Monday, February 14, 2011

When did it become all about the children?

But seriously, what in my life isn't about the children.  I wonder what St. Valentine would think about the fact that his day isn't about the "lovers" but more about the product of their "love" (the children).  Well at least it is at my house.

Retro & I did go out to our favorite romantic restaurant last Saturday night for an early Valentine's dinner, but let's see, what have we I done for the children...

All 3 are having (Baby Girl had hers on Thursday) parties at school & of course, I've provided Valentine's for all their classmates & goodies too.  I must say Bo Valentine's were the cutest.  I did bags of microwave popcorn with a label that said, POPPING in, to say Happy Valentine's Day! (for the boys) & you make my heart POP! (for the girls).  And each of them got a gift from us.  Not to mention what all I did for Sassy aka "the child I don't love"...

Are y'all ready for your scrapbook spoiler alert?  Lots & lots of pictures coming up, but they're all super cute because they're from Sassy Valentine's Dance. 

Me & my favorite 3rd grader.  Did y'all notice I got my hair cut?  And how cute is that "dessert" my friend, Suzy made?
 Everybody limbo!  This was a huge hit.  I didn't realize children like to limbo so much.  That's me & my plate on the right side of the pic.
 Strike a pose!  They are ALL a bunch of hams.
 Everybody smile pretty!
 We worked hard decking this place out in Valentine decor. 
I think it turned out great.
 The children loved the candy bar.  Imagine that.  Children liking candy.
 Lots & lots of Valentine candy.  Add in all the cokes they drank & these children were boucing off the walls. 
 Isn't she so pretty?
 Don't you just love the photo backdrop? 

 Doing the "Cupid Shuffle" with all her besties.
 Some of my (& Sassy's) favorite young men.
 One of their teachers was the DJ & she had them doing all kind of dances. 
A view of the whole party!
 Sassy & even Sassier!
 Food! Lots of great food.  All the parents brought finger foods.
 Sassy & her "future boyfriend" HB
 Sassy & her crew
 The Queen Mum
Two of the best Third Grade teachers ever.  I love that these ladies come to their students extracurricular activities, even when they don't have to attend.
 That's me crowning the Valentine Queen.
 King BB & Queen Sweetie
 Sweetie & Sassy

This kind of thing is of what memories are made.  I'm so glad I had a part in making this one of Sassy & her friend's best nights EVER.

So how are you celebrating Valentine's Day?


Courtney said...

Looks like a lot of fun! :o) I hope you have a great V-day!

Laura said...

I loved this post!! You and Sass both look so great! I hope Alise and I get to do something like this one day, but the road she's on right now, she may be grounded for the rest of her life! Ugh! Drivin' me nuts and so MEAN all of a sudden! What is up with that?

Happy VDay, Girl! Rock it!

Oh, and btw, you don't know HOW tempted I was to buy one of those alcoholic thingies you told us about last week on your blog while I was at Walmart this morning. I sure coulda used a margarita!! But I didn't think that looked to good...buyin' booze at 8:00 in the morning tho!

Jennifer said...

Wowza. That is some kind of party for third graders. They had a sock hop for the bigger kids at school. I guess that is what I have to look forward to in a couple of years.

Your hair is super cute.

Anonymous said...

She looks so pretty in that dress! The food and candy bar look yummy. (Of course I'm on a DIEt so rice cakes look yummy to me.)

Not a Perfect Mom said...

and you call yourself a semi slacker mom?! ha!
do I need to give you some slacker lessons? because here? it looks like you're mother of the year...

highheeledlife said...

Loved the post! Sass looked beautiful!!!!! Truly blessed to you have you for a mother. The care you took to help set up such a fabulous event!!! Looks like everyone (including the adults) had a great time!! Memories .... beautiful memories...

At the HHL home... cards were exchanged and many thanks given for all the love we share and have in our lives....

Happt Valentine's Day my friend!!! xo HHL

Making It Work Mom said...

What a great time. Relish this time becuase she still wants you around. My TweenStar would die if I was present at anything social like that!

Liz Mays said...

I love how much a part of things you are. Wonderful memories for you both, and that its one heck of a party!

Domestic Diva said...

Miss reading your posts...love love love it!!! xxxx me

CountessLaurie said...

I think St. Valentine would love that you are sharing your love with children.

Valentine befriended a blind little girl. Long story short, he was caught and persecuted for his Christian beliefs. The night before his death, he handed the little girl's father a card to give to the little girl. It was a flower and it said From Your Valentine.

Sooo... it musta been St. Hallmark who made it between lovers... Valentine would love that you are celebrating with your children.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! - she wore the dress I picked! Ya'll both look fabulous!
Kelly Murphy

Sandra said...

Darling pictures! You and Sass are GORGIE! And those decorations were fabulous. Did you hang the mini lights?? Couldn't tell for sure. Anyway, gorgeous. Such cute ideas!! xoxo

Kim of Mo Betta said...

Our Valentine's Day pretty much revolves around the kids now too. Love your hair!!

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