Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Next year I'm taking 20 kids to the zoo!

That'll be a walk in the park compared to this year's party.

No really, it wasn't that bad. But now I can say "be there, done that, got the bags under my eyes".

For those of you that are wondering what I'm talking about, Sassy's birthday was Friday & she had a slumber party. With 9 of her closest friends. Really only 7 spent the night, but who's counting!?! It sounded like 47.

I put a candle in her waffle (homemade, can't you tell ;)) for breakfast. Friday was also TWS's first game, so they had Spirit Day with a beach theme which would explain why she's out of dress code.

She also had to present a project on peaches that I, er...she, worked hard on. But of course, she was more concerned that they could dress beachy. And her party.

Three of the girls rode home with me & 2 more followed. So the fun got started around 3:45!

My SIL made the cake. If you live around here & need a cake, she can hook you up! It looked like a bed with little girls in it! This isn't the greatest picture, but the other showed her name too good.

Ya'll see all those girls in the background! Already off the chain. I had a giant sub for supper & they were so impressed. "That's the biggest sandwich I've ever seen!" It doesn't take much!

The best decision I've made all year was to have the party in the basement! Retro's man cave.

We did open gifts in the living room. I was afraid everything would get lost if I did it downstairs!

Let me just tell ya'll, this ain't the same Operation I played in the 80s!!! This version is a lot more "forgiving". But I guess that pretty much how everything is nowadays. huh?

This is what we got her, among other things. She gets to change her earrings on September 3. And don't you try to forget it, because she will surely remind you!

Think they were excited about the Hannah movie?

The next activity on the agenda was to decorate these plastic martini glasses & make ice cream sundaes. If you are planning a slumber party in the future, I would highly recommend this activity. It was a hit. Can't you tell?

But not as big a hit as this....

The girls all enjoyed doing the "Hoedown Throwdown" And yes, that's me in the background holding my head. It had been a long afternoon. And I never realized how much little girls like to scream!!!

My BFF monogrammed pillowcases for all the girls & they took home their martini glasses. One of the mommas asked if we had cocktails. Don't think I didn't think about it. Kiddin'. maybe.

And unfortunately, this is what happens when you spend the evening with a houseful of girls!!!
You should have seen Retro.

I wanted to take a picture of all of the girls sleeping, but I don't think they ever did.


Unknown said...

So fun! I love the idea of sundaes in decorated glasses!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Since I have 2 grown daughters, I can totally relate to those earlier years of slumber parties when there was lots of screaming and no one slept!!! Been there, done that!!! It looks like a wonderful time was had by all the girls and hopefully Mom is recovering. What a wonderful party!! You are the best Mom. What a cute gift for the girls, the monogrammed pillowcases and martini glasses. Too cute!!! Hope you can get some rest this weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

*MamaJess* said...

HOW FUN! I'm sure it was a party she'll never forget :D
Great party ideas!

Jessica Ryan said...

How brave! Rebecca is 10 and I have yet to have a massive sleepover like that. How brave of you! LOL about the mom asking if you served cocktails... cause you know I would have ;)

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

Love the cake. You are brave. I can only handle up to 4. After that I loose it!

You're a good mom!

KK said...

I am cracking up over you in the back of that pic holding your head. Remind me and sometime I will tell you the story of the MP's 10th bday sleep over party where one of the girls had a flashback to the time her step-dad molested her in their hot tub--good times!

Princess Freckles said...

What a fun party! They are all so cute! I love the martini glass idea! I'm sure they felt very grown up!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

You survived to tell us all about it! It looks like they had a wonderful time. I love your idea about giving the girls pillowcases. I bet they loved all of their goodies!

Laura said...

LOVED this post! Thanks for all the good ideas about throwing a slumber party! I may be coming back to this in about 5 or 6 years!! That pic of you in the background totally cracked me up!! Love it!

Domestic Diva said...

You are the BEST MOMMIE!!
xxxxx me

Foursons said...

Fun birthday party! (For your daughter I mean.) I was considering a slumber party for my son's 8th birthday. I think you just changed my mind.

Jennifer said...

That is so cute! She will always remember that party! I had 1 sleepover party when I was little and every other year was Chuck E Cheese or something. My favorite was the sleepover (now I know why my mom never let me have another).

Sandra said...

How fun!! You are the World's Greatest Mom for sure. Love the idea with the martini glasses and sundaes. That pic of the girls watching Hannah is so cute! Look at their faces of adoration! xoxo

Loving Life said...


Mrs4444 said...

You are so brave...

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