Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Fragments

Slow week, but here's what I've got-

**My #1 blog fan bought Baby Girl, who thinks he is the greatest thing, this shirt at the beach...
So, what's he trying to say?

Happy Birthday Wilson!

**I don't know what I'm more tired of hearing about, Michael Jackson or the DTV conversion. Seriously, I haven't had a tv with rabbit ears since I was 12 years old!

**Lately when Baby Girl asks for a peanut butter sandwich, she asks me 'is it crunchy?' after I give it to her. Every time. We haven't had crunchy peanut butter, since like 2004.

**Besides Sunday School songs, the only song all 3 of my children can sing together is the chorus of Taylor Swift's Picture of Burn. And they sing it ALL THE TIME. Yes, we are country.

**How do you explain FREEDOM to a 4 year old who doesn't have much?

**We have a fireworks stand in town! Redneck, I know. But the children are pumped! I got them some fancy sparklers today, but we're leaving the big stuff to Phillip (my SIL's BF).

Have a happy & safe Independence Day & check out Half-Past Kissin Time for more fragments.


Gracie Beth said...

That is so much better than what we have caught my sister singing...we like in the ATL suburbs so she gets exposed to rap. When she was 2 she was only allowed to listen to the Christian radio station because my dad was singing "My Humps" as a joke and lil sis completely the line.

Sara Elizabeth said...

Great entry. That is so funny that kiddos are singing a song like 'Picture to Burn'. LOL! Fireworks are so much fun, huh?

Happy F.F.!

Laura said...

Oh, I don't think having a fireworks stand is "red neck"! We have one, too. I grew up with them popping up twice a year - Christmas and 4th of July. In our parish, you can't pop fireworks in the city limits and bottle rockets have been outlawed. Since we live outside the city limits, we take advantage of getting to pop our "personal" fireworks. Alise got to play with some sparklers last night. Have a great 4th!

KK said...

That baby in that shirt is too cute! Love that they sing Taylor Swift. Pinkie knows all her songs to, thanks to Prissy!

Annie said...

My 6 yo always asks for smooth not crunchy.......we had crunchy one on accident like 2 years ago!
Happy 4th!

Mrs4444 said...

Freedom, to a 4-year-old is this:

"Some little boys your age, in countries that are not free, have to go to work every day, all day, and not have any time to play with their toys or ride their bikes. Some little boys in countries that are not free only get to eat supper a few days per week."

We are very, very fortunate to live in the great old USA, aren't we?

That your kids sing together is wonderful :)

Have fun tonight!

Sarah Wyland said...

Love that your kids are singing together! And Taylor Swift at that!

My brother and sister, 9 year old twins, singing "You Belong With Me" all the time. It's hilarious to hear my brother singing 'she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts'.

Hit 40 said...

I am definitely more sick of MJ!!!!!!!

I would tell your daughter she is free because she can wear that fun pink shirt instead of a freaking tent covering her whole body including her face!! Show her a pic of extreme muslim woman on the internet. Plus, she gets to go to school!!! The little girl definitely has freedom.

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