Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter's over & I still need a freakin' clone!

Easter was great this year!  Awesome weather, I attended 4 egg hunts (1 per child + church) & hosted one.  Can you imagine how many plastic eggs I have at my house?  Including the ones from previous years, they fill up a tall kitchen garbage bag.  I decorate with them, fill empty baskets around the house, I've even made 2 wreaths out of them!

Sassy only had a few meltdowns over her outfit.  Doesn't everyone hunt eggs in a short skirt & wedge heels?  And Baby Girl hair was a hot mess, as usual.
 That's me, one Xanax & 2 Easter Sunrises* in.

I think we had the biggest turnout yet.  I think I see 51 children plus a few babies that didn't make the picture. Did you notice Bo climbing over the rail? Look beside the flag.  That's my BOY.
 Easter morning, Sass had another meltdown about her hair.  Imagine.  I curled Baby Girl's hair & still...hot mess.
 The whole family at church.  This dress makes my boobs sag, but my waist skinny (although you can't tell in this picture) so there's that & Retro said he wasn't coming (we go every Sunday, he doesn't) then he showed up.  He knows what side his bread's buttered on.
 Oh yeah.  And the Easter Bunny came.
Now this week's even busier!

Tonight we have ball practice for the littles; same time, different towns. Imagine.  Tomorrow church & dance.  Now it gets tricky, Thursday is dress rehearsal for Sass & Bo's play (I help, BG can't go).  So it's straight from school to eat supper, to the church for hair & makeup.  We have ball practice, but we're skipping, even BG because that way too much hassle.  Then I have Bunko.  Friday is our Relay for Life, I'm on a team plus one of the Bunko Babes is in charge of the whole thing.  (And y'all thought I was crazy.)  Saturday, we have ball pictures at 12:30 & 1:30 & the play starts at 4.  Wonder how that's going to work out, plus I haven't bought their pants or socks yet.  And BG is wearing Keds not cleats. Sunday-play, but I have to juggle Baby Girl who I don't think will be down with watching the play twice. 

Did I mention Bo has a report due on Monday about Meerkats?  Remember how my laptop is rigged to my desktop monitor?  Printer won't hook up.  Our dryer died Wednesday & we immediately got a new one.  It's going on a month since my computer got struck by lightening.  Can anyone guess what Retro thinks is more important? 

Then next week is spring pictures for Bo & Sass, field trip to the Atlanta Zoo for Bo & Playschool graduation for Baby Girl (thankfully not on the same day, but it wouldn't have surprised me if it was). And ball games start.  Throw it my momma's birthday, Mother's Day & our 13th anniversary & I'm pretty booked.

I just have to remember how blessed I am to have 3 healthy children that are able to keep my life so crazy busy!

You might not hear from me again till mid-May...

*recipe for that & my Real Housewives macaroons to follow (one day)


Babes Mami said...

Easter hunt success! See you in a few mnonths lol

Anonymous said...

I'm tired just from reading that. Talk to you in May or June.

Jennifer said...

This sounds a lot like my Oct - Dec. I hate Oct - Dec.

Liz Mays said...

I can't believe how many people were there, and I'm dying with how busy you've been and will continue to be. That's too much!

highheeledlife said...

OMYGOSH!!! You do need a clone!!! I need a long nap just reading all that.

Great family photo!!

I hope someone is on hand to keep some beverages going your way... bless your heart for all you do for family!!! NOW, don't forget about you....!! xo HHL

Suburban Princess said...

Wow you know so many people!!!

I cant wait to see these RH Macaroons!

Anonymous said...

...but you juggle everything so well.... Mitzi Mc

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Phew! That's a lot... I'm tired just reading it.

I don't need a clone so much as I need a wife!

How in the world do you fit 51 children at your house? Holy Cow!

Sandra said...

Absolutely love the Easter pics!! So presh! Your life is CAA-RAAZY, but I love it; so fun! XOXO

Not a Perfect Mom said...

you made crafts out of the plastic eggs?
and try duct taping your boobs up...use powder first

Unknown said...

Wow, you are NOT making me look forward to the age of activities. And I thought I was tired! You must be exhausted! Great pics though!

Princess Freckles said...

Phew! I'm exhausted just reading it all! ;)

Hang in there!

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