Monday, November 8, 2010

The patient (or patient's mother) is always right

or why I'm a doctor's worst nightmare. 

If you been reading for a while you will know there are only 2 doctors that I like, well 2 types. 

I like all of the doctors at the pediatrician's office, except one & she pissed me off when Sass was little & I don't think she's there anymore.  In fact, one of the doctor's, who stapled Baby Girl head in the guitar incident of '09, wife was one of the residents when she was in the hospital & he stopped by to she her & he wasn't even working. How sweet is that!

I love my OB/GYN & all his partners.  I miss when I was pregnant so often because now I rarely get to visit.  Oh, I almost forgot the ENT doctor.  Bo thinks he is the greatest thing ever. The ortho doctor was okay, but did piss me off a little, but y'all are probably already bored to death so I won't go into that.

Okay, so basically I just don't like urologists & internal medicine doctors.  (If you reading this & you are one, give me your number.)  You may remember the run-in with my urologist's NP.

Thursday was only 4 days ago, but it seems like forever.
Retro & I took baby Girl to Atlanta to a pediatric urologist  & I wasn't happy with what he had to say.  Imagine that. Seriously. I got so pissed I left the room & that was after 2 XANAX. So he even beat out the NP at my doctor.

This is the email that I sent my friend (shortly after we got home, so I was still hot):

She has 2 problems, [urinary dysfunction & reflux] so he wants to put her on some more antibiotics for 3 mths. Then do the surgery. I want this (stuff) taken care of NOW. And how convenient that 3 months will be after we have to start a new deductible ($3500) on our insurance. Let me tell you, the guy probably already thinks I'm a bitch, but if she has another one of those seizures, bitch is going to be an understatement. I don't even know what his reasoning was not to do the surgery , I didn't even listen because she has been on antibiotics for the past year & it's only getting worse. Needless to say I'm kinda stressed right now.

She's now on Detrol.  If that sounds familiar, it's because you've seen the commercials for "overactive bladder".  And a maintenance antibiotic, to prevent infection.  The reflux can be fixed, but the UD can not.  That's fine, I don't have a problem with keeping her on the Detrol, but she was on a different maintenance antibiotic when she had the durn seizure.  And I had the same thing she has when I was little & there wasn't a surgery to fix it & 30 years later, I still have UTIs.  Both meds are in capsule form so I have to mix her medicine in with her food (like a dog) & make sure she eats it all. Twice a day.

I'm of the opinion; if it's broke, fix it, don't just put duct tape on it.  Okay that's kind of a lie because I do use my fair share of duct tape, but only because I don't know HOW to fix something.

One of the best things about having a blog is finding friends that have things in common with you.  One of the friends I have "met" is Tami from 29 & Holding. Her youngest daughter, who just turned 7, went through the same thing Baby Girl is dealing with about 2 years ago.  Tami has been a great source of information & advice & has managed to talk me off the ledge. or going postal. probably the latter.

All of this is probably boring, but that's where we stand.  I asked Dr. K to request her report & I will voice my concerns with him & unless he suggests it or frustrated enough, we will go back to Atlanta in February. after the holidays.


Laura said...

Oh, SSM! I am so sorry you are going through this!! Is there anyway you can get a second opinion? I realize you guys drove to Atlanta for this diagnosis and pea-brain "resolution," but maybe you should just try someone else. Maybe even a different pediatrician? There are too many quacks in this world!

highheeledlife said...

Oh my friend .. I can't imagine what it must be like for you, your family and BG. I hope that you are given some direct answers and solutions.

Some medical professionals could use training in bedside manner. Keep you all in our thoughts and prayers .. Blessing HHL

P.S. we finally made it to town to the post office today.. sorry for the delay. Its be crazy with renovations here... xo

RN Mama said...
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RN Mama said...

Even though, I can't do anything to help you, I'm so glad I can be there for you! This is truly one of my favorite things about blogging, that you find there is almost always someone who has or is going through the same situation. In this case, I am sorry that the situation sucks :-(

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the Detrol Alivia was on was actually liquid ... but it was the generic form called Oxybutynin.

Jennifer said...

I hear you. If it can be fixed then why not fix it now, and I totally would have asked that question AND mentioned the deductible. Sometimes I think dr's don't get it.

clare said...

I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. Can you get another opinion? I know that doctors mean well but it sounds as if maybe another doc might be willing to be more proactive about solving the problem. There is nothing worse then when kids are suffering. I am so sorry. You are in my prayers.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sorry you are going through this. Hope you can get the help your daughter needs soon.

Babes Mami said...

I'm so sorry that you're frustrated! But also very thankful that you have someone who knows what you are going through and can relate.

Heather said...

While doctors are practicing medicine I think they sometimes forget to think of those they are practicing on.
How would they want their family to be treated?
We went through (and continue to go through) a different situation with Diabetes, but frustrating none the less.
I feel for you and as a Critical Care Nurses daughter, I encourage you to voice and communicate your feelings to all medical staff in any way you can!
But I am not telling you anything you don't already know. Just comiserating.
Following you from Top Mommy Blogs, maybe you can pop by http://teensntoddlers.blogspot.com/ for a visit...

Christy said...

I love you and everything but you are her MOTHER stand up to the doctor and DEMAND that they do this surgery NOW!!! I had a friend who's little boy had an "issue" and the doctors were pissing around and after discussing with me, she called and demanded something be done....TA-DA they scheduled his stuff and he was all better. You are the MOTHER make the call, everyone else will fall in line as you order them to. MAKE THE CALL!!!!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

UGH! So sorry this has been such a roller coaster for y'all. Nothing upsets me more than a less than stellar doctor!

Sending prayers for Baby Girl.

The Drama Mama said...

I'm so sorry you are dealing wiht all this, especially Baby Girl. I really hope you get some answers soon.

Sandra said...

Honey - I am so sorry!! Do I need to seriously come down there and go to that doctor with you? I will. Know that. Xoxo

Lourie said...

Oh man...I am so sorry. I hope that things will all work out for your sweet Baby Girl.

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