Wednesday, August 17, 2016

This one's kinda sappy...

So last week Sassy aka Queen BAL went Homecoming dress shopping. I know. What? School just started! Like it's still hot outside! But apparently you have to get one before they're all picked over.
And I got tired of being called "the worst mom ever" (which I should totally legally change my name to). Retro took the other 2 to a Falcons pre-season game after school, so off we went to the dress store (the same one I got my senior prom dress at 20something years ago).
We took 2 friends (1 to shop too & to vote). The girls tried on tons of dresses, some I picked some they picked...most they picked.
Then I fell in love with one! Sass really liked it too, (complete shock I know) until she found the "other one". The RED one.
Mine had a hot pink top & floral skirt. I would have rocked that dress 20 years ago. Key word: I. I'm very blonde & not really fair skinned, but blonde hair, blue eyes, white girl. I could never in a million years pull off a red dress, SHE can.
Then the game changer happened, she said "I feel confident in this dress." It was HER dress, HER dance, HER decision. So I sat down. And pouted. I sent pictures to my bestie & her daddy, they voted red.
Both dresses looked gorgeous on her & actually "my" dress cost more. Both dresses were "age-appropriate" which I stood firm on. She tried on both dresses a few more times.
But guess which dress we left with...I guess momma doesn't always know best. 99.9% of the time, but not all the time.
So we have a dress, earrings & a hair & makeup appt. & the dance isn't till Oct. 1st. Oh & no date yet!

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