Friday, March 11, 2011

Is it cocktail time yet?

I'm watching Sandra Lee as I write this & you know she loves cocktail time, maybe more than I do & she doesn't even have children.

*I could eat my weight in Cheese Puffs.  Not the fancy Cheetos brand, the cheaper Golden Flake version.  Yes, there IS a difference. 
* I don't think Charlie Sheen is crazy.  Hot mess, maybe, but not crazy.  He knows exactly what he is doing.  I'm thinking about letting Bo dress up like him for Halloween.  Unless he winds up dead, then that would be in poor taste.

*There have so many tragic events going on lately; New Zealand, Japan, the basketball player who died after winning the championship game ( Bo was all over is) & Wednesday night 2 sisters, from the next town over, were coming home from church in a rainstorm, when the car hydroplaned.  They were hit by a Suburban driven by a mom with her four children.  The 11yo sister died at the scene, the 17yo driver died in the hospital yesterday.  Can you imagine what this family is going through.  It was unavoidable, but imagine the feeling of the other mom who hit them.  A sad situation all the way around.  The girls were big in Little League too.  (Our Little League has gone to the World Series for the past several years.) So their passing has touched a lot whole of people.

*Have y'all ever read about the time somebody hydroplaned & hit me?

*Several keys on my laptop, especially my backspace key, are sticking & it's driving me crazy.

*My Secret Pal gave me a cute new apron last month.  Last night, Retro asked what it was...a cooking robe?  Really...a cooking robe...where did he get that?

*Last night, he watched TV with me, Big Bang Theory & that David Spade show & something stupid of his choosing.  But the TV was off by 10pm,  I think he learned his lesson.

*I trying to take a survey on how often you & your signifigant other have "relations" on Facebook for a post I'm working on, but nobody wants to answer.

*Yesterday, Dr. Phil was about Mean Girls.  Sassy is a Mean Girl at home & all sweet & innocent at school.  I would have watched it, but Sandra Lee comes on at the same time.

*School gets out 1/2 day today.  I hate 1/2 days.

*Baby Girl's surgery is next Thursday. Happy St. Patrick's Day!  If I drank green beer, I'll probably need some that day.

*I can't wait to see the new movie "HOP".  You know I love me some Easter.  Anybody got any ideas for a scavanger hunt for the older children at the Annual Easter Egg Hunt Bash.  I'm serving cocktails this year. Kicking it up a notch!

That just makes me laugh.

Mommy's Idea


Anonymous said...

I missed this survey. Are you asking if we have family members on FB? I don't accept friend requests from my family but The TO is friends with his mom and sisters. I've blocked all of them.

Brandi. said...

I don't think Charlie Sheen is crazy either. He knows exactly what he's doing and getting some much needed publicity, even if it is all bad...

Sorry to hear about the accident. How tragic. My thoughts are with all involved and the towns. Our little town has suffered some tragedy the last couple months and it's heart breaking.

Hope you have a good weekend. :)

Shell said...

Is it wrong that I laughed about the Charlie Sheen costume?

Sending prayers for Baby Girl next week!

HalfAsstic.com said...

First of all, I am so sorry to hear about the two little girls passing. God Bless Them.
My "s" key is completely missing on this laptop and I HATE it. I have to pause and hit the spot exactly right to get it to type... why couldn't it be "z"?
I think you're going to see a lot of Charlie Sheen "costumes" this year.
I will pray for Baby Girl's good outcome!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Jax... my cheese puffs have to be Jax.

Sending prayers to the family of those girls and for Baby Girl next week.

Not a Perfect Mom said...

hey I answered...
and totally dress like CS for Halloween...it's all in the crazy eyebrows baby...

myevil3yearold said...

I love the Cheese balls that you get from Sam's. I'm addicted to them.

Making It Work Mom said...

Charlie Sheen... Charlie Sheen.
I am not nearly as outraged as most people are by him. He is what he is. You can't make it up.

I don't know how a family can recover from something like that. Just so horrifying.

Good luck with Baby Girl!

Princess Freckles said...

I answered your poll above. Interesting results....

I love "winning" too. it's been the joke around my house all weekend.

Henley on the Horn said...

I'm so behind on your posts! Love it!

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