Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Last Birthday

My sweet baby boy, Bo, turned 4 today. I can't believe it was only 4 years ago that he came into my world. It's hard to remember my life without him. Sometimes he drives me up the wall, but he's still my heart!

Starting with Sassy's birthday in August, we had lots of parties to attend. It seems like everybody we know was born in September, October & November. With every birthday party, Bo would ask if his was next. My reply was "No, baby. Yours is last. Right before Jesus'." It turns out his friend, Andrew's birthday is on the 15th, so Andrew now has the last birthday!

We celebrated his birthday on Saturday with a Pirate Party. Of course, it was freezing cold outside & I had gotten this pirate ship jumper from my friend, GiGi at 3W Attractions.

And his cake was too cute! Ya'll are not going to believe where I got it...Kroger! My birthday cakes are usually made by either a local cake decorator, my sister-in-law or once-me. Never store bought. But our new Kroger is now doing "speciality cakes". And it was so yummy!

This is what Bo & his friend, Andrew were doing while everyone else was outside playing on the jumper! After some persuasion, they decided to join the party.
Note to self: Stop opening the presents at the party. I don't know why we do this. It was a madhouse!!! Bo is tearing into his gifts & I am steady trying the write down what everybody gave him. Wild!

Bo-Bo had a blast, so the party was a success! So all my stress was worth it.

Since it was so cold outside, I had hot cocoa in my cool Keurig coffee maker. And if I worked for Keurig I could have sold 5 machines. So Mr. Keurig, I want my commission check.


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Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

Love that cake!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sassy! I have a daughter who's birthday is in December. Now that she's older we have a small family party, then a party for her friends in January. Makes it easier for us and cuts down on too many toys!

Looks like the party was fun. The cake was so cute too.

KK said...

That cake is wonderful! Today is Pinkie's 4th bday too!!!

Kristie R said...

I did it the hard way this year, I made both cakes plus cupcakes for school...no more baking for me for a long time

love Bo and his cake...even if he is the reason my oldest likes Dora

SarahHub said...

Looks like a cute party - and a cute cake!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Bo had a great party!! Way to go mom!

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