Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another drama-filled Semi-Slacker weekend

The children only had a half day on Friday due to the fair across the street end of nine weeks/ fall break, so Retro, Baby Girl & I picked them up & headed on over to the fair. Second time for us, first time for Retro.

Our first stop was for food/lunch, which just happens to be the main reason I attend the fair.  Bo had a corn dog, Sassy had a hot dog & fries, Retro & Baby Girl had pizza & I had a gyro & bites of everybody else's.  This has got to be the worst picture ever, but it's the only one of my whole fam at the fair.

Retro took the bigs to "ride hell" the midway, while BG & I rode the only ride I like, the sky buckets.  I promise when we walked into the fairgrounds the child had a bow in her hair.

And to the petting zoo.  Have a ever told y'all Baby Girl loves "lambies"?  We have quite the collection.  And I'm always looking for more if anybody knows of any cute sheep stuff.

After about 4.5 hours of "fair hell" in 90 degree heat, Retro & I pawned the children off on our parents; Sass to his, Bo & Baby Girl to mine & were off to Couples Bunko.
About the time we get there, my momma calls & says Baby Girl is sick & can we come pick her up around 10 pm.  Lovely! We had all the children away for the night (first time in I can't remember when) & one has to get sick.  We decide she just got too hot at the fair, notice my sunburn & she should just sleep it off.  Well long story short, we ended up picking her up around 11.

I was able to "get my drink on" & have fun with my friends.  So did Retro...

Even though I had already eaten my weight in cinnamon rolls fair food, I was still able to find some room for some yummy pasta salad.

Don't y'all just love her house?  It's new, they're the ones who got married earlier this year.

Saturday morning, Baby Girl is still running a temp & not feeling any better.  Bo had a soccer game, so I took him & Retro was contemplating taking BG to the doctor.  At the soccer game, Bo got popped in the face with the ball. He teared up, but didn't cry; nor did he get mad & want to beat up anybody...so he got the star for most Christlike. 

On the way home, I had a run-in with some crazy motorcycle riders (they think my road is a racetrack). One popped a wheelie when he got behind me, so being the *itch that I am, I slowed down.  They got mad (there was 3 of them) & started shooting me birds, then one passed me between my car (my huge SUV) & the grass & a few minutes later, I met my MIL & Sass on the road going to town & another one passed BETWEEN OUR TWO CARS ON A DOUBLE YELLOW LINE.  After that I let the other by & called 911.  I tried to get the last one's tag, but I didn't have my glasses on.  I was pissed!  Next time I may or may not have to do a break check first thing.

Then I get home & since the GA game was about to start, Retro I decided I would take BG to After Hours.  I wish y'all could have seen her, she was pitiful.  The doc said she was the only one he'd seen that actually looked sick, her temp was 102 & she had been vomiting since the night before.  Turns out she had a really bad UTI, due to her renal reflex & getting dehydrated. So she got some kind of major shot & some prescriptions.  She already had an appt for Monday with Dr. K for her 4 year check-up, he's been out having knee replacement surgery.

Then I came home & made my Taco Soup & babied my baby.  I kept the crib mattress, so whenever one of them is sick, they get to sleep on the mattress in our bathroom.  Apparently sleeping in the bathroom is a real treat when you're sick.

Sunday was uneventful.  And Sunday afternoon my MIL & I took Sass back to the fair, just to look at the exhibits & EAT.  I got my THIRD cinnamon roll of the weekend, to go.

On Monday, being the mean Mommy that I am, took her back to the doctor for 5 more shots.  And he's sending her to Atlanta to a pediatric urologist.  (I hope that visit goes better than the one to mine.) In fact, everybody got a flu shot (me included), Bo got a wart froze off & Sass pulled her tooth (yes at the doctor's office).

Today.  Back to school for everybody. Praise the Lord.  Where's the wine?


Jennifer said...

Good Lord. That last little bit about what happened to everyone at the doctor's office is kind of sad and kind of funny all at the same time.

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

I think sleeping on the bathroom would be pretty cool if I was around that age!

*GSP works a lot quicker than 911! I do it all the time inbetween here and Americus when I'm going to school. There are some crazy people in this world that shouldn't be allowed to drive!

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

P.S. I had a Gyro too!!! Two to be exact :) (on different days!!!)

Sandra said...

I think that mattress on the bathroom floor would come in handy for the grown ups too after they get their drink on ;)
I always love your pics Tracy, you're so pretty...I tell you that all the time don't I? I think I just a mad mad crush on you.
I saw your update on the weekend about the taco soup. I'll have to go and check it out, my family is all about the soup.

Princess Freckles said...

I love how your family one stop shops at the doctor's! Very efficient!

I hope the little one is feeling better! Poor thing!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

OY! I'm glad you got a little fun in with all the mayhem. Hope BG feels betters soon!

Sandra said...

Hope she feels better!! Also, hope those rude, idiotic, moronic motorcycle riders get caught. Big mistake to mess with Miss Semi-Slacker. :-) I'm glad I love you and your family after what y'all did to my Vols. xoxo

highheeledlife said...

oh my ... I hope BG is doing much better, its so hard when little ones are not feeling well.

If those motorcycle people knew how fast everything in their life could change in a split second.. not tp mention how their careless behaviour could change someone else's life... I'm so sad to read you had to experience that!

You need I break ... Next time I head down to Florida I think I need to do a pit stop in GA and pick you up so you can enjoy a break too!! XO HHL

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Wow- eventful time! I am sorry about the motorcycle experience and I hope she feels better! Glad to know you had some fun though! Love ya

Susan said...

That's one busy weekend!

Unknown said...

Man, that's a busy weekend! I do love that house, btw! :) We haven't taken the kids to the fair in a long time. It's coming next month, maybe we will?

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Now I'm like a stalker leaving two comments on one post *blushes* Left an award for you on my blog.

Helene said...

OMG, keeping a crib mattress for the bathroom floor for the sick ones is nothing other than pure genius!!!!!! I wish I would've thought of that myself!

Lourie said...

Holy cow! I am not a proponent of drinking, but girl you earned it. Have that wine and be sure it is behind a closed and locked door!

BigD said...

Isn't that how it always goes?

Wanted you to know I gave you an award over at: http://whoisthegrownup.blogspot.com/2010/10/out-of-mouths-of-babes.html

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