Monday, November 3, 2008

Moments on Monday

Bo has his surgery tomorrow so, for at least the next week, the activities around here will be forced to slow down! Maybe then I can catch up with everyone in the "blog world". Sorry I've been such a slacker. This time of year has been CRAZY! Trick or Treat? Doesn't he make a cute pirate. He will be quick to tell you that he's not a mean pirate, he's a sweet pirate.

Thanks so much for the comments on how cute Baby Girl was in her flower costume!!! Check out our little Hula Girl now!

Enter your kids in this cute costume contest at A Island Life.
She has this new thing, I ask her what she wants from Santa Claus & she's says "Sues" (shoes), what kind of shoes? "Pinces Sues" (Princess shoes). But sometimes she says: brown shoes, cocks (crocs), tennis shoes (she has 4 pair). And BTW Santa Claus must be a pimp because BG thinks he just says "HO"!

Cheerleading is over! PTL! And except for a little mama drama it was great. And yes, I probably will do it again next year. I'm a glutton.
Go Hornets!

I loved these Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin Kits (Target)! Baby Girl got the Princess one for her bday & when I saw the Pirate I knew we had to have that one too. Retro & Alden used a pumpkin carving kit from my Bunko Secret Pal to make their "scary" pumpkin!

Halloween was fun! The Bunko Babes partied at the Adams Family house. How fitting.
And trick or treated in P-ville! Can you say, too much candy?!?Add Image

Sassy was supposed to be a hula girl (& was in the costume parade at school) but when we got home, she decided that would no longer do. So on top of everything else I had to do, I got to help her figure out another costume at the last minute. How fun. Let me add, this child is NOT easy to please. She ended up being a "Redneck Woman" (FYI: see my White Trash post) or a hot mess as I referred to it!

Speaking of Halloween, have ya'll tried the Chocolate Skittles? YUM-O!

FYI: This moment took me a freaking HOUR! That's why I can't blog everyday.


Unknown said...

My life has been pretty crazy too the last couple of months so I can relate to you.

Cute kids you have!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the surgery!

Anonymous said...

Goo luck with the surgery! I'll be thinking about him. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Good memories! :-D

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the surgery :)

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

I hope the surgery went well and things calm down for you.

Like your post, I can tell you spent time on it. Love the pumpkins!

Anonymous said...

Your post just amazed me! How did you manage all of that? And then changing costumes too! Praying for Bo's surgery. Keep us informed and rest up, doctor's orders :)

Anonymous said...

Everyone's so cute! I love the design of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the surgery and cute pics. BTW Chocolate skittles are the bomb!

Anonymous said...

Cute potatoe head pumpkin kits! Not seen those before. :-) Hope surgery went well for little man.

Helene said...

Good luck with the surgery! The pics are great!

KK said...

Chocolate Skittles, say what?! I had no idea--note to self: must try these!

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