Friday, January 21, 2011

Uber, pussycats & food. Huh?

*My children have gotten where they like to watch "old shows" on Boomerang.  We're talking cartoons here, like The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, The Jetsons & one that really bothers me...Josie & the Pussycats.  Yes my head is in the gutter, but I really dislike that word.  Retro wanted to name one of the girls Josie & I vetoed it simply for the "& the Pussycats" part.  That & the fact that our friends had a dog named Josie.  What were the creators of this cartoon thinking?  I guess that word didn't have such a bad connotation back then.

*The storylines on The Young & the Restless have really got me sucked in right now.  I love that Billy bought that baby for Victoria, but for $2 million he could have had one of mine & they're potty-trained.  And both Phyllis & Daniel know that baby is Daisy's, so I can't wait to see how that's going to play out.

*Today on Y&R, Abby said "uber". Then two people used the word on FB.  What is up?  Please tell me that is not trying to make a comeback.  Uber just reminds of Mike Myers on SNL.

*Sassy & I were looking at dresses online last night & put 3 choices up on FB.  I got tons of feedback, most comments ever.  So here's y'alls turn...Which dress do you like best for Sassy's Valentine's Dance?

1.  This is my favorite.  I think this one is the most age-appropriate. Plus it's my favorite colors.
 2.  My 2nd favorite.  Will be worn with a white sweater.  I think the bottom looks like a big flower & very Valentine-y.
 3.  Sass likes this one.  I think it's too springy.  And too growny with the whole one-shoulder thing.
 4.  There's about 2 other versions of this one & you know how she likes zebra-print.  A white sweater would be required for this one as well.
*My besties & I are going out for a GNO tonight.  Dinner & cocktails, 2 of my favorite things.  Except tonight I'm really craving some dessert.  Chocolate martini?

*I need a finger food for the Valentine's Dance.  It has to be kid 9-year-old friendly.  I'd like to make oreo truffles or red velvet cake balls, but I don't know if they'll like them.  But then, if not, there'd be more for me. Any suggestions?

*Speaking of food, I'm always reading articles in all these parenting magazines about picky eaters.  And let me just say I might have the 3 most pickiest eaters ever conceived.  These magazines suggest foods supposed to be for picky eaters & half the time I'm thinking to myself, 'my children aren't stupid, they aren't going to eat this'.  You can't color broccoli brown & call it chocolate.

Y'all have a wonderful weekend!
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Not a Perfect Mom said...

I always think of Josie grossie now...
I used to watch Y&R back in the day and can't believe Phyllis is still one...
I like the one shouldered one myself
and I've recently stopped reading parenting magazines unless to snicker at all the ridiculous advice and articles...yeah, my kids will totally eat mashed cauliflauer and buy it's potatoes...in another universe..and last night I read that princesses are bad influences on little girls, they grow up all warped...now I guess I can get Hope that Harley she's been wanting..whatev...

Jennifer said...

I like the first dress for the exact same reasons you do. I think it is cute and more age appropriate.

I haven't heard uber so I have no idea and I'm not home to watch soap operas.

Suburban Princess said...

I so love Billy for buying the baby for Victoria!!!!

And Sharon....omg how long can this child be so pathetic?!!??

I am glad to see Nicki and Victor spending time together...I predict a Christmas wedding :O) Remember I said that!!

I laughed at your comments about Josie....it's my go-to when I dont want to give someone my name. I was in Wallies and couldnt get any help, so I picked up one of the phones and dialed numbers until someone answered...I said a customer needs help in whatever dept. A few seconds later they paged Josie Smith to call an extention!!!! LOL I almost tinkled myself laughing.

Joy said...

here's my lineup on the dresses:

First pick is #2 I do love the bottom of it but agree on the sweater
Second Pick is #4 I just am a sucker for zebra & pink :)
third pick is #1 very cute
fourth Pick is #3 I agree it is a bit to springy not for Valentines day

Never watched Y&R I watch AMC but am very behind on the story line cause I have missed a bunch but I watch OLTL everyday DVR so I don't miss it!

Laura said...

I agree with the first dress and besides the fact that it's really cute! I was thinking red velvet cake balls as soon as you mentioned "finger foods." Who doesn't like a cupcake in the shape of a ball? Happy GNO and weekend!

Sandra said...

I love the pink dress!
And really, for the picky eater thing, my motto is: "If God had wanted me to eat broccoli, he wouldn't have invented the multi-vitamin."
Brown broccoli would send children running for foster care.

Heather said...

I like 1 and 4. They are adorable.

Just for fun I am going to try to start sticking "uber" into my vocabulary....just for the weekend!

Have a good one!

Sandra said...

For Sassy - I'm with you on the age appropriateness of the dresses. If she really wants the one shoulder deal, you may convince her that it's pointless to wear it when you have a sweater over it cause no one will see it. I love the zebra print dress. Could you find a cardi with some sparkles, rhinestones? She might like that better than the plain cardi.

Have a great weekend!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I like all the dresses - but #4 is my fave! I like it cause its different. But what do I know? I only have boys!

Chocolate martini's sound yummy!

Princess Freckles said...

How sweet, a Valentines Dance!!! I like # 2 (soooo valentinesy,), and # 1. Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I still vote for the pink one. It's more Valentine-y. I'd make the Oreo truffles or the red velvet cake balls anyway. Like you said, if they don't like 'em it's more for you.

highheeledlife said...

These dresses are all so adorable .. I like #2 and #1 ...Sass will look lovely in anyone of them. Can't wait to read about the V. dance. Go for red velvet ..yummmy ...

I completely have gotten sucked back into Y&R .. but really the stories lines with these children... btw: Summer, isn't she really Jack's ?? For some reason back before Nick lost his memory and was head over heels for Phyllis .. when the DNA test came back..he was the only one to see it.

Have a great GNO .. and please have a Chocolate Martini for me!!!xo HHL

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I like the first two dresses best. I'm with you on picky eaters. My kids won't eat most of the foods for picky eaters either.

mFw said...

Kids I used to babysit loved the flinstones and jetsons! I think uber is making a comeback I sometimes say it. I love dress #2!!! I'm sure the kids would eat oreo truffles! Just sprinkle some sprinkles on top!!!

Michelle said...

I like the second dress for a one time Valentine Dance wear...it is Uber cute (lol, couldn't resist!) and so festive.

Susan said...

I haven't watched Y&R in years, but yet, I know exactly who you're talking about. I wish I had time for soaps, but don't. *sigh*
I like the second dress.... very cute.

Ducky said...

Ooh Dress #2 is my fav

And I'm SO lost on day time television. I'm pretty lost on night time television too though. If it isn't Dora, Thomas or The Fresh Beat Band I'm clueless. Yes...I am THAT cool.

Adrienne said...

The word Uber annoys me.... I like the Zebra print dress CUTE!

DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

I don't like the word UBER.. or when people say JOSH'in.... or SIKE... Oh I hope NONE of those EVER make comebacks.... Personally I LOVE the ZEBRA DRESS!!~

Di said...

Oh what cute dresses! My fav's are #2 and #4. I miss dress shopping. I don't think the Jellybean will go for it though!

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