Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Wednesday & I'm gonna tell you about my weekend

because I'm a slacker. Plus it was a long weekend so technically I'm only a day behind.  AnyIknowyoucan'twait...

We had a wonderful weekend in the sunny South.  The temp has been in the low 80s- high 70s, it's been nice.

Friday night, we had a party for our friend, Darrell, that just got back from Iraq.  We threw him one when he left, so I felt it only necessary to throw another. During Thanksgiving holidays, the children & I built a fire pit,
because I may or may not be bit of a pyromaniac.  Yes, it's kinda redneck, I know, but sometimes that's just how I roll.  Before Friday night's party,  I asked Redneck Billy (he works for us) if he would bring me some more firewood.  When I walked outside to check on things,  he had turned my small square fire pit into a huge round BONFIRE!  Total redneck!

Anyway, we had a big party complete with a big bonfire, "pink party punch" & cornhole. I would have taken pictures, but my camera battery is dead. My friends were so upset. (read with sarcasm)

Saturday morning after Bo's basketball game at 9 a freakin' clock, we came to PLAY OUTSIDE.  Sassy had a friend over & we went for a ride on the golfcart.  We found this
It's a place where my hubs was thinking about putting a pond.  Pretty cool, kaolin pit.  Kaolin, basically, is just clay & Georgia has lots of clay.  This pit is nothing but soft dirt with "cliffs" to climb.  The children had a blast.  Here's a close-up. 
 I took my lay-out chair down there to try to get a little sun.  After a few hours, we had to get cleaned-up for a birthday party at the city park, then my friend, Mandy & 2 of her girls + a friend came over to play in the clay, then around the bonfire to grill hotdogs.  M & I finished off the Pink Party Punch.  Imagine that.  Note that's day 2 of the redneck bonfire.

Sunday, went to church, came home & back to the clay pits.  My lime green golf cart looks like hell by now.  My SIL's BF came over to play with the children.  If I promise to feed him, he will entertain them for minutes hours.  My oldest friend, who lives out of town, came over with her little girl for a visit.  We've known each other since birth.  I was born in November & she in December, so that's 36+years of friendship.  We pulled up my plastic multi-colored adirondack chairs (you've seen them in pictures on here) & enjoyed day 3 of the redneck bonfire. 

Then I made my favorite meal, because I sometimes think I'm Bobby Flay or somebody on Food Network.  I would have to say I really look more like Sandra Lee with Paula Deen Rachael Ray's body.  What was I talking about?  yeah, food.  I marinated some steaks & chicken breasts in my secret recipe (it's secret because I can't remember what all I put in) & grilled them & some asparagus.  Made some loaded mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, bearnaise sauce & my semi-slacker hollandaise sauce.  I really can cook...when I want to.

So Monday, my bestie, Dre, comes over with her 2 littles to play in the "pit".  They have a blast, then I have to run them off so we can get to play practice at 4.  During play practice, Bo's button on his pants comes off so he's standing on stage with his shirt pulled up to his armpits fooling with his pants.  That child does not care.  He's too much like me, except I wouldn't pull my shirt up on stage at least not for free.  While we were at play practice, a fire blazes up in my front yard.  It's the 4 day bonfire!  The wind blew 3 of my multi-colored plastic adirondack chairs (that I LOVE) into the ashes & they started back up the fire. The pink one was gone! And the blue & yellow were toast. literally.  At least the lime green was sparred. 

*Yes, I know it's now Thursday.  I'll try to do better next week, but who am I kidding.


Sandra said...

I swear you are the funniest ever! I love this post. Be careful about those fires now! xoxo

Babes Mami said...

There's always something going on at your house!

Anonymous said...

Now you have to go buy some new chairs!

highheeledlife said...

LOL!!! sounds like a blast .. if you are able to be outside enjoying a fire this time of year .. I want to live where you live... our fire pit is still buried in snow ... and I'm not trekking through the snow to get to the barn and get the Kabota (its like a golf cart for the garden) out.... Happy Thursday! xo HHL

Kate Lewis said...

I can't believe the fire started back up. Scary! Sorry about your chairs, too. Bummer!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

what the hell is cornhole?

Cyndy Bush said...

Shut UP, you made me hungry even though I've been stuffing my face all night! I'm coming over to eat with you.
We love bonfires. You should have seen the one we had at my daughter's birthday. My teenage son & his friend built it. It was really less of a BONfire and more of a HOLYSHITCALL911fire. I thought for sure we were going to get arrested.

Kitchen Belleicious said...

You are crazy and hilarious and I so wish I lived near you so I could get a good laugh everyday! Sounds like a whirlwind kinda of week but I know you can handle it! Here's to a great weekend girl! XO

Making It Work Mom said...

WAAAAAAHHH! Now I am stomping my foot! I want to play outside all weekend. Stupid New England.

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