Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fragments

Okay. Here's what's rattling around in my head today...

*Every time I see something that needs cleaning around the house, I think The housekeeper will get that! Then I remember I am the housekeeper.

*If anybody has any pull with the people at Clean House, send them my way. I need some help! My mother wants to reorganize my entire house while it's being painted.

*Bo's bedroom is almost finished. That's great! The only problem is...he has no bed.

*And, I need another bar stool to match the 2 I bought 8 years ago.

*Today's drama is: Our teacher assignments were posted online today. Sassy got the teacher she wanted, but her BFF, Sweetie is in the other class. Oh my heavens. What shall we do? I mean there's only 2 classes in the entire grade!

*I got my Back to School teacher gifts ordered today. I love them! Don't you?

*And I did make the necessary trip to Target for school supplies. I filled up an entire buggy with stuff for school (not even any clothes) for 2 children. And the school buys all the supplies for the little one. They just bill your account.

*Bo has been walking around the house with his new book bag on since we bought it! It's almost as big as he is! I'll just have to remove all the contra-band before school starts.

*This just in... If I am married to you & ask you to bring home something for supper & even offer 3 suggestions, by all means DO NOT bring something home that I have told you 4000 times that I don't like. And then expect me not to be pissed. I'm just saying.

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Sarah Wyland said...

I love your Friday Fragments!

Laura said...

I love, love, LOVE your teacher's gift! Do you care if I copy the idea? Alise won't know who her teacher is for another three weeks, though. You guys start school early over there!

Poolside with the Girls said...

I'm not looking forward to class assignments. No one is ever happy. I never make requests either because it can back fire. I just let the chips fall where they may. Still, not looking forward to it. Always a complaint in this house! Also, I have never thought of giving teacher gifts at the start of school. What a fool I am!

Unknown said...

i must get some of those hand sani dotted bottles they are so super cute!!!

I wish the middle and high schools gave out supply lists ahead of time...I am dreading that part of back to school

I enjoyed your FF

Mrs4444 said...

Back to school teacher gifts? I've never heard of that, but I do LOVE the hand sanitizer (those are on our students' lists). Very nice.

Poor Sassy. I guess you'll have to look at it as a character-building opportunity. It'll be good for her (and her friend.)

Looks like Bo is ready-little cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

Ditto all the comments on the teacher gift - great idea and so cute!

Dinner, ugh. Haven't even thought about what to tackle tonight. It's 90+ degrees and Friday - is it bad to feed the kids ice cream for dinner and call it good?

Jessica Ryan said...

back to school gifts for the teachers? Is this a southern thing? my kids have so many teachers I'd go broke on sanitzers alone! (which by the way are darling!) luckily every room has a Purell sanitzier on the wall by the classroom door. phew, I am off the hook on that one!

so... I am curious... what did you get for dinner?

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

love the teacher gift idea! i have never given a gift at the beginning of the year! lol that is different! i wait to see if the teacher deserves anything!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I still haven't started shopping for school supplies. I need too. Also, i tried to bring Elijah shopping for clothes, but one size is too short, and the next size is too big..great!
I love those hand sanitizers! I'd love one!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Reagan starts pre-school in September, and she is going to make her teacher's day when she walks in with that polka dot hand sanitizer as a gift. Oh yeah baby, I'm so copying you on that one! GREAT IDEA!

Bamawhitney said...

So loving that teacher's gift!!! We find out next week about teachers. I am hoping Sofia gets in class with her sweet little friend Logan. fingers crossed!

Sandra said...

You need me in Ga. I love to clean and organize and shop and buy Bo's new bed. And i can find a bar stool that will look great with your others.

So are you gonna try to get Sassy with her friend? Maybe Sweetie's mom could call and try to take care of this now cause I bet there is no changing things after school starts. Did you request this teacher? Keep me posted. You know I have to keep up with my grands.


mes petit choux said...

Those little hand sanitizers are the cutest thing eva! lovin' them. Although- forget the teachers, I think I need one for my kitchen! :)

On the brightside at least your hubby remembered he was in charge of picking up dinner... mine would have gone to the store, got something we don't need and forgotten dinner ;)

Caffeine Court said...

My daughter is going into 5th grade and has YET to be in the same class with her BFF! What are the odds of that? We don't get our assignments for a few weeks, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for !

KT said...

So true about the dinner. I'm still not sure how my husband seems to forget foods I can not stand. Not even things I'm iffy on, but flat out dislike.

Domestic Diva said...

Hubbie was making fun of me about - teacher gifts...he said no one does that. I was like...who the hell raised you. I always went to school the first day with gift in hand!! xxxxx me

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Love those teacher gifts!

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