Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Semi-Slacker Entertainment

Aside from our annual New Year's Eve dinner extravaganza & my monthly Bunko "getaway", we here at the Semi-Slacker household don't really get out much (sans children). Therefore, we are forced to limit our main source of entertainment to the things they say & do.

So, in an attempt to entertain you, here's some of the things they say that cracks me up. (You will either be amused or feel sorry for me because I really need to get out more!)

*Sass called Bo an "idiot". So he hollers at me that she is saying ugly words. Then I hear him say, "That's it, I'm calling Jesus!" Hey Bo-Bo, can I get that number?

*I threatened Bo with a spanking. "That's it! I'm gonna break all your spanking sticks so you can't spank us anymore!" I don't know what the deal is with the "That's it!".

*Lately, Baby Girl has been calling her father by his first name rather than daddy. I think all kids must go thur this phase because I remember this with Sass & Bo. But the funniest part about this with Baby Girl is that when she gets mad at him she calls him "Wet Baba" -that would be his first & last name! He thinks this is the funniest thing E.V.E.R. so he pisses her off quite regularly, so we can hear "No! No! Wet Baba!" or...

*I've blogged about the fact that Baby Girl has a hot temper. Now when you piss her off, she will tell you "I mean at jew!" translated to "I'm mad at you!" Today, I took some markers away from her. OMG! Out come the horns! "I mean at jew, Ta-see Baba!"

*I have decided that when Bo grows up he will either be in sales or advertising. He will try to sell you on any & every advertisement he hears or sees. Case in point. "Daddy, I saw this cool football game for you. It's available at Toys R Us." He is consistently telling me what we need, where it is available at & often the price, as in "for only $19.99". He reminds me of that Billy Mays guy on TV that sells everything! Maybe in about 20 years, that guy will be really to retire & Bo can take over!

*Sassy is not as amusing as the two little ones, however she has recently started adding "big words" into her vocabulary. Sometimes I'm very impressed of use of the word & sometimes she just trips me out with the things she comes up with! Her main skill is complaining, but that's a whole other post!


On other note, I'm so pumped about all my new followers! And thank you all for ya'lls sweet comments! I love all my blog buddies! I hope I can keep ya'll entertained with stories from my little world!

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Journey on! by Kelleye said...

I just may start hanging out at your blog! Sounds like MY HOUSE!!!! I came over to visit wondering if I qualified for a semi slacker mom and I guess were twins!LOL!

Sandra said...

One of my fave things to read from you moms of young children is the funny things they say. I hope you are writing all these down in the baby books.

The Mom Jen said...

Wet Baba that's hilarious!! Your hubby and My Son might have the same name!

Mrs Anne said...

how cute are your kids???

i love this post!

p.s. please pass along Jesus' # once u find it!

eight helping hands said...

I knew we were a lot a like...Our only night out is Bunko. And I agree that kids say the darnedest things. Very cute kids. When you find Jesus' number can you pass it on, I have a question or two.

SarahHub said...

Okay, these crack me up. I'm calling Jesus, too, next time someone is mean to me!

Mrs4444 said...

You know...you have some talent for Fragments... :) And you have some funny kids!

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