Thursday, May 5, 2016


So Little Hot Mess & I just had this conversation. *when I say just, I mean like 3 hours ago.*

Me: (watching Luda's latest Instagram post & he drops the f bomb) *which I know is inappropriate but she's the 3rd child & as long as she's not the one dropping the f bomb, like at school or church or basically anywhere in public, we're good.*

I mean it could be worse:

Hot Mess: I'm gonna have to delete your account. Why are you following all these random people on Instagram? *it was on @semislackerconfessions so she doesn't even know that account exists.*

Me: This is not a random person. It's Ludacris! *he lives in Atlanta so we're pretty much neighbors. 100 miles away.*

Hot Mess: Do you know Ludacris? Have you had lunch with Ludacris?

Me: No, but I saw him live one time. 

Hot Mess: (as she's rolling her eyes) I rest my case.

She's nine. When I was nine we had 3 TV channels & a bicycle.

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  1. Bha ha ha!! Me too and we had to get up to turn the channel! I have three teenage boys so I hear this kind of stuff all the time! Love it though


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