Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fun Facts or Confessions?

Yes, I know there is a link to  100 (or so) True Stories about me in my header, but that was from like 5 years ago & there might be new people that stop by & I found this on Pinterest...
so here goes. 20 Fun Facts about me & my crew. Not that I really need any fodder, I've got tons of ideas in my head. I just still can't figure out how to EASILY get my pictures on here to make it look cool. These pics were a pain in the ass to post.  And I've got to make myself sit down & write. And not read my books. or Facebook. or Instagram. or Pinterest. or even Twitter (& I hate Twitter!).  Blogging was so much easier before all these distractions. PS: I promise not to post on all these nerdy suggestions.

1. I have a degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Advertising/PR. So I'm a SAHM, volunteer at my children's school (PTO secretary last year, yeah I'm an overachiever like that), review trashy romance novels (which is totally cool but its my guilty pleasure so I keep it on the DL) & now I'm trying to get back into writing this blog.  Daddy's money well spent. Also, btws, I took like maybe 5 computer classes in college & that was the mid 90s.

2. My hair is naturally blond. I just help to keep it that way & I'm addicted to my ponytail.  Like I might need a support group. Surely I could totally qualify to go to rehab (for something). And I'm 41. My Southern Belle grandmother probably rolls over in her grave every time I pull it up.

3. My favorite vacation spot is the beach. St. George Island, Florida to be more specific. And Ormond Beach (only bc we go with a large group of friends & with kids so we don't have to entertain others). And Mexico Beach (we have a boat there). Well pretty much any beach, especially the Florida Panhandle. I love the beach, but I hate the sand. And hauling all the crap to & fro. I grew up spending my summers at my grandparents condo, Inn Paradise, in Panama City Beach & my lifelong friend's family beach house on 30A. Retro wouldn't buy me a beach house because he knows I'll stay there from May to August. And he'll miss ME, the kids notsomuch. It's my dream to go to somewhere like Boro Boro, but I don't fly so there's that.

4. I think my children are my greatest accomplishment. I always wanted 3 children (boys preferably but that's another story) 2 years apart.  But they were a bitch to get here; I hemorrhaged after delivering Sassy. I had 2 IUIs (fertility treatments) & ectopic pregnancy between Sassy & Bo. A year after Bo, at my 1st fertility appt for #3, surprise I was PG.   Saved that 10G.  I had postpartum preclampsia (congestive heart failure) after Baby Girl. All 3 were large babies for my small frame. My uterus finally prolapsed. (That bitch was DONE! I had a hysterectomy at 32. If I was physically & mentally able, independently wealthy as crap & had a full-time staff; I would totally have more children. 

My little hams
5. I am legit a Semi-SLACKER Mom. I'm a bad housekeeper, never claim to be an interior decorator - my house is very "lived in", none of my babies were breastfeed (faulty milk ducts), I lie to them ALL.THE.TIME. (Chick-fil-a got a bad health rating, we'll see..., any excuse to get out of doing something.) I don't make them eat vegetables. I make cookies, attend all their activities & spoil them, but not so much that I'm not "the meanest mom ever". I spank them, when needed & hug them in public. They act ugly to us at home, but are not disrespectful to other parents, teachers or authority figures. (That I know of.) They fight like cats & dogs amongst themselves (& their "almost brother" Maddawg) but are not bullies. They will stand up for themselves & their friends.  And I cuss way more than I should.

5. I love my husband more today than the day I married him.  We were both delivered at the same hospital by the same doctor 3.5 years apart & we have lived in the same small-town Georgia all our lives, but didn't meet until we were in our early 20s.  He's a farmer & I'm a homemaker. We're old fashion Southern that way. We like to party & have dates to the Waffle House & Natalia's (the fanciest restaurant around).  He built our house next to my in-laws & I still love him. ;)
6. My dream job would be a soap opera writer.

7. I love Coca-Cola & HATE Pepsi. I like the taste of ketchup, hate the smell & I hate tomatoes.

8. I collect cookbooks. I don't use them, but I have them just the same. I really just like to read them.  It's better for my figure that way.

9. I have 2 tattoos. One on each foot. A "Jesus fish" under my toes on the top of my left foot that I got when I was 21 at The Midnight Iguana in Athens. A wave arrow with ABA under on the heel of my right foot that I got last summer at Ormond Beach. 

10. I have A.D.D. I took meds for it in college. The pills were great for weight loss! (I think it is now banned by the FDA. Buzz kills).  I weighted 98 lbs when I got married. See, major weight loss.

11. I would love to be a judge on Iron Chef America. (Does that show even come on anymore? Before I started spending all my free time reading, I loved watching Food Network. Kinda like the cookbook thing.)

12. I have a brother. We are 4 years apart in age. I'm the social one. And the cute one.

13. I wear my sunglasses all the time. If they aren't on my face, they're on my head. Like so much Ray-Ban should hire me. My eyes are jacked up. (long story) Sensitive & watery. I look like I'm crying in Walmart. 

14. My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving & Christmas.  When I get old, I'm going to be eccentric & leave my house decorated for Christmas all year long. And cook a turkey once a month. And invite over everybody I know & talk with no filter whatsoever.

15. The only sport I'm good at is swimming. And I've pretty much given that up.  But I can still do a flip off the diving board.

16. Biggest "not really" secret... I draw my husband's bath water almost every day. My friends give me hell about it. Another old fashion Southern thing.

17. I'm a pack rat. Totally. Sentiment hoarder as I call it.

18. Don't tell my kids... I smoked pot in college. among other things. Grown-up drugs are either more effective or just plain boring.

19. True Story: I had a tummy tuck & breast lift 4 years ago. I think I need a touch-up. in my tights. and love handles. or gain 20 lbs to fill in this flab & wrinkly skin.

20. My major pet peeve is when someone tells me they are going to do sometime, then don't. *There is totally a post coming on this topic asap.*

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