Monday, February 1, 2010

Breakin' the law!

This week Supah wants to know my police record. Man, she's nosey sometimes. :) Just kidding. sorta Really, this week's MeMe is ...

Tell us about a time you got pulled over.

What? Me? Break the law?

Of course... Here's 2 of my favorite "breakin' the law" stories.

#1- Innocent until proven guilty

Picture it... New Year's Eve '90. 5 girls in a burnt orange '73 Datsun 210 (I kid you not) driven by yours truly. I had just picked up the last chica & we were off to find some trouble, when what do my wandering eyes see behind me? The flashing blue lights of the "Smalltown" PoPo.

I wasn't speeding, I knew for a fact. I was getting ready to stop at the stop sign across from the Baptist Church! The girls were freaking out! We weren't doing anything wrong YET! But guilty minds...

He asked me to step out of the car & take a Breathalyzer test! What? I was 16 years old. Not that really says a lot, but still it was only like 6 pm. I could not figure the thing out! "It's like a balloon, It's like a balloon." Sorry dude, it's my first time!

Of course I passed, but what great memories. Good times.

#2- Guilty until you turn on the charm

One summer I was working at a local packing shed as well as taking a class a the local college, when one day I was running late for work. I'm sure I must have been studying or something.

Anyflirtingwiththefutureweatherman, I was speeding down the interstate.

I was making good time, when all of the sudden - blue lights. And I was ROLLING. 93 in a 70. I thought I was going to jail.

But luckily, the cop wasn't much older than me & kinda cute. And let's just say I'm highly skilled in the art of flirting.

Not even a warning... except I think I was supposed to call that guy. Oops. hope he's not still a policeman.


I have been accused of having a lead foot. But I'm really just training for Mommy NASCAR.

When I was pregnant (seriously, every time) I would keep a bottle of water in my car in case I got pulled over, I could pour it on my lap & say my water broke.

Let me just say, cruise control has saved me lots of $$$.

Have a GREAT Monday!


Anonymous said...

something about you makes me think you have had allot of thelma and louise moments in your life...lol


Sarah Wyland said...

Oh I would love to hang out with you!

When I got pulled over... Let's just say a kiss on the cheek = no ticket!

Ali said...

I love your idea of the water bottle in the car!

Kmama said...

That is hilarious about the water bottle in the car when you were pregnant! Why didn't I think of that?? Probably because both times when I was preggo, I didn't have the opportunity to speed because of arfin' traffic. It was more likely I would go postal and ram the car in front of me.

Helene said...

Oh the water bottle idea is brilliant!! I could've used that idea a couple times!!

All I can think of when you wrote "breaking the law" is Beavis and Butthead doing their little headbanging thing and playing air guitar while they're singing "breaking the law, breaking the law"

Sam said...

Water bottle....good tip! I was thinking about you today when my little sister was meeting someone in your town! So sad!

Tracie Nall said...

The water bottle idea is priceless!!! hilarious! I could have used that about seven years ago! Darn.

RN Mama said...

Good times! Let's hang out sometime, okay?

P.S. What's a packing shed?

Lisa said...

I have to tell my daughter about the water bottle!
popping in from We believe blogs!

KK said...

I totally have a lead foot too. I think I got like 7 speeding tickets in high school, no lie. Once I even had to go to court. The cop didn't show up and I got off!

christy rose said...

Great stories! I like hearing people's stories.

Tracie said...

I shudder to think at the trouble we could have caused together.

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