Monday, August 27, 2012

Fifty Shades or not?

What else has been keeping me from blogging?  Well I could start with that durn Pinterest! Yes, I think I'm a professional chef, crafter, interior decorator, creative gift giver & party planner, fashion diva, drunk comedian that thinks she can attract America's hottest celebrities.  Well, that is, according to my pin boards.  I could (& quite often do) pin for hours on end.  Even my children know all about Pinterest.  When I was trying to come up with back-to-school teacher gifts (which rocked by the way) or favors for her birthday party, Sassy told me to "just look on Pinterest!".

Then there's that pesky habit I picked up in elementary school...reading.  I thought I had gotten that monkey off my back until that damn Christian Grey came into my life.

I know you either loved it, hated it or didn't even bother, but I loved it.  Can't get enough.  Retro loves that I can't get enough (of reading).  Well after he figured out that I wasn't illiterate & it didn't take me a month to read 1 book not 3 (keep in mind I was reading some during my recovery so I was stoned a portion of the time).  Before the surgery, during book 1& after the recovery, book 3, he was enjoying the benefits.  And the 2nd time I read all 3! Yes, I do have a degree in journalism & yes, I realize the author's writing skills are not stellar; but I'm really not reading it for its contribution to literature.

Then I found Bared to You, a must read if you can't get enough of the book form of entertainment. To me, I found it a bit more relatable. The only thing about it is the sequel doesn't come out till October! Hell, I'll have to read it again before then to remember what's going on.  I read a few books at Ormand, then Hubby dearest got me an iPad & I got the kindle app & have been reading all kinds of smut ever since!! All of about 2 weeks! He got his money's worth.  And yes, I have editing the heck out of these too!

On the topic of getting your money's worth...how about Magic Mike?  Thoroughly enjoyed the movie, will watch it again on PPV, then on HBO, but if it would have been a book first, it would have sucked.  I hated the ending.  It would have been so much better if it ending the next morning.  If you get what I'm saying.  Speaking of movies & back to 50 shades...my vote is for that Henry Cavill kid or Ian Somerhalder, I was holding out for Chris Pine, but these two have won my inner-Cougar over.  And I think Ashley Greene would make a great Ana.  But that's just my 2 cents.  And Angelina Jolie would make the perfect Elena, but that would ruin the movie because I can't even stand to look at her.  Yeah, not a fan.


Deb said...

-->I've read them and enjoyed them for what they are - - easy reading where you're rooting for the main characters. I thought the second one was WAY better than the first one too.

Laura said...

I'll have to come back to this post and comment more when my inner-goddess has more time. LOL!!

Unknown said...

OK, since you've got your Ipad, you can loan me the books, once the kids are back in school, I'll have time to myself again! Glad to see you back writing again. Missed you!

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