Saturday, October 10, 2009

Never a dull moment...

Let me start by sharing Retro's handiwork this week. before somebody gets his feelings hurt.

Bob Vila Retro put gingerbread, scroll work, whatever you want to call it on all the columns on our porch. He had to go to 4 different Lowe's to get the 20 we needed. He has only been talking about doing this since we built the house. 8 years ago!
And he put blinds on the side (most used) door. I think he was finally tired of me flashing people (FIL) & the fact that I had a tablecloth covering the windows still hanging up from his last fishing trip. Necessity trumps style sometimes.

The Semi-Slacker's have been going non-stop since Thursday morning! After dropping Baby Girl off at playschool, R & I had a breakfast date at Denny's & then we went to talk to the golf cart guy about trading his mother's.

When we got there, I saw this little beauty & had to have it. So Gammi ended up getting my golf cart & I got this one...
All it needs is a new pink monogram. I think I'll go with a pastel pink instead of the hot pink that my other one had. What do ya'll think?

Then we had to run pick up BG, get back to the house & clean up the old cart, clean out the garage (still junked up from the HIP) to make room for my new toy. Who needs a name. Any suggestions? get dressed, rush to the school, come home & get the kids (& R)ready & back at the school at 5 ish for this... Oh, have I mentioned the school is 20 minutes away.

She thinks she's cool. And this is her old uniform. The new one wasn't in yet. Long story! And she insists on wearing an undershirt because it "itches". Suck it up because it's messing up my picture.
We split up the squad into 2 squads. Best decision EVER! These are my girls, the one in the middle is the sister of twins & she has Down's, but is the sweetest thing! I told her momma to let her wear a uniform & join us. She loved it!!!

They also got out for "fall break" Thursday. Just in time for the fair. how convenient.
So, of course, you know where we were by lunchtime Friday...

in the dairy barn,
riding the Chinese dragon ride, (that ain't a smile, I'm holding on for dear life. I thought this was a kiddie roller coaster.)

and on the Wild Mouse. It was one of the 1st rides we saw go up & once again, Bo wasn't tall enough to ride. Poor little thing.

So we left the fair & hightailed it home, dropped off Hubs & headed to a birthday party. We partied for a while, then had to make an early exit to get home & dressed for the "big boys" football game. My children were nasty dirty, especially Bo. Little boys are so gross! Did I mention it was like 90 in GA. in October. on Friday? We got sunburned.

Dropped Baby Girl off with Babs & picked up Pop. Great game! The school is undefeated & beat the other defeated team in our region. I'm glad they're good, because my college team is killing me! That's enough on that subject.

Got home, EXHAUSTED & slept hard for about 2 hours. Until, Bo woke me up crying. His ear hurt. Lovely. So no sleep for me.

And first thing this morning & called the ENT. Can you believe the moron doctor on call (after waiting an hour to call back) told me to give him Tylenol & it will clear up on it's on. Huh? Do you not have children, doc? Or do you want him to stay at your house till then?

I think he must have been one of those "new studies" type doctor. Well, ya'll know I am all for some meds. So we went to our 2nd home After Hours. Double ear infection & the tube is working it's way out. If I only had a prescription pad...

I finished off this world wind weekend with a wonderful wedding of a good friend, whose mother was Sass's teacher last year. I'm the one that helped them find the venue. And it was perfect! Simple & beautiful.

Now I'm going to crash.

I know ya'll so love my LONG posts. Sorry.


Helene said...

You all seem to have the best time together!!! I love the cheerleading pics...I can easily see my daughter wanting to do cheer in a couple years!

Poor Bo with his double ear infections!! A friend of mine gave me a tip once....put a very small amount (like a couple drops) of warmed olive oil in the infected ear and it will comfort them almost instantly. It's amazing how quickly it works!! And it's wonderful when it's 3:00 am and you can't just rush into the dr's office!

KriskropMemories said...

Wow, is all I can say, that is alot going on and the weekend isn't over :)
Love the fair pictures, looks like a lot of fun.


Laura said...

OMG, you've been busy! I totally understand about the under shirt thing and the cheerleading uniform. Alise has had to do that ever since we put her first Bama cheer outfit on her two years ago. Complains about the same thing. Now she even wears one under her school uniform, too! I say YES to the pink monogram (what a prize) and I was thinking of you yesterday when I heard the TN score! What's up with those Georgia boys?

Also, what have you done for Retro lately to get him in such a great honey-do mood?

Go rest. I'm worn out just reading your blog and I've got 4 dozen horse shoe cookies to ice/frost with Royal icing today!!

eight helping hands said...

Wow! Reading your blog, just made me tired! Love the new golf cart! I'm getting one soon, with a little bed in the back to haul things around!
Love the look in your face with the roller coaster ride! I don't like them at all! Not even kiddie ones!
Also, good tip for ear infections, put a drip of warmed olive oil in the infected ears, it does wonders for the little tykes and it works everytime for my kids.
I have been out of commish with my blogging, no home computer.
I have missed reading your blog and glad that I am back to being able to!
Take care! Michelle

Foursons said...

That dr. on call needs to be fired. I mean really- he is on call for an ENT. Not a pediatrician. Obviously there is a history of ear problems. Geez, I just don't get it.

RN Mama said...

Awww...I was a cheerleader, and I love seeing the little cheerleaders! So sweet!

I can't believe you are still have fairs where you live, ours was in the first part of August! What's up with that?!

Have a great Sunday!

katie lake said...

Don't you love doctors. I went to my doc on Wednesday (I have this thing. It feels like I'm dying.) and he told me that for most things now he just isn't writing prescriptions anymore bc your body can fight it but to come back if it gets worse. Hello! That little chat just cost this girl $30 which is a heck of a lot when you're working 2 min wage jobs. Ugh.

Princess Freckles said...

What a great cheerleading squad (with a great leader)! I hope Bo feels better soon!

And I love your new golf cart. When I was little I had major dreams of owning my own cart. Someday maybe...

Poolside with the Girls said...

I think it's great that you encouraged the little girl to join your squad. I think it's good for her and for the other girls. All too often kids like her are left out.

I coached a squad once (older girls) and the girls were not at all receptive to a disabled girl cheering with them. I worked with this kid day and night to help her keep up and she did just fine. She went on to be a gold medal winner in the special olympics for gymnastics. They went on to do... nothing special really. Just goes to show you. It's a good life lesson that you are teaching those girls. You have a big heart Semi.

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