Thursday, May 12, 2016

I can't work this damn thing!

Here I am trying to get back into blogging, so I make Retro buy me a MacBook.  I chose a MacBook because...well hell, I don't know. Sassy aka Queen BAL told me thats what all her friends had & we could share.  and i couldn't post pictures from my iPhone so i didn't know if the iPad would be any better.  

My friend, Laura, (damn! I think that might have worked!) has been encouraging me.  I just think I too old to learn new stuff! 

Y'all please be patient with me.  I have several great posts in the works (in the notes app on my phone).  Cleaver, funny, snarky posts!!! Just like old times. But I've got to make myself learn to work this sonofabitch.

I wanted to link up today with Thursday Confessions but I couldn't figure out how anymore.  So... my confession is I suck at blogging.

And I am SO FREAKING DONE with school this year!!! Is 1:30 in the afternoon too so to start drinking?

Think Retro would be pissed if I threw this thing out the offing window?????

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