Friday, February 13, 2009

First Post Friday

Here's a recap of my first post as a blogger, compliments of Deb at Dirty Socks & Pizza. It kind of explains why I refer to myself as a "semi-slacker mom".

Why I'm a Semi-Slacker Mom posted on July 22, 2008

Cereal...My children love cereal. They would eat it for every meal. It's not like they only eat the kid kind. They really like what I call "adult" cereal, Mini-Wheats, Corn Flakes, Honey Bunches of Oats, etc. I am a slacker mom because I let them, especially Bo, eat this instead of a healthy meal.

Fast-Food...My kids eat way too much fast food. I know this & I'm working on this problem. They are not overweight by any means, except Baby Girl- she's a little chubby, but she was born that way. I always say, riding in the car must make Sassy hungry because at home she's fine, but get in the car & go to town & she is "starving the death".

Television...I know this is bad, but ask Sassy what she & I like to watch & she will tell you: Jon & Kate Plus 8 (not too bad), Tori & Dean (she calls T - pregnant lady) & GIRLS NEXT DOOR (she thinks Hef is their grandfather)!

Houston Lake Pool...I like to take the kids swimming at HLCC because if it's not crowded & the right lifeguards are working, I can actually get some sun!!! The girl lifeguards play with my kids so I can lay out. Except for the fact that Bo has to go to the potty, no lie, every 15 minutes & if he has to poop, that 15 minutes in itself!!!!

My children are also very spoiled, especially Sass. I give in too often so I don't have to listen to "it". I'm trying to do better with the other two.

These are a few of the reasons that I am a semi-slacker mom!!!


Sandra said...

You're the best in my book!

Deb said...

lord, if you're a semi-slacker, i must be a full-blown-slacker! all of this rings a very familiar bell... except for the club. our club is the local neighborhood pool, but the same deal.

thanks for linking up. you've got a great blog.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I just found you from Deb's first post link. I love your first post....and you and I have alot in common. That makes me a slacker mom too. So dont feel bad. My youngest eats cereal for at least 2 meals a day....otherwise he wouldnt eat at all. Sometimes you gotta pick your battles, right?

Misty said...

We eat cereal, fast food and I make Lulu promise that she will not tell anyone she watches the girls next door with me...I love the moms in blogger land who are REAL and do not pretend like their life is straight from Leave it to Beaver. Real moms rule....

KK said...

I love that she thinks Hef is the grandfather. That's a good one; I will have to use it! I also let my kids do all of the above. The "women" here in snotty ole CT would just die if they came into my house and saw my kids watching crap TV and eating junk like they do!
P.S. In my book, YOU ROCK!!!

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