Friday, October 22, 2010

Scrapbook Spoiler Alert: GNF

As this blog also serves as my scrapbook, along with My Pictures folder, I feel like a must share some of our memories of the Georgia National Fair in pictures.

Let me also preface this by saying, I hate riding rides!, but Retro insisted & spent $15 on an armband for me.
I think I may have gotten whiplash from riding with Bo on the Bumper Cars.

There was no way in hell I was riding this one & there was a fake pirate in the back, so Bo was out too.  (He doesn't like costumed characters.)

Yeah, that's a big NO on this one too.  Looks like that's a well spent $15.
I did ride the Ferris Wheel.  But now even that's not as fun as it used to be.  I'm getting old.
But my favorite ride was the picnic table.

And the pukeyness from this ride was so worth it for this picture.  (They took the picture, I purchased it & since my scanner's not working, just took a picture of the picture.)  I may photoshop Baby Girl in & use this as my Christmas card. Just kidding. maybe.
And, of course, my favorite memory & one that is currently around my waist...

The fair was in town for 10 days & I ate 6 cinnamon rolls. And they're huge! However, I did not eat the first one AT the fair. To go is the only way to truly enjoy these yummies.
Now picture this with icing on top!

Now Saturday night was a GNO with the girls to see Miranda Lambert.  Sass was pissed that she couldn't go but too bad, so sad. Call DFACS.

Do y'all recognize me with my glasses?  I got them from GlassesUSA & I love them.  100x better than the ones I stood in the doctor's office for 2 hours picking out & paid $200 for.  They even fit better & I have a child-size head.  At first I was kind of skeptical, ordering eyeglasses online, but after these, I will never buy glasses anywhere else.
That's not just Sprite.

Here's 2 of my friends & half of another one.  I had a picture of everyone, but SOMEBODY must have deleted it.

And if you look close, you'll see Miranda Lambert.  Our little small town concert arena was SOLD OUT!


Gracie Beth said...

How fun! P.S. How close do you live to warner robbins?

Laura said...

Haven't seen ol' Retro in a while!! He must be earning brownie points for buying you all those cinnamon rolls!!

Kim of Mo Betta said...

I do NOT do fair rides either. It would be a total puke fest, but I used to be able to ride everything. And I too have a child sized head. I actually bought children's sunglasses this summer!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Looks like a fun fair. I also love cinnamon rolls.

highheeledlife said...

yummy cinamon buns..one of my fav!! I love all the oie goiness!!

I'm with the Ferris Wheel is all that I can handle ... and sometimes that may be pushing it... Great for you that you were able to give a couple other rides a chance (if I wasn't so chicken ~ I would give it a go too!!..lol..

That is a sweet picture of Sass and you... the glasses are cool ... thanks for the tip, I'll have to check them out.

Looks like a great time at the concert!!

Dolce , is saying Woof! Woof! to your invite... xo HHL

Crayon Princess said...

How did you like Miranda? We saw her last summer and LOVED it! She works really hard to put on a great show, but I really went to see my boyfriend--Kenny.

Henley on the Horn said...

I love the fair! And you leave near my mother in law! I know Nu Way!

Laura Marchant said...

I am good as long as the rides don't spin. The spinning starts and I am done for about four hours.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Good for your for going! I live about 10 minutes from the State Fair grounds and we are hiding out. I refuse to go! My kids are so mad at me.

I think the most fun I ever had at the fair was when my friend and I went to see Def Lepard at the County FAir... it was way past their hey day and the concert was like a bad 80's video complete with women flinging bras on stage, but we had SO.MUCH.FUN!

Sandra said...

Y'all are just darling!! Love the pics. My fave would def be the "food" part ;-) xoxo

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