Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Primary Pediatrics here we come...

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then we need to trade in one of our peach orchards for an apple one.

Seriously, we have spent $200 at Primary Pediatrics since Friday on co-pays. That doesn't even include medicine! $40 a pop. Our insurance sucks.

It all started with Sassy's annual check-up on Friday = $40.

On Monday, Retro decided I needed to take the babies to Pediatrics After Hours because Baby Girl's eyes were red & swollen from her allergies & Bo has a bad cough & running nose, which is always the predecessor to an ear infection. So...Baby Girl gets a prescription for her eyes, but Bo just gets OTC meds and his ears are fine =$80 (not including $67 at CVS).

Then 6:30 am on Tuesday, Bo wakes up with guess what!?! An ear infection! So I take Sassy to school & then back to the doctor's office that is between school & home. He has a "good one" in the left ear & the right one's a little red. Why couldn't the left one be a little red on Monday? =$40 (+ meds).

I then take Bo back home (no school today for the babies!) and head to a doctor's appt. for myself. By choice, I wasn't sick. While I was in with the doctor, Sassy's school calls - she's in the office with a headache. Well, it's not like her to complain (at school), so I figured it was legit. I called Retro, he says take her to the doc but I decide to evaluate her for myself first. She did seem to really feel bad so I call & get an appt at 2:15, it's 12:30. So we go by Chic-fil-a & get her some lunch (because she was too sick too eat the one I packed that morning). By the time we got to the fruit stand to pick up $40 from Retro, she was feeling much better. Chic-fil-a --miracle drug!

So, I thought we were finally done with the doctor's visits. This morning, everybody got up feeling good, went to school, no problems. Until... after lunch, I put Baby Girl down for her nap & closed the door, as usual. She was crying, as usual. Then after a little while, she opens the door & comes down the stairs, so Matt & I both go to check on her b/c she never opens the door by herself & she has blood all over her. Not like a bloodbath, but still bloody! We take her to the bathroom & can't find the source. I think it's must be her lip, so I look & see this gash on her tongue!

I freak out! Retro is in the yard working on Bo's Putting Green, so I run get him! Long story, short, off we go to... Primary Pediatrics!!! Luckily she didn't need stitches, but she did get an antibiotic & only soft foods (i.e. ice cream) & liquids for a day or so =$40 (+ meds). I guess it looks worst than it is. These pictures don't do it justice! It's gross.

After all that, now I have a major sinus headache, but I ain't going to the doctor - I'll just self-medicate myself into a coma! please.


Kristy said...

I don't think I can top that one but it does always seem like the doctor's visits come in clusters!

Angela said...

Oh my! Yall have had a rough go of it...I told my children's pediatrician just to put my name on a coffee cup in their break room last year... we too seem to see the Doc in bunches, but not in awhile. Knock on wood!

SarahHub said...

Ah! What a rough patch!

You guys need a Pediatric Urgent Care. It's open during hours our regular office isn't, but they only charge a regular co-pay.

Let's get one of these presidential candidates on it right away.

Hope you ALL get better soon!

Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your kids are cute!

Unknown said...

when i was a kid, i bit my tongue like that. i had to go to the emergency room. it was horrible. but i got lots of ice cream so it turned out okay...

thanks for stopping by my blog. you asked where the ginormous city of turin is... it is about 30 minutes south of the atlanta airport down 85 between newnan and peach tree city. blink and you miss, girl!

The Mom Jen said...

OMG, how did she do that to her tongue??!! Wow, what a week!

Thanks for stopping by my place!

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