The Crew

Semi-Slacker Mom- That's me! A Southern 40ish SAHM of 3, loving farmer's wife, wonderful daughter & DIL, trashy romance reader, volunteer, room mother, Bunko Babe, Republican & a cocktail drinking Methodist who's a little medicated.

Retro- Hubby, Daddy, wonderful husband, hard-working farmer, breadwinner, golfer, fisherman, hunter (anything to get him away from the house).

Queen Bitchalot (formerly known as Sassy)-  Teenage daughter, 14, high maintenance, EXPENSIVE, drama queen (only at home PTL), soccer player, soon to be high school Freshman, the bane of my existence & sometimes my BFF.

Bo- Son, 11 year old tween, middle child, momma's boy, all-boy acting daredevil (par core, whatever the hell that is) basketball & football player & hip-hop (or something like that) dancer & computer nerd (I could throat punch the inventor of Xbox). He loves his mommy the best! 

Badeline/Hot Mess/Baby Girl- Youngest daughter, 9 years old, Boss Lady, everybody's entertainment, hot-tempered (don't piss her off) with no filter (working on that), softball & basketball player. Her BFF & "our 4th child", Maddawg are inseparable. He's a main character as well.

Punkin & Martha Stewart- Our Besties & Maddawg's parents. 

Babsy & Pop, Daddy B/BB & Gammi-the grandparents.

Beauregard the English Bulldog, Buck the Black Lab & Blue the Catahoula (just google it), cats galore, ducks & geese (who may soon disappear if they don't quit pooping on my pool deck!).