Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quickest way to lose 6 pounds!

or The things I'll do for something to blog about!*  You can pick your favorite title.

It was a full moon this weekend & a SUPERmoon at that, so you should all expect some drama would be going on around here.

Thursday was Baby Girl's surgery.  She did great. Thanks for all your thoughts & prayers. No problem & very little pain.  However, she was pissed off beyond belief.  From the time they brought her back from surgery till we got home & settled.  Let me illustrate, about no lie, 5 minutes after we left the hospital, she decides she needs to go potty. (She did before we left.) We are in the middle of Atlanta!  I don't know how many of you have ever been in the middle of Atlanta traffic, but you just can't get off GA-400 or I-85 for a potty break!  Plus, she had on a pull-up (bladder surgery, if you're new). We told her several times just to go in her pull-up, finally she piped up & hollered "I want to go in the DAMN toilet!"  Retro got on to her, while I was about to pee in my pants trying to control my laughter.

Friday was cool, we went to a cookout to meet my parent's best friend's son's soon-to-be fiance. They are both in the graduate program at Ole Miss.  I was drinking my newest favorite cocktail, orange juice & peach vodka.  My liquor store has every favor of vodka you can think of! I need a vodka cookbook, well rather drinkbook. whatever.

Saturday, I smoked some crack lost my mind & decided to take my momma & the children to our local festival, Cherry Blossom, along with everybody else in a 100-mile radius. Then to a birthday party.  When we got home I wasn't feeling too sporty. I chalked it up to getting too hot.  It was in the upper 80s in the middle of March. Jealous?

Sunday morning, I woke up sick.  I won't go into the details, but at that point I knew we weren't going to church & Sassy was with my MIL (if not their would have been problems), so Retro went on to finish the Cherry Blossom golf tournament.  Bo did a good job taking care of his mommy.  It's bad that he is more of a help when I'm sick than his 9-yo sister.  Long story short, by 7ish my parents were here & Retro was taking me to the ER.  I got dehydrated & thus anemic (I stay borderline).  This is where Retro said that I would do anything for some blog material.  I did lose 6 lbs, 4 after the fluids, so I'll take a few days of sick. not really, it sucked.  I am currently in the market for some over-the-counter Versed. or whatever it was they put in my IV.

*Still working on my sex survey.  I've been sick, people. With no laptop.
**I'm almost over the laptop incident.
***Y'all should join SkinnyScoop. I love me some surveys.


Unknown said...

Oh, I had that! Lost 8 pounds, but 5 permanently--after the fluids. I didn't need a hospital visit, but I am glad it's O-V-E-R!! Glad you're feeling better!

highheeledlife said...

Omgosh!!! what a time you are having at the SSM household! Glad to hear both Baby Girl and you are doing well!!

We were hit with a down pour of snow this morning..one would think it was the first day of winter around here...

Dolce, got some snail mail that had him tail wagging with happiness!!!

Having wednesday ..xo HHL

Shell said...

I would have cracked up at her saying that about the damn toilet!

Hope you are feeling better now!

Unknown said...

My sister andmom both had it, I told them to keep it at their house. I would have peed myself laughing at her saying that word. You just can't help but laugh..

Anonymous said...

I would have laughed at her, too! Glad she's doing well. I hope you're 100% recovered.

The White House said...

Bwahahahaha!! The DAMN toilet! Too funny! Hope you are all on the mend now!

Now, go drink some vodka!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

you wants to piss in their damn pants? what's so wrong about wanting to use the damn toilet?
geez..what kind of mother are you?

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I feel for Baby Girl... there was this time when The Boy was 5 months old and we got stranded on the highway in traffic in a blizzard for THREE hours and I HAD TO PEE. My mom helpfully suggested over the phone that I had diapers - DUH baby in the car- and why didn't I just use one... I couldn't do it... my body would not go.

I know, TMI.

I would have laughed too.

Glad she's feeling better.

You and I find the same kind of silver lining in being sick :)

Laura said...

'Drinkbook'! Ha! That's a good one!! I made The Pioneer Woman's Comfort Meatballs last night. I wished we lived closer and I woulda dropped some off for ya! So sorry to hear about your illness and I hope you are feeling better soon! Glad Baby Girl's surgery went well and the whole pull=up thing was hilarious!! Hang in there and and order some more Xanax!

Anonymous said...

What a crappy way to lose 6 pounds! (Hopefully no pun included)

Sandra said...

I felt like answering: no to the survey question about whether or not I've laughed when my child said a bad word just to make myself sound better. Not only do I laugh, I have been known to teach them the correct spelling.
Anyhoo, so glad your baby girl did well, and the fact that she wanted to pee, even in the middle of Atlanta traffic is a very good sign! Can't blame a girl for not wanting to pee in her Pullup.

Adrienne said...

I hope you are feeling mucho better and I have driven through Atlanta traffic hell...I feel you ...your little one cracked me up =)

Helene said...

My sister was pretty sick recently and ended up losing 7 pounds and that's all I could focus on. She was like, "HELLO...I was deathly ill" and I was all, "Yeah, but you LOST WEIGHT. That's brilliant!"

Hope you're feeling better soon!!!

And, hell yeah I laugh hysterically when my kids say bad words. I wish I could stop myself but it's such an automatic response now that the laughter just pours outta me.

Helene said...

Oh and so glad to hear that Baby girl's surgery went well!!! Whew!!!! Love what she said in the car...that's classic.

Lourie said...

I lost six but it ended up being 2 after I was all better. And yeah, I know Atlanta traffic. It's horrible. (My inlaws live north of Atlanta.)

I sure nobody else got it. It's awful. Especially your little girl. Too funny about her outburst.

Tess @ Pro-tography 101 said...

Ha ha-I need to lose 6 pounds-come sneeze on me. lol

Henley on the Horn said...

Cherry Blossom is a lot of fun but it will exhaust you! HOpe you didn't get sick germs from being there! I hate I didn't know where you live b/c we were just there 2 weeks ago! I could have met semi-slacker in person!!!!

Anonymous said...

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