Monday, November 29, 2010

The best eyeglasses EVER!

A few months ago GlassesUSA.com contacted me about reviewing their eyeglasses.  I was all for it because I needed some new glasses, the ones I had just paid $200 for at the eye doctor weren't really working for me.  Seriously, I have a child-sized head & they were a little big. 
I was kind of skeptical about ordering glasses online because it takes me 2 hours to pick them out in person where I can try them on.  And how was I going to know if they looked good on me? But I took the plunge, searched the site (it still took me 2 hours) to find the perfect prescription glasses. Then I just sent them my prescription from the eye doctor & I was all set.  And let me tell you, these glasses are much less expensive.

Let me share with you some of the interesting information I found out about GlassesUSA: 

We’re not just out to make money – we actually care about society! Our broken and defective eyeglass frames are recycled and many of our returned frames are donated. What does that mean? Well, we believe that everyone should have access to vision care. So, we donate some of our returned eyeglasses to various organizations around the U.S. who then sanitize and redistribute the eyeglasses with the correct prescription to people all over the world who can’t afford vision care! Seeing properly shouldn’t be a luxury – it should be a necessity. We do our best to help our customers and we take their vision needs very seriously. We are an international company with two offices: one in New Jersey (our headquarters) and one in Israel. Our eyeglasses are produced at both facilities in order to provide our customers with top quality lenses in the most fashionable frames available!

How cool is that?

When I received my glasses, I was pleasantly surprised.  I loved them & they fit perfect. Even for my little head!  I usually just wear my glasses at night to drive, but now you can catch me wearing them quite often. Even at the Miranda Lambert concert.

What do you think? 
I'll tell you, I'll never paid $200 at the eye doctor again.

If you would like to order your next pair of glasses from GlassesUSA, which I highly recommend, they are offering my readers a coupon code.  You can receive 10% off your final order of glasses with the code: Blog10. The code does not expire.

Check out their Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/GlassesUSA.


Suburban Princess said...

I just saw an ad for them this morning! I was going to call them to see if I can get contacts the next time I am in NYS! Glad they worked out for you!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

YAY for fun, well-fitting glasses! I need a new pair myself, but I so rarely wear them that I always go for the contact credit instead. My current pair has a divet in them from when The Girl Child was 1. She's 6...they've been around for a while!

highheeledlife said...

Thanks for the great tip.. picking out glasses can be stressful, anything that can make that adventure in eye glass shopping easier is great!

You look good in them!! ...and remember the most amazing things come in small packages ...;), HHL

Tammy said...

Love them! You look so cute.
Coming from a girl who has had glasses since the 7th grade (& that was forever ago) Ordering glasses online would be a bit dodgy, but they look amazing! Much nicer than I got in person at Wally World!! (I hate mine-but that's for my blog :)

Unknown said...

You really have nice glasses and the frame perfectly fits with your face's structure. Recently, my wife and I visited some optometrists in Indianapolis and replaced our old glasses with new and hip ones. The optometrists (Indianapolis area) really did a great job in choosing the best frame for the structure of our face.

Sandra said...

I think you look pretty damn hot in those eyeglasses!

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