Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ten Things on Tuesday or Christmas Craziness

1.  I have be a TOTAL slacker when it comes to blogging (Does anybody still read?) but in my defense I have been working overtime in the momma department.  I hosted Thanksgiving at my house for the 9th year. Both families, here. It's easier than it sounds, so don't give me too much credit, everybody brings something.  I just cook the turkey...
& this year I did a ham, loaded mashed potatoes & an easy corn pudding/casserole.

2.  I know it's late, but I'm finally posting my gifts from Flip Flops & Pearls Christmas Swap.  My partner was Hannah & this is what she sent me. I wish I had a picture of what I sent her, but my bestie, the gift-wrapping guru, wrapped it for me. Because I stink at it.
The corn pudding recipe was in the book, along with tons of other things I'm dying for my mother to try. And the mug matches my decor this year perfectly. Plus, I love peppermint tea. and didn't get any for my Keurig. (hint, hint)

3. My Bunko group is making blankets for Project Linus this year.  And since Baby Girl has done 2 stints in the Children's Hospital in the past 2 years, I'm really excited about it.  Sassy & I have made 3 so far, but I plan to do a few more.
 Especially since I think Sass might jack up the zebra print one.  Imagine that.

4.  My friend, Kimberly built a "Martha Stewart" fire pit in her yard, so I decided Bo, Baby Girl & I would make a redneck version. We've only used it once, the weather hasn't been cooperating.  Hopefully, this weekend we can take full advantage of my handiwork.  That is if this tornado outside doesn't take it out before then.

5.  My house looks like Christmas exploded in it.  Apparently I was smoking crack Friday night & decided it would be a good idea to put up 2 full-sized (7ft) trees, along with the 12 4 half-sized (4ft) trees I usually put up.  The house is halfway decorated & I still have 3 boxes to go through.

6. I'm doing a Polar Express themed party for Bo's party (any ideas?) & my friend that usually does my invitations didn't have what I wanted, I decided to do them myself.  I did them like the tickets from the movie & was pretty proud of them (especially since I did them myself).  Luckily I had only given them out to Bo's school friends because last night I saw one of the mommas & she said "Bo's invitations were cute, when is the party?"  I forgot the date! So last night I reprinted 20 invitations.

7. The girl's have been steadily practicing for their Christmas performances.  Sass has a play at school & her part includes a "little box from Tiffany's, you see". How fitting.  Baby Girl has been doing her number for her dance school's Christmas show all over the house. The only problem is she prefers to do her arabesques in the buff.  My momma is making her the cutest tutu ever, so hopefully it will remedy that situation.

8. Sass & I went "Black Friday" shopping this year.  It was her first time & my first time since, I think, she was born.  We weren't one of those 3 am crazies, but we were at Best Buy by 6:30 for a good deal on a Wii.  Then to Target, Wal-Mart & Old Navy.  I'm about through & it's not even December yet, which is quite a feat for a semi-slacker like me.

9. Why do the networks play "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" at 8 pm on a school night?  Am I the only person that makes their children go to bed before then?  What are the people that don't have ABCFamily or DVRs to do?

10. At what age would it be okay to consider myself an eccentric old lady & leave my Christmas tree up all year?  Think 40's too young?  I'll probably need to wait at least till I'm a widow at least.  I don't think Retro would done too well with my craziness.  well anymore than he has to deal with now. 


Foursons said...

Now that was a post chock full of information!

What is the Linus project?

We're putting our tree up this weekend. And thank you for reminding me it's not December yet. I was starting to stress already. Ridiculous.

Jennifer said...

I told the kids they could have trees in their rooms next year. I'm still not sure what I was thinking. Other than I have tons and tons of decorations and they won't all fit on the big tree and that makes me sad.

For a semi-slacker it sounds like you've been super busy.

Jessica said...

High fives for being a busy mom! I don't even stay up late enough to finish movies that start at 8pm!

britain said...

... as far as eccentric ... you have to at least wait until your children grow up and leave the house :)

Amber said...

Email me tomorrow and tell me when Bo's party is. Date and time? We are going to Callaway Gardens and I am trying to decide what weekend. I don't want to buy our tickets and let it interfere with his party. Especially since we missed baby girl's party and she politely reminded me while vistiting her in the hospital! ha!

Sandra said...

I promise to always read your blog if you'll read mine. I have been the worst. Honestly cannot think of a thing that would interest anyone. I did a lame post tonight on my Christmas wrapping paper. Good grief. How horrible is that? I love your posts. But knowing all the work that your decorating requires has made me tired, so I'm going to bed. Night Sweets! Xoxo

Susan said...

I've missed you! But, man alive, you've been busy! Love that fire pit!

Little Hatchlings said...

And you call yourself a "slacker"? I think NOT! You've been one busy girl!

Kim of Mo Betta said...

semi-slacker my ass, you've been busy!! The blanket project sounds really cool and I love, love Polar Express - so cute for a party theme. And it's hilarious that you forgot the date since that SO sounds like something that would happen to me :)

Princess Freckles said...

You always make me laugh! I bet those invitations are simply darling!

highheeledlife said...

I have missed your posts , you always have a way of making me smile. You may be a semi-slacker (by your words) but I think you are one the most fabulously wonderful mom's out there. and I'm so with you on all the trees, I can't wait for renos to be complete to get out the decor here (probably Christmas 2011)...xo HHL

nomo wino daph said...

I been missing ya friend!!!!
(i deleted my FB but will be back & catch you soon)

You have been one busy bee!!

Hope your weekend slows down-xxoo

Babes Mami said...

Those blankets are so easy and warm! I would consider the zebra gone to her lol

Pamela said...

My kids are anti-performance...and I'm a theatre director! Although, truth be told, (and this is my ticket into Slackermomhood) I'm glad! My 10 yr old wants out of the school music perf. and I'm all COOL!

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