Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What do you really think?

Two of my favorite bloggers have both written posts in the past few days that have gotten me thinking...what do people think of me. 

Sandra from Absolutely Narcissism was talking about how the blog world is kind of like high school, which I can see that, as like an innocent bystander.  I live in a small town & have pretty much considered myself popular.  I mean I've got tons of friends & when Retro & I got married people were standing up in the back of the church, probably because they knew the reception was going to be a great party.  A lot of people "in real life" enjoy reading what I write because they tell me, since most of them don't know how comment, so I guess it's kind of popular around here.  Sometimes it really surprises me to find out who reads. 

But as for the blog world, granted I've made lots of friends, I wouldn't consider myself "popular".  There are some serious bloggers out there that have thousands of followers & receive hundreds of comments, I do good to get 20ish.  The comments sometimes give me an ego boost, but when it really comes down to it, I do this mainly for me.  It's my scrapbook, my place to vent & where I can go back & remember the moments that make my life an adventure.

I really think people that know me only from my blog might think of me different than those that know me in person.  I don't know, maybe not, I am pretty truthful on my blog & in real life.  It's kind of like "what you see is what you get".

Then I read my "real life" friend's post on The Civilized Minute.  She asked the questions, 'What are the words floating over your head in someone else’s mind? Better yet, what words do you WANT to float over your head in someone else’s mind?' 

Hum? I did do this fun little thing on Facebook a few weeks ago...Leave me a 1-word comment that best describes me using the THIRD letter of YOUR FIRST name. It can only be 1 word.  

This is I got:
Lisa- Swinger....j/k haha
Samantha- Mama, but I like the one above better!
Lourie- U is very hard word to work with...it mostly has negative words. But the one I came up with right away is: UNIQUE!
Tiffany- Freaky
Rita- Tipsy..haha (this was also Sassy's 1st grade teacher)
Dawn- writative - characterized by an inclination to write
Vicky- cute
Mitzi- Trendy.....thoughtful......
Christy- Righteous, Right, Redneck (LOL), Radical
Okay, that's what 9 people think (one of which is a blog friend).  I don't really know what words I want floating over my head; thoughtful, loving, fun, Christian, loyal, Semi-Slacker!, momma (that word is not only floating over my head, but also following behind me like little ducks), dependable, entertaining?  Dang, I guess I did know.

Everytime we leave a funeral I wonder what people will say about me when I'm gone. Will my friends & family stand up & tell great stories about me, how I affected their lives?  I hope so & remember I totally want a party afterwards.

I've thought about writing my own obititary not really, maybe I should write a script for the service & plan the party.  Pooey, pooey (as I spit on my fingers like The Nanny). Enough of that talk.

So what do you really think about me?


Tammy said...

I'm soooo one of those readers not commenters. It's become a FB world for me, quick and I can drop in. I love actually reading blogs, but alas, no time.
I wanted to park and make sure you know that I LOVE reading your blog, always have :) Stay Put!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

I love posts when people fish for compliments! haha...
well...from what I've read it seems like you're pretty down to earth...I can't read blogs where everyones life is rosy...makes me feel like the worst mom ever...
So you seem real..that's what I would say...and pretty funny...
although maybe you should tell your friend Christy's hubs that the word retarded is neither clever nor funny...in fact, it's pretty insulting and hurtful...I never thought of that until we had Brooke...but now whenever I hear it or read it, it's like a punch in the stomach...(okay, don't hate me now, or think I'm a stick in the mud...I'm not)

Babes Mami said...

I think you are funny, clever, adorable and fabulous!

kate Lewis said...

I think you are a very cool and supportive in-real-life-AND-blogger friend!! Thanks for linking to The Civilized Minute!

highheeledlife said...

Very interesting post and question... I think in person you tell it like it is .. may not be what people want to hear at times.. but definitely what they NEED to hear, from a true friend; You would be the friend that can be called at 1 am when something is terribly wrong, who would listen and offer to put on a pot of tea or coffee and lend a listening ear; You are the mom that your children's friends think is a "cool mom"; you are a friend that I would enjoy sharing a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or a glass of wine with - you would probably even get me to drink beer..lol... I think you are a great person , kind, and thoughtful and who may give more than she gets in return (and for the most part you seem to be ok with)...
Definitely fun ... xo HHL

Jennifer said...

I think you're real. Like if I came over for a visit you would be the same in real life as you are here, and that's why I like to read your blog.

Sandra said...

You know I adore you! Your blog is real and funny and you are precious and real! Have a great day! xoxo

Cyndy Bush said...

I think you are one of those very real people, and say what's on your mind. I have a feeling that if you don't like someone, they know; you're not fake. And I bet you are a lot of fun!

Princess Freckles said...

You are hilarious, and the way you post about your hectic life raising a family, always makes me laugh. The previous commentors all say "real", and I have to agree. I think the best is that you don't act like everything is always "perfect", but it's a perfectly imperfect world, and you always see the humor in the situation.

If I lived in your small town (and I often think I'd like to!), I'd hope that we'd be friends. I'd certainly want to be a part of your circle, because it sounds like you all are having a great time on the adventure of life.

Finally, I love how loyal you are to your family. Was it your cousin who recently got a divorce and you ripped the ex-wife a new one? I love that, because I'm that person in my own family! I fiercly loyal to my sisters and family, and have been known to really "give it" to someone when they cross us.

Anonymous said...

I've always assumed you were the same IRL as on your blog - funny, pretty, and fabulous.

Liz Mays said...

My impression of you is very much like what you described yourself as in real life. Plus your blog colors kind of lend themselves to that feeling too!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Definitely need to add funny to the list.

Mrs. Sassy Crafter (Fabi) said...

I just gave you an award, go check it out please


Sandra said...

Thanks for the shout-out dollface!
That Facebook game is a great idea. I'm scared of what my friends would write. I'd be happy with trendy!
As for you, this is how I'd describe you: authentic.
It's why I like you.

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