Monday, September 27, 2010

Thank God it's Monday?

I'm guest posting today at The Scoop on Poop, so if you're visiting, please feel free to look around because my brain is fired as usual & today's post is just some rambling as usual.

I'm still worn out from the weekend (mom worn out, not party worn out) & it has rained for the past 18 hours. Straight. Seriously like 5 inches. We needed the rain, but dang. Plus rain makes me tired, yet I couldn't sleep last night.

Baby Girl was just looking a drawing in a magazine of a momma with a baby & told me she wished one day that she would have a baby. I told her she would & she told me "only one, not 3 to fool with".

I don't feel like typing up a whole post, so here's a little teaser of our weekend fun. Still waiting on pictures from the Slip & Slide birthday party. Especially the ones of me.

Sassy performed at half time of the Varsity football game Friday night.

Youth football game Saturday morning 

These boys love to run through a banner.  Thankfully, there's a closet full of pre-made ones at the school. They may have to replenish after I'm through with cheerleading!

 Our boys are 3-0.  Must be all those great cheers.

 I'm not going to be in charge when these two start.  well maybe...

These two have one thing in common; they both think Sassy hung the moon.

This is what Bo (blue hat) did during BOTH games, except there were more kids on Friday night.

The birthday girl, explaining why she does not need her picture taken. My bestie made her shirt.

Saturday afternoon was Baby Girl's birthday party.  Lots of food, lots of children & lots of fun!

How much do you LOVE the cake?  The Cake Boss My SIL made it.  The 1st layer was tie-dyed (white cake dyed different colors), the 2nd layer was chocolate & the top was strawberry.  I couldn't bring myself to cut the top.

It amazes me how long these things can entertain children! 

Tons of toys & lots of cute clothes!  I helped Bo pick out some stuff for her at the Dollar Tree; Reese's Cups (her fave), fairy wings, Dora stickers, a Tinkerbell nightlight & some bubble wrap.  Yes, bubble wrap.  She loves it!

Check out my new Tretorns!

I think I know what the children are going to wear for their picture.

Soccer game tonight, football game tomorrow. Busy, busy.


Jennifer said...

That cake is super cute. I love it.

Unknown said...

now i want cake.

highheeledlife said...

Are you still standing after all that??? Wow ... that is one busy week-end!! But looks like fun was had by all...

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!....

I hoe you are putting your feet up tonight and enjoying a nice glass of wine and the Bo, Sassy and Baby Girls are pampering you a little.
You tell them HHL said "do they know how blessed they are to have a Mama like you""" XO HHL

highheeledlife said...

PS ~ I left something on my blog for you.. HHL

Susan said...

That cake is so cute..... super cute!

Laura said...

I loved the pic of Sass and Mr. Football! Did you notice her smile? Oh, have you got a future in front of you!! Your SIL did a GREAT job on the cake and I'm out the door to buy me some Tretorns! Are they back in style? Leggins are so why not Tretorns?

kimert said...

Super cute cheerleader girl!! Woohoo!
LOVE that birthday cake! I'd have a hard time cutting any part of it.

Sandra said...

Your SIL has talent! Loved the cake. But those pics of the mini-cheerleaders made my day! I have never seen anything so cute!

Our Funny Little Family said...

You've been tagged, and I'd love to hear your answers!


Kim of Mo Betta said...

cute pics! and super cute cake - I love it! Now, take a break girl!

KK said...

What an adorable cheerleader Sass makes! And Happy Birthday to little one! Her cake is fab.

Lourie said...

How on earth do you tye-dye a cake??? Very cool indeed! She's a cutie.

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