Thursday, September 9, 2010

I need your assistance...

I want to do butterfly nets as party flavors for Baby Girl's birthday party.  The ones at Oriental Trading aren't very cute, but they may have to do.  Does anybody know where I can find any cute ones for relatively cute.  I need at least 25.  Crayon Princess, I may be emailing you.

I need a new bra!  I have 4 different styles for Victoria's Secret (at $50 a pop) & I hate them all!  My boobs are pretty big & in desperate need of a lift.  My bra make my boobs come come out (of the bra) in front.  I look like I'm trying to be Pamela Anderson. And all but 1 makes my back hurt.  What's your favorite kind of bra?

Retro wants to know how to block porn on our computer.  His friend told him that you can pretty much google anything & it would come up.  Y'all know it's true.  So he googled Big Tits & guess what came up.  Since Bo is always on the computer & know how to google, he has decided we need a parental block on our computer.  Does anyone know how to do this?


Unknown said...

Do you have a Dollar Tree or 99 cent store? We found some cute nets in all different colors at the Dollar Tree

Have you tried Playtex? They aren't the prettiest by they provide good support.

The parental controls should be in your "Tools" tab

Ashlee said...

I have the same problem that you have with bras. I can't wear VS at all. I'll have to look at home to see what I have. My favorites... my medela nursing bras! But I did retire them when I quit nursing although I really didn't want to!

I'll do some research on the rest... after I make three cakes!

mFw said...

What a cute favor for BabyGirl's party! Have you tried walmart? Or even to get the ugly ones from oriental trading and have them decorate them with stickers at the party?

My mom wears wacoal bras and likes them, but I don't know!

Suburban Princess said...

Try the dollar store! Mine has switched over to autumn and halloween but in the summer they have butterfly nets. Ask them if they have any in the back.

highheeledlife said...

Hmm.. butterfly nets are great favours!! I have seen them at Dollar stores in the past... they also have little butterflies that can be hot~glued on handle to dress them up a bit,..another idea may be some spray glue to the net and the sprinkle glitter on it to give a fairy like look... can't wait to see how it all comes together!

Ok .. bras ... being what they say "healthy" in that area myself... what I found is that the first thing one needs to do is make sure the sizing is correct ~ I was shocked when I was properly sized ...your cup will runneth over or you will have the back bumps with improper sizing. Good luck...
xo HHL

Ashley Bray said...

check out this link for a cute birthday net

Bras - they are not pretty but they fit and are comfortable Esp if you find a hostess nearby to fit you to the right bra. - www.essentialbodywear.com

Internet blocking - don't have a clue but will need it soon since oldest is learning the computer. I know there are blockers you can buy but your internet provider (yahoo, google, etc.) should have something.

Christy said...

I go to Avenue for my bras and making sure you have the correct size is a MUST!!

As for man bashing, honey PLEASE!!!!!! You had an AWESOME time at our house, except when my loving hubby threw you in the spring (HAHA)! But in all honesty I so get it, like we need a vacation, from what??? Not like we "REALLY" work or anything of that nature!
I have a book you need to read that has really helped me alot.

Favorite qoute:
"Queens have a marked capasity for savoring everyday experiences. Being grateful makes us more attuned to the goodness of things."

Love ya :)

Babes Mami said...

I can only help with the bras...

This is my favorite everyday tee shirt/knit top bra


If you want to dress it up you can look at the other styles of balconette


and for outfits with a deep v/plunge...the plunge bra


I have been buying from this company for almost 8 years (wow didn't realize that!) and I have never been disapointed, they always fit great as long as you go by your measurements and last forever plus almost always there is a buy one get one half off sale. You can go to Lane Bryant and actually try them on if your DD and below, they don't sell DDD I learned while pregnant and my boobs still haven't gone down.

Jennifer said...

Bras... I got to Dillards (get a proper fit) and then I wear those old lady, full figure support bras. I've had huge boobs my whole life and I can honestly say that there is nothing better than a good fitting bra, and nothing worse than one that is uncomfortable. I don't care what it looks like. I want it to fit.

Joy said...

seriously blogger hates me! I just typed up this lengthy comment and it ate it up without posting it!

here ya go again

Go to http://www.kidzui.com/ download a kidfriendly web browser and when he gets online make him go thru it, this is what we did for Wyatt. It only allows certain approved websites and will email you there activity while online. There is videos, pictures and links to games also. Mine loves the Lego website and stays there mostly but it makes me feel safe knowing he's not gonna misspell something and get a nasty website in return:)

Unknown said...

Dollar store is where we got ours.

Home of a Magnolia said...

I remember us talking about where you live in a previous post- My parents live in a nearby town and there is a great intimates outlet nearby. Go get fitted at Dillard for a true size and check out that outlet- they make bras for lots of different companies.

Bill said...

I can't help you with the butterfly nets or the bras, but you can read my story about blocking porn.


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