Friday, March 5, 2010

Just another Semi-Slacker day...

or for you newbies, Y'all ain't gonna believe this...

Thanks y'all for crossing your fingers, because Bo did great!  Not only was he not nervous, he also put on quite a show! Sassy was wonderful too & thankfully she kept her performance under control. 

For those of you that have a vested interest or just think my kids are cute, I will be posting Grandparent's Day pictures & video tomorrow.  If you are only here for my witty banter, come back Sunday or Monday.  I'm thinking Monday, unless something majority blog-worthy happens.

Anyramble.  So the Semi-Slackers were out in full force at GPD.  Room mother extraordinaire, yours truly, was dressing preschoolers, applying makeup to 2nd graders, (the boys were pumped about this-insert sarcasm)  & saving seats (this, my friends, is when the LV Neverfull comes in handy).  Retro was chauffeuring folks to & from the parking lot in a stretch limo golf cart.  He's cool like that.

After the program & visits to the classrooms, Sass drug invited the grandmothers to the book fair, which coincidentally started today, to drop $50 buy a few books. That's in addition to the small library I will have to purchase in the coming week.

Then off to Applebee's.  I enjoyed the Oriental Chicken Salad, looking "at this" in Bo's new book.  Can you guess what it's about? Monster Trucks! his newest obsession.

Bored yet?  If this day sounds a little too normal, happy, not very Semi-Slackerish; here's the part you've been waiting for.

So I'm pulling up to the carport & the dogs run out to greet me, as usual.  And, I knew this was going to happen sooner or later...the damn $900 bulldog runs into the front tire... just past the damn invisible fence line.  Or as Retro tells it, I was haulin' @$& into the carport & tried to kill his dog.  I told him if I was going to run over anybody, he'd be the first to know.  Unless I see my BFF's ex-husband walking down the street, then HE'LL be the first to know.  (Except I've told everybody I would do that.)

He yelps. I back up. He runs into the flower bed.  Insert several unladylike words from yours truly. I jump out of the car to check on him. No blood. No pain to the touch. I can't get him to move. He's just sitting there. When he wouldn't come get Bo's leftover grilled cheese, I knew I had to do the thing I wanted to do the least.  Insert more unladylike words. Call Retro.  I started to just take the dog to the vet myself, but I was dressed up cute & all.  Plus he sheds.  

After much prayer, thank you Jesus, the dog is okay.  A little hip dysplasia & some pain, but okay.  I hope he learned his lesson.  Now I have to clean dog poop off the screened porch for a week.  And listen to it (this story) for the rest of my life.  Thankfully Sass was with my mother, I don't know if I could have handled her mouth too.

How was your day?


Anonymous said...

my day was crazy busy....;(

cant wait to see the pics;)

Sandra said...

So, so glad Bo did great! Now you know the magic potion ;-) And yes, you will never hear the end of the story about the day that you tried to kill Retro's $900 bulldog. I hope Mark Richt doesn't find out ;-) Can't wait to see the pics and video. xoxo

Tricia said...

I think I just adopted you as my new favorite person :o)~ don't tell my other followers it will lead to jealousy (HA!)

BNM said...

Im glad your dog was okay!!

Candid Creations said...

Today was awesome! I was so proud of our little ones and very impressed with the organization of the entire thing. I felt good about having to write that (large) check to the school for tuition. Thanks for being such a great room mom too, Miss LB adores you!

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

Glad the bulldog is ok! He will learn his lesson... All of ours did. The car lesson and the stay away from the horses back feet lesson!

RN Mama said...

Congrats to the semi-slacker kids!

Am I allowed to laugh about the dog thing?

Messy Mommy said...

Wow you've been busy lately! Kudos for the dog runover!

Frugal Vicki said...

It sounds like it was totally the dogs fault, lol. Busy busy day. I remember once wanting these busy days. Now I know I was crazy.

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