Monday, December 6, 2010

What not to wear to the Christmas parade

Saturday was the Christmas parade in Smalltown, GA, so all the Whos down in Whoville lined Main Street to get some candy enjoy the Christmas cheer.  My bestie's gma-in-law lives on Main Street, so we have preferred seating.  It's pretty sweet, plus she always has cookies & hot chocolate. The weather was nice on Saturday, as compared to the Arctic blast we are experiencing today. Have I ever told y'all I'm not a fan of cold weather?  If there's no snow, it's a total waste.  Now what was I talking about?  Oh yeah, let me just tell y'all that our little small town has it's fair share of white trash, so I don't know why I was surprised (I really wasn't) when I saw a lady woman wearing this t-shirt...
Classy huh?  I know you all can't wait to add this to your list.

Then we went to a birthday party & my overachiever friend, LA had graham cracker "gingerbread" houses for the children to decorate.  I usually let my children make a gingerbread house from scratch from one of those Wilton kits, which ends up with a fight, some Xanax & a huge mess for me to clean up; so thanks LA.  Gingerbread houses- check, check, check!

I think they turned out pretty cute.  and some people (Baby Girl) may or may not have had help.

Bo's Polar Express birthday party is in 5 sleeps & while I have secured the entertainment; a train & giant slide ( the benefits of having a friend in the party biz) & Santa (the benefits of bribing SIL's BF), this house still looks like Christmas threw up in here & I can't decide on the food.  Hot chocolate, duh, but what's Polar Expressy food-wise?  The cake, on the other hand, will be kick a$$.  Like this minus the girl & change the name & age...

In the past week, 2 of my friends have lost parents.  Retro & I are in a vast minority among  our friends; both sets of our parents are still alive & still married to each other.  I think in this day & age that says a lot.  We are very blessed.  I loaned my friend who lost his mother my Xanax, besides my sympathies & some chicken & dumplings, that's all I could offer him.  My other friend lost her step-father (& my neighbor).  His family is scattered around the country & a very outgoing group.  They are Catholic & of Latin American descent & apparently know how to party.  The evening after the funeral the family held a party in Mr. Tony's memory.  If any of my IRL family or friends are reading this, I totally want to go out like this.  Cocktails & Karaoke.  Now isn't that a great way to celebrate someone's life?

The other day I found a box of Andes mints that I bought to go in Bo's stocking last year.  I was wondering where I put those things.  And the bad thing is that they weren't packed up with the Christmas stuff, they were right beside the TV in the armoire.

I'm getting ready to write a review for ScentSicles.  They are fragrance sticks that you hang on your fake tree to make it smell like a real one.  How clever is that? 


Laura said...

The kiddos did a great job on the gingerbread houses! I'm still waiting to find some "pre-assembled" ones so that all Alise has to do is actually decorate the darn thing!

No help with the Polar Express Party, but for what it's worth, I think it's a GREAT idea for a December birthday!

And at first I thought I read that your friends' dad was "scattered across" meaning his ashes, so of course I had to go back and re-read that it was hit actual family. Whew!

Susan said...

Caaaaa-ute Gingerbread houses! Oh, and Hubs and I still have both our parents and they are still married, too. And everyone I know has specific directions to have a Par-tay after my funeral.... it's only fitting!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love the gingerbread houses. Classy shirt for sure.

Suburban Princess said...

I am sorry to hear about your friends' losses...seems to be the season for it.

The houses are adorable!

I have pine spray for my fake tree!

My son is in the minority too - his parents are married and his grandparents are all still married too.

Kat said...

my hubby is in the minority...but i have to explain to my girls why they have so many grandparents in the States on my side. Ugh!
I forgot about gingerbread houses. Now that my oldest is 3 I bet she would like doing that, so thanks! I also never thought about making my fake tree smell real....as long as the scents are done right that would at least take away the baby diaper smell from my house, right?

Jennifer said...

My Dad and David's mom are both gone. It makes this time of year so, so hard. I had a pretty bad weekend because of it. Today I'm kind of just soldiering through. I mean, that's what we do. Right?

highheeledlife said...

My thoughts and prayers to your friends and their families. I'm so with you ... I want my life to be celebrated not cried over when I do go "Home". And never mind the you can't take it with you .. I have added a few items including a little something to keep my little toes in style ( Jimmy C. and a pair of Manolos)..

All 3 gingerbread houses are brilliant .. way to go little ones!!!!

Loved your catch up post.. I need to do one myself and also catch up on with my Blog visits.. happy week... HHL

The White House said...

OMG... that shirt is awful!!!

I'm sorry about the losses in your life.. =/ the holidays make it so much more difficult..

Love the gingerbread houses!!

Cyndy Bush said...

I'm kind of hurt that you didn't like my shirt. I mean, I wore a shirt AND shoes....what more can you ask of me??
I love that Polar Express cake!

Princess Freckles said...

I'm just love the party theme for Bo's party! the cake will be perfect.

Reading your blog seriously makes me want to pack up my house, head South on I-75 and move into a small town in GA! Who knows, maybe we will someday!

dawn morgan said...

Love to read your posts. So i was thinking about all the elves at the North Pole. How about minature size food, mini burgers, dogs, pizza? elves can't eat big food and minis seem to the be new rage. just a thought. Love, love, love the cake idea. Awesome. Sounds like it's going to be a great party.

Babes Mami said...

Haha...I was totally going to ask if Baby Girl got some help!

Sandra said...

I attended the SmallTown, Tennessee Christmas parade here! Let's see - I'm thinking you would've LOVED the recliner that had a lawn mower motor on it. Yes, the man was sitting in his recliner, ahem, riding his recliner in our parade. Can you top that? hehe
I like the idea of graham cracker gingerbread houses!

DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

OOhhhh... I can't wait to make Gingerbread houses!! The pics of them, made me all giddy! I am excited to see and hear all about the bday party.

Jessica said...

Shirt - bad. Houses - good. Deaths - sad. Death parties - interestingly cool. Scented fake trees - GENIUS!


RN Mama said...

Do you think my husband would be offended if I bought him that shirt for Christmas?

Bo's birthday party sounds like a lot of fun! Someday I'm going to crash one of your parties, whether you like it or not:)

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