Friday, August 13, 2010

Are all Mommas trash cans or is it just me?

*Coming soon! I will be doing a review post for CSN stores. They have over 200 websites with everything from bistro sets to cookware.

*Why do my children give me the rest of what they don't want to eat?  Yesterday, one child tried to give me half of an apple & another the rest of her Laughing Cow cheese. I get cookies, chips, leftover cereal-gross & it's like they get their feelings hurt if I don't eat it.  Sometimes Baby Girl will not take NO for an answer. I mean, do I look like a trash can?

*Due to Back to School, I missed 2 Truths & a Lie yesterday. So because I know you are all dying to know, I'll tell you the truth. I know it's hard to believe, but yes I did wreck a car 2 days after I had it.  My grandfather bought me a brand new Saturn then a week later, he bought me another brand new Saturn.  Good luck it wasn't what I'm driving now. I also WAS a camp counselor for 2 summers & while it didn't make me not want children, it did make me change major from education to journalism!  So that means Clorox is not my FAVORITE smell, but it is in my Top 10!

*Several of y'all wanted to know the deal behind the hour-long 1st day, so I decided to share.  While at the time I did think it was stupid, I have since decided that it was to cut out the mamarazzi on the "real" first day. (Did you see how many pictures I took yesterday? and that was just half.) So yesterday back to business.  My children, for one, jumped out of the car at the turnaround before I could barely put the car in park & bebobbed themselves into school without me. Bo didn't even want Sass to walk him to class.  Plus they had school pictures yesterday.  Now THAT was a stupid idea!

*A big THANK-YOU to KT from How Katie Got Her Groove Back for sending me her Chelsea Handler books! If I had a Kindle (or whatever it's called) they would totally be on it.  More back-to-school reading Woo-Hoo!

*If you live in the Atlanta-area, Toys"R"Us Store Re-Opening in Fayetteville, GA on Aug 13th 10am. Go to http://www.iwanttobeatoysrusmom.com/, download a ‘secret coupon’ and take it in to a Toys“R”Us on opening weekend to reveal their shopping discount; up to 50% off one item! And if that is not enough, up to the first 100 Moms at each Grand Opening will receive a special ‘Toys“R”Us Moms’ gift bag bursting with gifts and offers.

*Last night, we had Bunko at my Bestie's house.  She just send us this picture of her recycling...
Think we had fun?  FYI: Pineapple Smirnoff Ice is my new favorite beverage.

*I'm doing a giveaway for Piggy Paint on Monday! If you have girls, you MUST check it out!

*Anybody else kind of interested in watching TLC's new show Sister Wives?  I just want know how all that works out.

*Have y'all seen the previews for that new movie The Last Exorcism?  It really concerns me what kind of people can come up with this stuff.  I mean what goes through their mind & how do they sleep at night.  Obviously, I'm not into scary movies. I can't even watch the whole preview without turning the channel.

*My newest favorite thing is cutesy cocktail napkins.  I'm thinking about doing a swap.  They're cheap & easy to mail!  Anyone interested?

Now, SueMac tagged me for this on like Tuesday so here goes...

1. You have $100 to spend on a fun present for yourself. What are you going to buy? a fabulous new hairdo! or maybe a massage.

2. Accomplishment I'm most proud of......my family.  Marrying Retro & giving birth to Sass, Bo & Baby Girl are the 4 greatest things I've ever done in my life. Then graduating from college. (school was never my strong suit)
 3. What is your favorite smell? good food cooking! and Clorox.

4. Your dream car..... 1956 Porsche Speedster like Dylan's on 90210. Always has, always will be.

5. Favorite Season..... EARLY summer!  This heat now is for the birds!

6. Favorite way to relax..... In the summer I love to lay out in the sun, my children call it relaxing instead of laying out, so I guess that's my favorite way to relax.

7. What was your favorite candy as a kid? Jolly Ranchers, green please.

8. It's a cold winter day, you're home alone. Now what? I'd have to pinch myself because I must be dreaming.
Mommy's Idea


Tracie said...

No wonder you like playing Bunko so much!

I've been ALONE all day. *woot woot* It's the hap-happiest time of the year!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I'll swap napkins with you...those and wine charms...I have more charms than glases :)

I'll trade you my green jolly ranchers for your purple.

nomo wino daph said...

LOL at the bottles... y'all had a thwo down! {jealous!}

Suburban Princess said...

I have never played Bunco but it looks like lots of fun!

I will prolly watch Sister Wives...I am facinated with the whole thing!

Shell said...

I can't even watch the previews for that movie. Freaks me out. Even thinking about it right now is freaking me out.

Victoria said...

I've also never played Bunco, looks like you guys had a blast though ;)

I'm following you from Follow Me Chickadee Friday!


Kir said...

so much to agree with...
I hate scary movies, hate them...can't watch the previews.

I am convinced that the 10lbs I cannot get rid of it all the crap my kids won't eat and then hand to me. I actually know a mom that lost 25 lbs when her kids went to kindergarten and she wasn't eating all day long....

I'd like to do the napkin thing, it sounds like fun.

i want to answer all these questions...maybe my post on Monday :)


Frugal Vicki said...

Ahhhh Smirnoff Ice. that brings back some college memories!

Together We Save said...

By the looks of it, a good time was had by all!!

highheeledlife said...

Bunco .. hmm I think I may want to take up that game!!! Looks like the refreshments are quite quenching... with this hot heat, one can use all that there is..

The cocktail napkin swap sounds great .. count me in..

I always enjoy reading these sort of tags ... its such a sweet and fun way to learn a little more about Blog Friends. Loved your response to #8 and for me Its always been the Porche 911~Turbo ..hmmm. HHL

Lourie said...

My Little Middle will give like the crumbs from her chips! What is that?? Picture day on the first "real" day of school. Craziness. hahaha.

Adrienne said...

My little guy is always giving me half eaten nastiness! My favorite choice is the free cookie from publix with the wet sticky sprinkles. Yuck! The reference to Dylan on 90210 made me LOL. God I lved for that show! Back in the day my girls friends and I had a going away party on the finale. The things we do! :)

Kenna said...

I truly enjoy reading your blog posts!

Babes Mami said...

Babe just started feeding me his food...I don't want to be a trash can!!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Just wait a few years until they are teenagers and then YOU will pass them your food and they will inhale it! ;)

I love the fragments!
Clorox is kind of good smell!

Laura said...

I'm game for the napkin swap!

Hazel said...

I love Bunco! Good fun.

I am a new Friday Follower. Would love for ya to come visit at my blog.

Critique of the Unique

Megan said...

LOL Kids are funny!

Looks like you all had some fun at Bunco. Haha!

I don't get how people can make and be in scary movies either. The freak me the hell out!

Happy Friday!

LaDonna Rae said...

Just hopping by to say hi from, Serendipitously ME, F.R.O.G.

Poolside with the Girls said...

I think all moms are trash cans. I am the official clean up crew for left over tater tots. They go great with Chardonay by the way. I like them extra crispy.

You crack me up!

mFw said...

I was sitting in the sorority house laughing about the trash can thing. My new roommate will eat whatever I don't finish. We went out for dinner with a group and she ate the last forth of my quesdilla. Love the "mamarazzi" name. My mom did that too! Hope you had a great weekend!!!

KK said...

I will SO be watching that Sister Wives show!

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