pictures!
I knew ya'll would want to see these pictures of me & my babies posing with their berries! Bo picked his all by himself.
I'm shocked he didn't pull a Hunter Marie, because he LOVES strawberries.
Ya'll come on over, we've got strawberry pie AND strawberry shortcake! and strawberry daiquiris for dessert.

Sassy went to her 1st slumber party on Friday night at her friend, Abney's. She wanted to ride home from school with the birthday girl, but instead of saving me a trip & taking her stuff to school, she insisted that I bring her things to her at the party. I really didn't mind because ya'll know I HAD to get a picture.
Unfortunately the smug was still there!

Is it bad that I felt kind of proud that 3 girls (including the birthday girl) were fussing to get to sit by Sassy for the picture? That's my girl.

Then we made an appearance at our Relay for Life. Late night partying for the Semi-Slacker babies. Nap total: 2 each.

Saturday, the littles & I were up bright & early to hit our little town's downtown market & a community-wide yard sale. I got some cute little planters for my new screened porch- which is my current obsession & may or may not be one of the reasons that I have been too busy to blog. Sorry, but I love it sooo much! I have taken pictures & will be posting them soon. I know ya'll can't wait. But I digress.

As for the yard sale, Bo found that Thomas chair/couch thingy that folds out into like a little bed. Whatever! It was $10 & still had the tags on it & ya'll know I'm an enabler so, of course, I'll buy anything to shut him up. He's so proud of his "find"!

From there we headed to pick up Sass at her party & then to the country club for an Opening Day Pool Party/Cookout. We were joined by the BFF's family & Abney, her momma & little brother. And let me just tell you, it might have been 90 on Saturday, but I swear that water was colder than the polar ice caps!

Baby Girl was sounding horse pretty much all day & then she started this yucky-sounding cough & Bo was getting winey. Needless to say, the party was over.

The cough got progressively worse as the evening wore on. So by 9:00, Baby Girl & I (& our chaperon, Aunt Crissy) were headed to my favorite place, Pediatrics After Hours. Dr. Gabby diagnosed BG with the croup & prescribed her a steroid. That child has always got something going on! She's my healthiest eater & my sickliest child. The closest pharmacy opened was in "a bad neighborHOOD" so I was glad Retro made Crissy come with us. Nap total: 3 for Baby Girl, 2 for Sass & Bo.

On Sunday, after I apparently smoked some crack, I let the children paint some flowerpots (for my porch) with my acrylic paints. My driveway is now rocking some lovely rainbow colors. And there may or may not be more paint on there than on the flower pots.

I can't wait for summer.


KK said...

I'm coming over for daiquiris!

kimert said...

Visiting from SITS! Great blog. :)

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Strawberry pie is sounding mighty good, right about now. Looks like you had a great weekend, besides the croup. My little guy gets it and it is the worse. Hope she is feeling better soon. Those steroids always make my guy crazy, watch out.

Kathy B! said...

Bring on the summer... the time when all the unpainted spots on your driveway will match the technicolor stripes applied during spring.

Sandra said...

Sounds wonderful!! Such cute pictures!! Is BG feeling better??? Is it everyday at the club for y'all in the summer!! xoxo

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

You are just too funny!!! I love the comment about the water being so cold. The swimming pool is always cold to me up into the summer. LOL!! Your children's comments remind me so much of the things my pre-schoolers tell us at school. Sometimes I have to just walk out of the room, because I can't keep from laughing. The innocence of children!!! Love & blessings from NC!

Bamawhitney said...

Strawberry shortcake...check....daiquiris--I am on my way!
Your posts make me laugh every time!

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

Sorry to hear Baby Girl is sick. Everything else sounds like fun though and I would come over for shortcake. If only I lived closer!

Laura said...

I loved this post! That strawberry face is precious! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!

Unknown said...

Strawberry pie and daiquiris? Count me in. Sounds like you all had a great weekend. And there is nothing wrong with being proud of Sassy - I would be too!

wife.mom.nurse said...

Please, no more smoking crack on Sundays!!!!

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